Diet Plan

Customized Diet Plan based on Macronutrients

40 minutes @ $80.00

Burn Fat

Burn fat naturally based on nutrition assessment

1 hour @ $75.00

Fat Loss Program

4 Sessions in a month includes monitoring and tracking


Body Transformation

4 Sessions in a month includes monitoring and tracking


Nutritional Services

Unravel a whole new world of nutrition and wellness with bespoke nutritional services rendered by an expert nutritionist. Are you still considering regular diet plans for weight loss or fitness? It is not one-size-fits-all, what works for your friend, may not work for you.

Nutritional Counseling

Slimming studios brings a revolutionary way to get healthier, stronger bodies based on your body calculations and caloric demands. Our certified nutritionist Jeremiah provides one to one consultation to find macronutrient-based diet plans and lifestyle changes that work for you. We provide nutritional counseling based on your body’s calculations, formulas and measurement for each one of you, leading to holistic health, fitness, and weight-loss. It includes weekly nutrition assessment and weekly follow-ups, to keep a check on your nutrition needs, to help you in achieving your goals. It provides wellness education for you and your family as well.

Personalized Diet Plans

We create a customized diet based on your calorie intake, muscle weight, and activity levels. We evaluate nutrition to personalize meal plan for you to meet your weight loss goals. Our nutritionist recalculates the macro ratio and adjusts it as per your need. It includes positive habits and lifestyle changes to enhance energy levels, endurance, and overall performance. We have comprehensive programs for anyone looking for effective weight loss, nutrition, diet plans, bodybuilding, lean body weight gain, total body transformation.

How it works?

  • Check your body fat using Weight Loss Monitor
  • Weigh yourself on the scale
  • Send weight measurements to us
  • We calculate your lean body weight (muscle, organ, body, glands) and fat body weight
  • We perform nutrition assessment and create a plan for you
  • Follow-ups to check the growth

How are we Unique?

We are using the power of genetics to reveal your body insights. We are offering diet plans based on your genotype to ensure you eat everything that works for you. We are providing online coaching for easy accessibility. Our consultation includes every bit of information for you. Our diet plans come with weekly assessments for monitoring results to increase your endurance and energy.

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