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Proven Solution for Perfectly Toned Body

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Are you struck between diet and exercise for body bulges?  

Love handles, muffin top or the problem areas like arms, thighs, back are resistant to diet and exercise. Now getting back in to shape is easy with Cryolipolysis, a revolutionary way to get rid of bulges, saddle bags, belly fat and fat-cells in the body.  

How does it work? 

Cryolipolysis is non-invasive, completely safe, FDA approved fat reduction procedure that helps in losing the bulge or fat-cells from targeted areas. 

Cryo means freeze or Lipolysis means death, freezing fat cells to naturally eliminate them from body. 

It focusses on soft and pinchable fat areas. The process starts with protecting the skin by applying a gel pad. The applicator is set-in at the targeted area to deliver pressure and cooling on the muscles. The applicator pulls the bulge inside and cools it. You might feel tingling sensation or numbness in the skin which appears red after the process, but the redness fades away in some time. The fat cells die as they are sensitive to cooling, the other muscle or tissues remain unaffected by the process. You will experience firmness at the area and size of bulge or fat muscles reduces after each session.  

Look great and get ready to hit the beach or any upcoming event with a perfectly contoured body.  

How it benefits?  

  • One to one consultation with our expert
  • Analysis the fat muscle before planning
  • Creation of a personalized plan for target areas
  • Noticeable results after the first session
  • It reduces 25-40% of body fat from specific area
  • Convenient timings and appointments
  • Resume normal daily activities even workout
  • Non-invasive, painless and completely safe
  • Treatment results that stays for life with advisable diet and exercise

 How are we unique? 

The experience and the results will be highly dependent on the analysis and execution of the entire process. You should always trust the one who has mastered the technology. Slimming studios has most knowledgeable and proficient staff working with advanced technology and equipment to give the results you have been looking for.  

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