Elizabeth, WLS

“I love getting to run my own location and I am really excited that I get to experience when my clients see the results of our services.”

Carmen, WLS

“I love helping my clients reach their goals and I love helping people feel good about themselves! I am most excited about the relationships I have developed with my clients and the trust that they have in me.”

Amanda, WLS/SCS

“I love working with a company like Slimming Studios that has such a great structure. Our products and services are AMAZING! I’m really excited about seeing how much I can grow with the company and how I can educate clients about our new skin products and services.”

Jenna, WLS/SCS

“I like meeting new people and hearing about their weight loss journeys, and I am excited to help them feel better about themselves.”

Leslie, WLS/SCS

“What I love the most is building a relationship with the client and bringing back their confidence. It’s exiting to see the results they get from our products. If feels rewarding to make them feel young again.”

Bekki, WLS/SCS

"I m excited to share my skin care knowledge and to be part of each client's wellness journey."

Irina, WLS/SCS

"I enjoy working for Slimming Studios because I feel that the company is full of a friendly and welcoming collective who are always willing to help and motivate you. There is a great feeling generally one can experience by working with a company where you can help people improve their lives by providing excellent service and a positive attitude."

Marissa, WLS/SCS

“I love working for Slimming Studios because they have a variety of products and services to help every client feel good on the inside and out. I’m excited they are bringing on skin care because this will help each client face the day with a fresh face.”

Davida, WLS/SCS

“I love working at Slimming Studios because it feels great to help clients reach their goal. The staff is very friendly and keeps you motivated. It’s like working for a one-stop shop for weight loss. I love that they also offer skin care treatments as well as products to keep clients with healthy glowing skin.”