Week 2 Weight Loss Plan

Week2: A 5-Week Plan To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Week 2: Adding More to the Effort to Have Less

Welcome back to your 5 week weight loss program. Hopefully, at this point you are getting into a rhythm with your new routine and habits. Keep going. Those new habits will help remove weight from your belly and back, and are a solid foundation for lifestyle change.

This week, we’re going to add a little more to the routine and lay some more ground work.

Measuring Up

You won’t know if you’re making progress unless you know how to measure it. So let’s talk about the right and wrong ways to weigh the situation. Your weight shouldn’t be your only measure of progress. Everybody is different. For example, let’s look at body fat content. A male can feel healthy and agreeable with around 2 to 24 percent body fat. A woman can feel the same with 10 to 30 percent body fat. Machines are readily available at your doctor, your gym, or even at your pharmacy to determine your body fat content.

Another useful tool is to calculate your body mass index, or BMI. You can calculate your BMI by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared. BMI=Kg/M2. If you don’t want to do the math, you can just follow this link to one of many handy calculators available online.
BMI Calculator

A BMI of 25 or higher is considered overweight, while a BMI of 30 or more is considered morbidly obese.

Remember, your weight may actually increase when you first start getting healthy, as muscle weighs more than fat.

Good exercises

Did you know not all exercise is good exercise? For example, routines that require an insane amount of crunches won’t help trim your tummy. In fact, they can actually hurt your body in the long run.

If you are getting comfortable with your cardio workouts, try adding in a little resistance training. Start lifting light weights, such as free weights, and gradually increase the weight and resistance. Machines are a great way to get your range of motion down right. Just remember to not go so overboard that you hurt yourself. While the old proverb about “No pain, no gain” is true, it also depends on the kind of pain. Dull pain after a workout is usually a sign you worked your muscles well. Sharp pain likely means you are hurting yourself and you should stop immediately.


Now that you are getting into the habit of eating healthier, it’s time to take it to the next level. You want your body to begin burning some of your fat reserves for fuel instead of storing additional fat. Try to limit your calories to around 1,500 per day. You should also try to make about 15% of your calories lean protein. One effective way to reduce your calories and still maintain a good energy level is to eat small portions every two to three hours.

There are also several nutritional supplements you can add to your diet to help jump start the fat burning process. Garcinia Cambogia is the top seller in the country right now, but there are several others. You can see the list of weight loss supplements we offer.

You can also boost your results through various fat destroying technologies, like cryolipolysis (fat freezing), laser, and ultrasound & radio frequency cavitation. You can book your free consult at Slimming Studios, or book your next session at one of our convenient studios.

Next week, we’ll talk about how to stay motivated as you move into the half way mark.

Myths Broken: Exercising Alone Is Not Helpful in Weight Loss

Why Exercising May Not Help You In Weight Loss

In my recent blog “5 Practices That Don’t Help In Weight Loss At All”, I had marked off that, exercising is not always a good bet to lose weight. I had even given a special mention to the selection of wrong exercises, which may take you in the wrong, rather opposite direction, i.e. weight gain. This blog brings into picture why the long-established belief that “exercising is helpful in weight loss” is not completely factual.

Physical workouts do wonder at keeping you fit, in-shape, and healthy, along with controlling your Body Mass Index (BMI). Regular exercising adds your mental and physical wellbeing and reduces the risk of severe health conditions such as cardiac arrest, insulin dysfunction, and dementia.

If sweating out on the treadmill was a sure cure for obesity and overweight conditions, everybody would be hitting the gym and working hard every day.

To some extent and for some people, it is possible to lose weight easily and simply by exercising. But, for some people, these efforts never actually work. These are those people who keep going on and on without noticing any change in their weight and waist. Though they do see positive results initially, getting no convincing benefits turns them off their journey.

The Reasons

The success of your weight loss efforts hinges on a number of factors that involve your diet, workouts, dedication, genes, and metabolism, all having an unmediated impact on your health and weight loss.

If you are focusing only exercising, then, believe me, you are going nowhere. ExercisingExercising WronglyWrong ExercisesUnderdoing; and Overdoing –are different factors and practices.

Ideally, a weight loss plan is a combination of a diet plan and a workout plan. Your weight loss expert will review your medical condition and prepare a suitable plan that you will be required to follow. For your workout session, you will need to see a physical trainer, who will guide you on the right workout technique and approach.

Results depend largely on your dedication and approach. They do not come with a dietary change. Vice versa, results also do not come just by following a diet plan. Both should be put together, strategically.

Medical science reveals that focusing just on exercising won’t translate any efficacious weight loss results.

A study conducted by the City University of New York demonstrates that exercising alone brings no or minimal weight loss results. The study gives more evidence that those who exercise regularly following a balanced diet, burn 250 more calories than those do not follow a diet plan.

Medical science says that maximum 2600 calories can be burned through workouts in a day. However, calorie intake per day is moderately high for an individual.

Technically, you lose weight when you burn more calories than you consume. Most people dedicatedly follow their weight loss plan but fail to burn fat, because of overdoing their diet and underdoing their exercises. It all should be done in a balance.

Some individuals’ immune system metabolizes itself for their physical activities. Meaning, over a course of time, their body gets used to of the exercises they have been following. Put simply, their workout regimen stops working for them as it did in the beginning.

A report shows that the physical activities of most people after exercising becomes zero. They just eat and stay idle or mostly inactive for rest of the day. They, however, complete their sets and have their diets faithfully. That’s when their inactivity complexifies into increased body weight.

Some overestimate and miscalculate their burned calorie count. These are such people who keep eating after their workouts and end up gaining weight, instead of losing it.

Exercising without a doubt is good for your physical and mental wellness. But, if you are trying to lose weight out of it, it should be practiced logically, calculably and strategically.

Weight loss blunders do not end at this point. The majority choose wrong workouts and techniques, which yields no benefit at all. You cannot lose weight just by running on treadmill or focusing on cardio.

Workouts such as cardio and running seem fruitful in the beginning, as they increase your stamina and heart health, but they turn out to be excessively tiring and help less over time. They make your tired very easily, as an outcome, your physical activity for the day decreases.

For best results, an effective workout plan, which includes running, cardio, weight lifting, stretching, yoga, etc. should be brought together.

To make your workout plan work for you, you will need to work out with a weight loss physician followed by an experienced physical trainer.

If you are in Dallas, Texas, you can call Slimming Studios’ expert for weight loss consultation. Call us at 972-702-7546 for more info.

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The influence of your genes on weight loss

Why Some People Lose Weight Easily

Setting out on a weight loss journey looks easy. Getting results from it, however, isn’t that easy. I have seen a lot of people nagging, because of getting no benefit out of their efforts. Very soon, their diet and workout plans turn into a never-ending complaint: “Weight loss diets and plans don’t really work for me.”

Most individuals complain about their look; some don’t even like seeing their picture or themselves in the mirror. Reason being is that they couldn’t meet their expected goal and there is no or negligible change in their shape and weight.

As evidenced by behavioral studies in medical science, your lifestyle has an unswerving linkage with your shape, size, and weight.

If losing weight isn’t easy, then how do some people lose it very easily?

Basically, there are two types of obese people – first, those who lose weight and burn fat pretty easily. Second, those who get disheartened and disappointed easily and put an end to their get-fit journey seeing that their efforts aren’t redeeming.

The first type can lose weight without putting in much effort. They would just control their portion size and do a few minutes’ exercise every day for a few weeks, and boom. They will get slimmer and sexier simply by doing nothing.

On the other hand, the second type even after giving enormous tries can’t find a way to get in shape. In the beginning, they do see some weight loss. But the diet, supplement, and exercise they follow aren’t practical and helpful in the long run. Most of the efforts deem to be going in the wrong direction and prove insufficient.

It’s all in your genetics!

Pieces of evidence and studies also certify that the success in getting rid of excess body fat and weight is significantly influenced by your genes.

If you belong to the type two category, the most important thing you need to understand here is that you are genetically unique. You should realize how your body reacts to certain foods, drugs, supplements, nutrients, and exercises is unique in its own way. So, if a diet and workout plan has made an individual achieve his or her weight loss goals, then it makes perfect sense that those food and workout options may not work for you.

The study of genetics allows us to find out the right food, nutrients, and practices that have the potential to support our fitness goals. Real Lab, one of the brands owned by Infinity Health Group, of which Slimming Studios is also a part, offers genetic testing to help your physician or nutritionist plan out the most suitable fitness and wellness plan for you.

The genetic testing may unearth some serious genetic mutations, which could be a reason why your weight loss efforts did not work.

Therefore, I always advise people to go for nutrigenetic testing before following a weight loss diet. This will help ensure that the diet/supplement your doctor is considering suggesting will assuredly bring you some positive results.

If you are about to get set on your weight loss journey, it would be ideal to identify and treat any genetic disorders that could be keeping you away from reaching your fitness goals. Most people who are in the type two category suffer from autoimmune disorders, knowingly or unknowingly. These conditions will not let you lose weight easily. Rather, it will translate into many other complications. You first need to fix the root of the problem, then proceed with weight loss efforts.

Special Tips for Type-2 Obese/Overweight Individuals

If you belong to the “it’s difficult to lose weight” group, and if intense dieting and working out have never worked for you, then apart from considering genetic testing you can try these tips–

  • Grain-free, crab-free (low-carb), sugar-free, and low-calorie diet can be great for weight loss.Two best examples of such natural diets are: Paleo Diet and Mediterranean Diet. Following any of these diets alongside a suitable exercise plan can show up extraordinary weight loss results.
  • Increase your nutrients’ intake, if you are trying to lower your food intakes. Nutrition that we get from our food has a big part to play in our body’s fat burning process. It’s because of the low supply of nutrients that you feel down and dizzy.
  • Also, proper nutrition keeps you active and most importantly, motivated in your weight loss journey.
  • Get enough sleep; if possible, 8 to 9 hours in a 24-hour cycle.
  • Walk at least 10000 steps every day; it would be better to walk even more.
  • Pick foods grown naturally.
  • Include raw, half-cooked, unprocessed food items in your meals.

Why is it Important to Lose Excess Body Fat?

Obesity and overweight conditions are the foundation for many complications. And, when these conditions are caused by inheritance or family history, it becomes highly crucial to treat each problem stepwise.

The conditions should be treated under an expert physician’s supervision. How about getting a convenient appointment and consultation with our weight loss physician?

Call Slimming Studios expert at 1-972-702-7546 to book a consultation for further evaluation.

Reasons why you aren't losing weight

These Are The Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

A lot of people fail in their weight loss efforts. Even after following an effective weight loss plan, they see no success. Reducing meal portions and sticking to a specific meal plan seem to be of no help. Moreover, working out extensively in the gym gives them a bulky body. Getting a lean cut physique turns into an implausible dream. So, what are the reasons you have not been able to lose weight?

Hello, this is Dr Asif Aziz, an expert physician for Slimming Studios at Prestige Primary Care of Texas. On my day-to-day job, I meet many people complaining not being able to lose weight despite their hard efforts. In this blog, I underline some of the answers to your question “Why Am I Not Losing Weight?”.

Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight Infographics

Portion Size:

Your nutritionist/physician told you to cut your portions. And you did it. But, you didn’t reduce it as was required. You have been eating nutritious meals (yes, that’s what you are given when you are on a special weight loss plan), but you didn’t watch your portions. That’s why it is important to devotedly follow your physician or nutritionist’s advice when aiming to lose some pounds.

Not Chewing:

The right way to eat is to chew your bite slowly and properly before taking it down your mouth. Failing to do that can have various side effects on your health. Additionally, your body takes time to digest the food this way.

Insufficient Sleep:

Less sleeping is linked to obesity and weight gain. Slimming Studios did an article earlier that gave you a number of benefits of getting enough sleep. Check out that article here – Sleep Helps in Weight Loss! Here’s How.

Eating After Workout:

Allow at least one to two hours’ time after exercising before eating anything if you are willing to lose weight. Do so to allow your body to relax. It’s true that extensive workouts make you hungry. But you should not eat too much after working out. Juices or something light can be taken, but limitedly.

Body Type:

Some people can’t lose weight naturally, because of their body type. Despite sweating hard in the gym and starving themselves for months, they do not see a drop in the figures on weighing scale.

If you are one such individual, you will need a special weight loss program to get rid of excess body fat and weight. Extensive health assessments involving multiple sittings with your physician might be required to figure out a suitable weight loss plan for you.

Medications or Supplements:

Your supplements can be a reason for blurring out your weight loss dream. Basically, there are three trends associated with supplements. They either work for you, or work against you, or do nothing to you. Sometimes, supplements don’t suit you actually.

Supplements supply a heavy dose of nutrition that you are don’t get from your meals. So, when you have an overflow of nutrients in your system, you are full of energy which needs to be consumed through exercised and physical activities. Supplements should ideally be combined with an adequate meal and workout plan.

Meaning, your activity level should be more than gross when you are on supplements. Without that, you will be getting a super extra dose of nutrition, which will be accumulating on various areas in your body in form of fat, resulting in no success in your weight loss journey, or weight gain.


So, you have been religiously following your meal and exercise plan, but you often sit with your friends over a few glasses of wine or mugs of beer. There is often no limit to what and how much you are eating, under the influence of alcohol.

You would be surprised to know that alcohol apart from increasing your calorie intakes, also stimulates blood glucose (blood sugar) and insulin levels in your body, contributing significantly in weight gain.

Medical Conditions:

Some health conditions such as diabetes, body pain, etc. also lead to weight and fat gain. Several studies can be linked to this statement. If you have not been able to see any convincing results from your weight loss efforts you should probably get yourself diagnosed and find solutions for your medical conditions.

Stress –

Stress always encourages emotional eating. When you eat out of emotion or stress, you tend to eat more than your regular capacity. Anxiety, grief, loneliness, heartbreak, work pressure, etc. are types of stress and transform into lasting depression. And all these conditions cheer up your hungry inner self to eat more.

Hypothyroidism –

Hypothyroidism is a common thyroid related disorder. It affects the production of thyroid hormone. To simplify, your thyroid is underactive in this condition and your body system does not produce the hormone that dissolves the fat stored in the body naturally.

This disturbance also lowers your metabolism and energy levels, making you a lazy being. And you know, laziness or inactivity is also a cause of obesity or weight gain.

Cushing’s Syndrome

Prolonged exposure to cortisol makes you suffer from Cushing’s Syndrome, which has not one, but many symptoms such as hypertension, weak muscles and bones, tiresomeness, abdominal obesity, and thin legs and arms.

The main cause of this Syndrome is the overproduction of cortisol from adrenal glands which are located above the kidney region in your body. This medical condition supports the build-up of fat around the abdomen, face, and behind neck areas.


Commonly known as Syndrome X, Hyperinsulinemia is a health condition, in which the level of insulin is higher than that of blood glucose. One may presume that this is a type of diabetes, but, it’s not. Though, the condition is seen during the early stage of Type 2 diabetes.

Studies in medical science have tabled that hyperinsulinemia is one of the reasons for weight gain and diabetes.

These are some of the common reasons why most people do not taste success in their weight loss efforts. At Slimming Studios, we help you lose weight through our consultation and medical and non-invasive weight loss solutions.

If you have any question related to our weight loss, you can reach us at info@slimmingstudios.com. You can call us as well @ 972-702-SLIM (7546).

You can share your question or concerns in the comment section as well. I will reply you soon personally.

How to avoid weight gain at work

How To Avoid Weight Gain at Work?

Believe it or not, you are mostly inactive at your workplace sitting in comfortably on your workstation. I mean to say, in your 9-5 job, you spend your day working at your desk eating snacks and consuming caffeine or carbonated drinks frequently without involving in any physical activity.

Physical activity is paramount if you want to stay away from belly fat and rising body weight; it helps you burn off the calories that you gulp every so often to calm your cravings while at work. But, your work for which you have been hired is also important. You cannot skip your work just to exhaust what you have consumed.

So, is there a way I can lose weight while at work? Can I avoid the likelihoods of weight gain while I complete the tasks I have been assigned? How can I ensure I don’t gain weight while working at my office?

If these are the concerns you are worried about, the following sections underline some of the best practices to help you melt off excess fat, scale down weight, and avoid weight gain –

Go for a Walk every 20 minutes.

Well, that’s one of the most heard suggestions, and the most effective one too. Did you know, sitting for long makes your belly swell up? Set an alert on your smartphone or computer at twenty-minute intervals. As it triggers or sends you notification, take a walk around; go to the washroom; or refill your water bottle. These activities may seem negligible, but contribute in long term.

Don’t keep fatty, high-calorie snacks in your desk’s cabinet.

You should put snacks, candies, and other high calorie chews away from your desk if you want to stay fit and get rid of extra pounds. One great way to do so is – don’t even buy them.

Stock up your desk with fresh fruits and dry fruits, instead.

During the tsunami called cravings, fruits and dry fruits not only give you energy but also help calm your temptations. Some of the options you have are: roasted chickpeas and nuts, grain crackers, energy bars (the ones made from natural and ingredients), apples and other fruits, yogurt, etc.

Pack home-cooked food for lunch.

Home-cooked food is always better, because you already know what ingredients have been used and how healthy and fresh your food is. When you dine out or get your meal from drive-thrus, you get countless calories, plus you don’t have any idea when this was cooked. To be on the safer and healthier side, you should prefer home-cooked food. In case it is not possible, find a vendor or take away joint that, you are sure about, supplies fresh, healthy and low-cal meals.

Say no to carbonated and artificially flavored drinks.

These beverages are high in calorie and sugar contents that aren’t a good choice for people wanting to lose weight. As an alternative, you can take naturally flavored drinks such as fresh juices and smoothies. Some other great beverages to try on a typical workday are –

  • Lemon honey water
  • Jalapeño and watermelon water
  • Orange slices and vanilla bean
  • Blackberries and sage
  • Cucumber slices and lemongrass
  • Blueberries, lemon, and mint

Have plenty of black tea, black coffee.

Black tea and black coffee help you burn weight. These hot beverages are very low in caffeine and calories. In addition to weight loss, other benefits that you get from black tea, green tea and black coffee are –

  • Better oral health
  • Improved heart rate
  • Dose of antioxidants
  • Cancer prevention
  • Stronger bones
  • Decreased risk of diabetes and low blood pressure
  • Stress relief
  • Quick energy
  • Healthy digestive system
  • And, that magnetic aroma

Drink a lot of water.

For each cup of coffee or tea, have two glasses of water. Do make sure you gulp at least 2 liters or half a gallon water each day.

Exercise without letting anyone know.

There are some secret exercises that you can try while working on your desk. This way, no one, even a colleague sitting next to you, would know that you are exercising and burning calories effectively.

Belly Zipping –

It is a simple but effective technique that gives you perfect abs if you try it in long term. Push your abs as you inhale and pull in as you exhale. You can do this exercise whenever you want, however, not right after eating. Allow at least an hour’s gap after eating.

Thigh Toning –

Sit straight on your chair. Rest your legs on the floor. Pull your left leg vertically (as high as you can). Maintain this position for five to ten seconds. 15 rounds in a set. Repeat with your right leg.

Stronger Achilles Tendon –

This exercise can be done anytime. Rest your feet on the floor while sitting on your chair. Apply pressure on your toe and lift your heels slowly. You can do this exercise in standing position as well. Even more, you can do it while taking a call, reading your emails, or making some strategies.

 Shaping the butt –

Stand straight. Lift and pull your left leg from behind. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat with your right leg. 3 sets. 10 times each set.

There you have it. These are some of the best practices that promise to keep you fit, in-shape, and healthy even if you have a 9 to 5 desk job. The exercises suggested in this post will help you stay active while you work. You just need to make a few changes in your workplace lifestyle and you will see major changes happening in your health, weight and shape. You can try SlimmingStudios’ customized diet plan to accelerate the outcome of your efforts to lose weight.

Fighting Obesity in Old Age

Obesity In Old Age: Weight Struggles And Remedies For Seniors

Believe it or not, the world is gradually getting old. With old age comes an array of disorders and deformities including obesity. When old age and obesity knock your doors at the same time, there is a great risk on your health, leading towards many serious health conditions.

According to a study, “About 71% of Americans above 60 or older are either obese or overweight.” Meaning, they have higher (BMI ≥ 25 kg/m2) than the standard Body Mass Index.

If that was shocking, consider this fact from the same study, “The prevalence of obesity among seniors (of and above 75 years) went up from 20% in 1988 to 32% in 2000 in the United States.”

Aging is a natural process and a universal factor that can be neither denied nor reversed. However, the progression of human scientific development has given a boost to our lifestyle. Because of that, the life expectancy (the number of years one lives) has increased to an all-time high.

This factor has nothing to do with disease-free lifestyle, though. As you grow old, your body becomes home to countless diseases and weakened bones, muscles, and energy. These are not actually diseases, rather conditions or side-effects of aging.

Various bodily changes will surface as you reach 30. Your eating habits, appetite, food preferences, and how your body consumes and burns energy – everything changes significantly after thirty years of age.

The Causes of Obesity in Old Age –

The main reason why it is so easy for older people to gain fat and weight is, the energy burned is lower than the energy consumed by them. Physical activity increasingly decreases. That encourages the accumulation of fat aka obesity. Some other causes of old age obesity are –

  • Genetics
  • Environment and society
  • Lifestyle
  • Eating habits
  • Activity level (workouts and physical activities)

What Obesity Brings in Old Age?

Obesity is considered one of the reasons for various diseases in old age. These diseases include diabetes, hypertension, hypotension, arthritis, and different types of urinary and cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer. The following subsections highlight various health problems and abnormalities that happen to an elderly with obesity –


Tips to avoid obesity in old ageDiabetes:

Fasting Plasma Glucose and Postprandial Glucose levels climb up in the human body after 30. These two factors are responsible for diabetes, says medical science.

Metabolic Syndrome: 

Technically, it is a type of diabetes (to be specific: Noninsulin-Dependent Diabetes or Adult-Onset Diabetes). According to doctors at Slimming Studios, it is the strongest and strangest disease caused by extra body fat and mass. The chances of this disease are high in the obese elderly due to age-related physiological mechanisms.

Low/High Blood Pressure:

Hypotension and hypertension are very common in people suffering from obesity. When senescence and obesity come combined, it is no less than a curse to live with. Most obese elderly face ups and downs in their blood pressure levels.


Arthritis is an inflammation of joint(s) resulting in severe pain and limited functions of the body parts involved. Older people often have arthritis. The reason why they get this is somewhere behind their transformed lifestyle, eating habits, nutrient intakes, and digestive system. Due to suppressed appetite, most people feel full even in small meal portions. In that condition, nutrient supply to the body gets completely or partially blocked. Then, it becomes difficult for the body to bear the weight of the bones and muscles. Consequently, bones and joints become weaker and that’s how arthritis starts developing.

Cardiovascular Diseases:

The main reason for cardiovascular diseases (CAD) is inactivity. (Inactivity is also a cause of arthritis, by the way.) Studies suggest that obesity increases the hours of inactivity in an obese and elderly individual, which sooner or later prepares a solid ground for a range of cardiovascular diseases, coronary heart disease, and fatal and nonfatal infarctions.

Urinary Incontinency:

With the escalating BMI, urinary complications mount in older men and women both. Urinary incontinence is an exasperating diseased condition which is quite painful. It takes time to restore the urinary normalcy in older people.

Now you know the extent and intensity of problems that may occur in old as a consequence of obesity. In that picture, it becomes very important to make efforts starting from the early thirties and forties to outperform the possibilities of surplus body weight and fat conditions. Slimming Studios has specific programs available for weight loss and fat reduction for the elderly. You can reach us anytime to know more about weight management plans available specifically for you.

Before we conclude this blog, here are a few tips from Dr. Nisha Jain, Chief Medical Officer, at Slimming Studios, to help you avoid obesity in old and middle age –

  • Exercise regularly
  • Take healthy meals
  • Increase your nutrition intakes
  • Walk and grow your strength
  • Avoid overeating
  • Drink a lot of water

This blog was created in the wake of Senior Citizens Day which falls on August 21, 2017. Slimming Studios want to spread awareness and encourage the elderly, or those in 30-40 age group, suffering from obesity to make a move and get rid of it for a painless, disease-free life.

Diabetes and Obesity Are Causes And Side Effects Of Each Other

I am Dr Jean Latortue. I am the CEO of Franklin County Family Health. Apart from treating and taking care of patients at my clinic, I am on a mission to making a difference in people’s lives by offering tips and benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. Through this blog, I want to draw your attention towards one of the major causes and side effects of obesity – that is – Diabetes. Read through to understand how Diabetes and obesity are interconnected.

Did you know, diabetes may cause weight gain and weight gain may cause diabetes? Both these health conditions are closely interconnected.

Diabetes and obesityDiabetes is caused by long-term high blood glucose level in the body. The blood glucose level in our body increases when the system fails to produce the necessary level of insulin. Insulin is a type of hormone that regulates the blood sugar level in the human body.

Technically, there are two types of diabetes: Type-1 Diabetes and Type-2 Diabetes. Type-1 is more common among kids and teens having insulin insufficiency. And Type-2 happens when the body fails to react to or make use of the existing insulin. Type-2 is diagnosed in as many as 90% of all cases of Diabetes.

Diabetes and many of its related complications are one of the leading causes of death in the United States, says WHO, the World Health Organization.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), about 10% of the US population is living with diabetes. Of which, the study states further, 30% people are not even aware that they have this disease.

Weight Gain and Diabetes

Top risk factors for diabetes include age, lifestyle, stress, prescription drug reaction, high cholesterol, obesity, and heredity. Of these, obesity and heredity are the most diagnosed reasons. As per the Obesity Research Society, around 90% of diabetic patients are obese or overweight.

Obesity denotes, your body has to work harder to participate in daily activities such as walking, standing and running. There is a lot of pressure on your bones, joints, heart, digestive system and lungs. You tire yourself easily without working too much. Inactivity (sitting or lying mostly) becomes your favorite activity.

When you are overweight or have a surplus amount of body fat, either the insulin in your body goes unconsumed or your body fails at producing the required level of insulin to support body functions. Excess body fat hinders the functioning and production of insulin, which is crucial for the regulation of high blood glucose level in the body. That’s when you see the early symptoms of Diabetes.


Diabetes, specifically Type-2 Disease which mainly develops due to unhealthy lifestyle habits, is preventable. Meaning, you could control your sugar level by making some lifestyle changes. Losing weight could be an effective way out for Type-2 Diabetes prevention and treatment. Additionally, sticking to the right food choices, reducing your stress level, and increasing your sleeping hours could also be greatly helpful.

Exogenous insulin is available in form of injections and drugs that help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and increase the functionality of insulin in your body. However, these options have various side effects too. These prescription drugs can drastically lower the blood sugar level in some diabetic patients that is an even more critical health condition leading to unconsciousness and death.

Given that, losing weight and choosing the right food and exercise plan is the most upright way to prevent and nullify the chances and effects of diabetes.

If you want to get rid of obesity and want to avoid the happening of diabetes, or if your developing waistline is a concern for you, you can meet me at Slimming StudiosFranklin County Family Health, South Mount Vernon, TX.You could mail us at info@SlimmingStudios.com or follow this to book an appointment – http://bit.ly/2wBgkAD.

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Parents' Day Blog Idea

This Parents’ Day Help Your Child Develop Healthy Eating Habits

It’s Parents’ Day. So, if you are a parent, it is a special day for you. Aren’t you going to do something special for your child(ren) this Parents’ Day? I am sure, you want to do something that helps your son or daughter throughout their life. This Parents’ Day special blog is for Parents; it offers some valuable tips to parents on how they can help their children develop and practice healthy eating habits.

Kids these days love junk food. You know, junk food can never be healthy. It contains no nutrients. Contrarily, it is loaded with a lot of unhealthy elements that have adverse effects on your kids’ health. Some of the most-seen side-effects of junk food are –

Side Effects of Junk FoodNow you know the consequences of your son or daughter’s not quitting junk food. Since it’s Parents’ Day – it’s the best occasion to help your child develop healthy eating habits and get a healthy, disease-free life.

8 Tips to Help Your Chive Develop Healthy Eating Habits

If you want your children to practice healthy eating, then you will need to set an example before them by modeling those habits by yourself. For your child, you are his or her role model. That’s why it is important for you to act like a role model. If you want them to avoid junk food, you too should say no to such foods in front of them.

1. Make healthy food choices. Prepare a healthy meal plan to be practiced in your house. Tell your kids the benefits of healthy foods and why these foods are important. Do talk about the disadvantages of unhealthy foods. This way, you will be making them understand what’s healthy and what’s not.

2. Don’t dictate orders. Giving orders regarding what to eat and what not to eat sometimes works negatively for some kids. Scientifically also, it has been proven that explaining things is the best way to teach and make kids learn. No one likes to hear what he or she must do. So, just keep the environment healthy by not dictating your orders. Teach them the pluses of healthy foods and the minuses of junk foods calmly.

3. Ask your kid to chew food properly and slowly. Meals should never be a quickie. Ask your kids to eat slowly chewing each bite properly. Chewing food relieves the burden from digestive system. Crunching and chomping your food thoroughly is healthy for you – you should tell your kid(s). In fact, teach them how to do it.

4. Take your kids out. Morning and evening walks are healthy exercises that help you stay fit and healthy. Encourage your kid(s) to come with you for walk. In the same way, you can also take him or her for swimming, shopping, and gardening.

5. Involve your children in food shopping as well. Doing so will enable your kids to get an idea about healthy foods. This is a cool way to educate them about the nutritional benefits of food items you are buying.

6. Cook healthy snacks for them. There are many snacks that are healthy and can be cooked easily at home. What an idea to celebrate Parents’ Day! Also, teach them how quick and easy it was to cook.

7. No TV, Laptop or Phone while Eating. Eating while watching TV or playing games on phone increases the chances of overeating. Establish a practice of eating with family on dining table in your house. This way, you can save your kids from overeating and approaching health problems such as obesity.

8. Fix a balanced meal (school lunch) for your child. Have a detailed and balanced meal plan for your son or daughter’s lunch time. The idea is to pack a meal that supplies necessary nutrients from a variety of sources. Take care of the portion size as well.

Hope these tips prove helpful in developing healthy eating habits in your child. These best practices will help you ensure the wellbeing of your son or daughter. Signing off for now. Hope you have a pleasant and Happy Parents’ Day!

18 Tips to Control Your Food Cravings

Because of cravings, we tend to overeat. The desire to eat more arises even after grabbing the full portion size. Overeating is one of the biggest reasons for obesity. However, overeating isn’t the only cause of obesity. It also gives you a variety of diseases, some of which can be difficult to treat.Cravings, and then, overeating to fulfill those cravings, can have a severe impact on your mental health as well as your self-esteem and social and personal life.

Side Effects of Overeating

Food cravings make you –

  • Eat more food
  • Eat even when you are full
  • Eat quickly during the binge
  • Feel that your eating is out of control
  • Feel ashamed of your eating
  • Feel depressed and anxious
  • Go on dieting without having any goal
  • Eat alone
  • Hide food boxes
 Most of the times, it is not the hunger that entices you to eat more; it is the taste of the food that cheers you up to go for another bite. Strong, recurring cravings are a blow to your fitness goals. When you make a move to satisfy your cravings, you actually overfeed yourself. Interestingly, it never gives you an energy boost. In fact, this is a journey that can give you obesity and round-the-clock tiresomeness. If you feel you are also on the same journey, here are 18 practical tips that will help you curb your frequently-occurring food cravings –

Tips to control food craving - Infographic

1. Notice when it triggers.

Food cravings are imaginary thoughts created by the human mind. You can win over it with the help your mind. Pay attention to the time of the day when you get cravings, and be ready for a battle with your own mind.

2. Be ready to confront those triggers.

Once you have noticed the time, you can easily take on and overlook your cravings. You can involve yourself in other activities, that are more important to you or that you enjoy doing.

3. Prepare a diet plan.

You can visit a weight-loss center or nutritionist for consultation and get a suitable diet plan for you. SlimmingStudios.com is a weight loss studio that offers medical and non-invasive weight-loss procedures.

4. Stick to this diet plan.

Getting a for-you-only diet plan isn’t going to put an end to your food cravings and overeating habits. You should strictly follow that plan. You could set alarms and notifications to make sure you miss your schedule.

Alternatively, you can ask a friend to join you in this battle. However, make sure that your friend gets a personalized diet plan to follow.

5. Have plans for those sudden cravings.

No matter how strong your determinations are, sometimes you get even stronger cravings that are harder to resist. In such situations, display of the strongest version of willpower will be required from you. You will need to say no to the call of the craving coming from inside.

6. Keep some cookies and candies.

Instead of hiding chips or cakes in your bag, you can keep some cookies and candies with you. They can be a great companion while you try to get over the habit of overeating.

7. Drink water when craving knocks in.

You can also try gulping a few glasses of water. First, it will give you energy. Second, it will help you kill your immediate cravings. And, third, water contains 0% fat.

8. Kill your inner coffee lover.

If you are trying to do away your overeating habit and lose excess body fat, you should cut down your coffee intakes. Leaving all types of caffeine can be vastly fruitful.

9. Take small portions.

Having control over your thoughts and needs is paramount. You can start with taking small portions of food to calm your cravings. Remember, small portions!

10. Go for something nutritious.

There is a wide variety of options that not only will satiate your cravings, but also will deliver a massive supply of nutrition. For example, if you want chocolates, you can have raw cocoa, nuts, fruits, or fruit seeds instead.

Similarly, if you crave for pasta or bread, you can take protein-rich foods such as meat, nuts, and beans.

11. Maintain a balance between your bad and good food habits.

Don’t make it all bad. Meaning if you are taking fries, then go for mayo-free salad as well. This will work like a morale booster. But remember, you have to take small portions of whatever you eat!

12. Don’t be regular on your junk food habits.

If regular, it will only worsen the situation. Gradually, you will get used to of breaking your diet plan. And sooner, you will be at risk of obesity and other health problems.

13. Don’t skip your breakfast.

When you skip your breakfast, you tend to eat more at lunch. That ultimately results in numerous health problems, including obesity.

14. Get enough sleep.

Sleeping on routine and schedule is essential. Apart from recharging you for the next day, sleeping helps keep your mind relaxed and productive throughout the day. Apparently, it will help you do away your bad habits.

15. Include protein-rich food.

Although your meal plan is designed to offer you complete nutrition, you can ask your physician or nutritionist to suggest you a protein-rich diet that keeps you full for longer.

16. Never get too much hungry.

Take your meals on time and have enough water. Not doing so makes you hungry – which sooner or later gives you cravings.

17. Say no to stress.

Believe it or not, people tend to eat more when they are stressed. Many studies have suggested so. Here is one such report on Eating Disorder, published by Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA).

18. Go nuts.

Just an ounce of nuts (assorted), plus a couple of glasses of water can postpone your cravings for few hours.

To end with, you should learn to tell yourself – NO or maybe, LATER. This is the best way to fight cravings without getting crazy over them. As said, cravings are a hallucination created by your mind. So, fight with it, you will need to give an even more strict order to your inner self by saying NO or LATER.

Got any other method of killing the cravings? Tell us, drop your comment now!

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Weight Loss Yoga - Blog Cover

International Yoga Day: 5 Yoga Postures for Weight Loss

Yoga is an ancient technique which people in India used thousands of years back to stay healthy – physically and mentally. Those who are so much into it believe that yoga and meditation (both closely connected together) have cure for every disease and disarray we meet in our life time.

Yoga and Weight-loss

Believe it or not, there are many yoga-asanas (yoga postures) that can help you lose weight. However, you will need to make sure you are doing it correctly and routinely; irregularity brings no positive results.

Are you ready?

Here are 5 yoga postures widely known as weight loss yoga asanas or simply, yoga for weight loss –

1. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)

Surya Namaskar is like a full body workout, combining a total of 12 asanas or positions. Apart from reducing fat from your body, it helps burn more calories, improve digestive system, heal depression, and regulate blood circulation.

2. Veerabhadrasana (The Warrior Pose)

As the name says, you stand in a warrior’s position while performing this yog-asana. This single pose strengthens arm, shoulder, and thigh muscles, along with helping in weight loss.

3. Purvottanasana or Setu Asana (Bridge Pose)

This asana is performed at dawn while facing the rising sun in the east; Purv, in this terminology, implies the East direction. You stretch your body like a bridge, upward, and facing the east. Regulating the body weight is the main benefit of this asana. Others are: strengthened wrist, thighs shoulders, Achilles tendon, etc.

4. Jalandhara Bandha (Chin Lock)

To perform this asana, you need to first practice it well with an expert yogi. This is a powerful yoga that, according to some yogis, awakens your energy centers, heals breathing deformities and improves your concentration. It helps get rid of belly fat too.

5. Bhujangasana (Snake Pose)

Bhujangasana is specifically helpful in back pain, as it strengthens and smoothens the functions of spine. It also burns excess fat from abdomen and buttocks. Additionally, it firms your buttocks, stretches your chest and shoulders, and relieves stress and weakness.

June 21 is International Yoga Day! So, here’s Slimming Studios wishing you a happy and active International Yoga Day.

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Give Your Dad A Gift Of Health This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner. It falls coming Sunday on June 18, 2017. It is a day to honor the fathers and celebrate the spirit of fatherhood. So, what are your plans for this Father’s Day? You must be thinking of buying some gift for him. Right?

How about a gift, which, when unwraps, adds to the health and well-being of your father? Slimming Studios, being a premier health and wellness center, always promotes practices that keep you and loved ones fit and healthy. So, here in this blog, too, we are passing on 10 healthy Father’s Day gift ideas–

1. Juice.

Fruit Juices aren’t just tasty, they are also the purest and most natural source of nutrition.You can give your father this double treat of taste and health this coming Father’s Day.

2. Fruits.

Fruits aren’t less healthy. Packaged fruit juices do contain added sugar and preservatives – that may not be a perfect gift idea in some cases. Therefore, you can go with fruits, preferably the ones your father’s doc has advised him to have or the ones that he likes most.

3. Cookbook for Easy-to-cook Recipes.

Innumerable such books are already there to boggle your mind. To eliminate your bafflement, you can find out a book that covers healthy, easy-to-cook recipes that can be fixed in minutes.

4. Kitchen Equipment. 

Along with cookbook, you can also add a set of kitchen or cooking accessories to entice the cooking convenience for your father.

5. Yoga and Meditation Classes

Yoga and meditation are two ancient techniques hundreds of thousands of people follow on a routine basis worldwide.Both these practices help keep you physically and mentally healthy. You can buy subscription for a nearby yoga or meditation session, or both, for your father.

6. Fitness Wear.

If your father is into a healthy routine, meaning if he goes gyming or running, and often involves in travelling and adventure activities, you can pick a pair of such shoes for him. He will love your idea.

7. Fitness Gear.

Speed calculator, daily steps counter, heartbeat recorder, or blood pressure monitor (digital) could be a great fitness gadget for your father. Teeth-whitening devices also stand a choice.Alternatively, you could buy a pain relief wand that would enable him to calm his paining joints.

8. Dry Fruits.

Rich in vitamins, magnesium and potassium– almonds, raisins, walnuts, cashew nuts, pistachios, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, and other varieties of dry fruits are a super-healthy Father’s Day gift idea.

9. Superman Tee.

Your father is your superhero, isn’t he?So, a Superman T-shirt, with your handwritten or printed message, will assuredly make him feel special on this occasion.

10. Go see him. Spend some time with him.

Fathers are always strong. However, they don’t really disclose their feelings. So, if you will go and see him this Father’s Day, he will surely love it. Nothing will be more special for him than his son or daughter’s visiting him.

If you got another great Father’s Day gift idea, share it in the comment box below.

Here’s Slimming Studios wishing you a Very Happy Father’s Day, along with an exciting offer – GET 6 B12 SHOTS for JUST $23 @ Slimming Studios. For more information, call 972-702-7546.


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