Energy Movement initiative

Slimming Studios launches Energy Movement initiative

DALLAS – Slimming Studios is launching a new service that provides energy-boosting injections and supplements to employees on-site at area companies called the Energy Movement, the company announced today.

“Research and practical experience shows that most of us experience a drop in energy and productivity as the day and the week nears an end,” said Mildred Bennett, project manager for The Energy Movement. “We’ve been providing medically proven ways to boost energy and productivity to clients at our five locations. We’re now going to bring that same benefit to where people work.”

While B-12 injections, which can boost energy in individuals for up to five days, is the best-known product offered by The Energy Movement, the initiative offers a host of other products that can be even more effective, Bennett said.

Such products include supplement capsules, energy and lipotropic injections, and massage therapy techniques, she said. Many of these services have the added benefit of boosting metabolisms, which improves health and enhances weight loss efforts. All injections are given by certified medical assistants.

“Many people can’t come to us during working hours, but that is when they most need the benefit of these kinds of products,” Bennett said. “So, we are hoping to partner with employers to provide this as a benefit during the work day.”

Human resource directors can arrange for visits to be partially or wholly paid for by the company as an added employee benefit.

“In our test cases, we’ve found this to be a wonderful addition to corporate wellness and retention programs,” Bennett said.

Along with energy-boosting injections and supplements, The Energy Movement can also provide any of Slimming Studios current enhanced weight loss and body contouring services.

“We can create a custom package to meet whatever needs or goals a company has,” Bennett said.
“We’d love to be a part of any corporate retreat.”

The Energy Movement can also come to area gyms, health clubs, yoga facilities and other wellness locations to provide services and products to customers, she said.

The Energy Movement visits can be scheduled to occur as far apart as every few months to as often as twice a week. To book an Energy Movement session, employers can contact Bennett at 214-396-7816. For more information, visit


About Slimming Studios: Slimming Studios offers an array of enhanced weight loss products and services at centers across North Texas, and through trusted medical partners. Slimming Studios provides medical & noninvasive weight loss procedures, dietary supplements, weight control snacks, diet & workout plans, and weight loss counseling. Its purpose is to offer clients the very best in enhanced weight loss so they don’t have to wait to lose weight.

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