Calorie Deficit for Weight Loss That Stays Lost

Calorie deficit is the hottest word in the Health Industry. It is directly related to food, our source of energy and the reason for being overweight. When you set a goal to lose excess weight, it starts with the Fad word “Diet” to decrease the intake of food to create a calorie deficit.


If you don’t know what exactly it is? Then we’ve got this calorie deficit explained for you, and it is a calorie deficit created by consuming fewer calories by restricting diet concerning the number of calories required to maintain current body weight.

But, are you creating a calorie deficit in a healthy way?

A healthy calorie deficit will be created when you trim down the intake of junk and quick food, moreover, you focus on eating nutritious meals to ensure it doesn’t create a nutrient deficit in your body.

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Why do you need to create a calorie deficit?

The excess of calories that you consume gets stored in the form of fat. This fat later gets deposit under the muscles leading to fat bulges and muffin top.

Once you start to decrease the calorie intake while increasing the level of physical activity, you are creating a calorific deficit. You control cravings and the eat clean to stimulate metabolism and detoxify your body.

When you eat less, your body uses the fat deposit as fuel to execute the body’s necessary functions. The fat deposits are found generally on your hips or belly or thighs or maybe at other parts of your body. On receiving less calorie from food, the body burns fat for energy which helps in losing weight. The fat starts melting in a natural process and gets used a fuel to carry out various body functions.

How much calorie deficit is required?

You need 2500 calories per day to maintain your weight and to lose one pound of weight, and you must create a deficit of 3500 calories in one week.

The first method asks you to reduce the number of calories through dieting and following a nutritional Counseling from experts.

The second way comes out to be reducing calorie intake by few calories where you are not being

strict and level up by burning 300 calories.

Calorie deficit over one dayPicture Credit:fitfolk

How can calorie deficit help in weight loss?

Initially, when you start any weight loss program, your body shows results, and you are easily motivated looking at those results whereas soon the progress of weight loss goes down which is known as weight loss plateau. At this the point where people give up their weight loss efforts.

The weight loss regime is not for a week, it must be followed for at least months to get the results you want, depending upon the goals. (this need religiously following schedule)

Instead of counting calories for every week, you could plan it for the entire week by distributing the deficit for every day. It could help you break the barrier of restricting diet, and you could follow it easily. If you create a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day, you’ll reach a total deficit of 3500 calories per week.

How can you create a calorie deficit?

There are countless ways to create a calorie deficit, but we have few top-picked ideas to make sure it works for you.

Let food be thy medicine

What you eat directly impact your body, and you can change the way you look by changing your eating habits and lifestyle. You can choose to eat the right portion for less calorie consumption leading to weight loss.

Exercise Routine

I know it is easier said than done but leveling up your workout leads to the significant effect on your body as it increases the calorie burn, boost metabolism, increase your activity levels, build muscles and more.

Nutritional counseling

Eating what is right for you as guided by a nutritional expert is thought-provoking, it can give you faster results and could ease off your struggle of finding the best for you. It could also be helpful as you can burn 250 calories from a brisk walk or cycling by eating 250 calories less in your diet to yield a deficit of 500 calories in a day. If you do it on a regular basis, nothing can stop you from gaining the sleek body with perfect silhouette.

Slimming Studios brings the most sought-after methods of losing weight. Get into a perfect shape and achieve your weight loss goals with result-oriented weight management programs.

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How super skinny shots can help you in losing weigh

How To Get Super Crazy Energy With Fat Melting Like Anything?

Are you tired of spending big bucks on crash diets and treatments to melt fat away? Still got no results. Don’t worry.

You’ve landed at a right place. The imbalances in the body might be the reason for not getting the results you want. However, don’t lose hope. We’ve super skinny shots.

Super Skinny shots are causing quite a stir in the industry for providing effective and lasting weight loss results.

How do super skinny shots work?

It is a common question from people who have gained knowledge about these. Yes, it does. The skinny shot is a unique formula that comprises liver supporting nutrients known for stimulating metabolism, providing ample energy and balancing hormones. It also delivers essential amino acids and small amounts of B12, methionine, choline, and inositol to melt the unwanted fat in the body.

Hold your chairs while we disclose, how super skinny shots can help you in losing more weight that you can think?
It is not just an injection, one shot for total body fat blast that brings crazy energy you’ve been looking all this while.

Benefits of super skinny shots are:

  • Helps in burning fat
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Builds muscles mass
  • Burn more calorie with the same exercises
  • Speed up weight loss

Super skinny shots in conjunction with exercise routine  and a balanced diet help you in achieving your weight loss goals.

Why should you opt for Super Skinny shots?

Anyone who is healthy and looking for quick weight loss results can take super skinny shots. Combining shots with medical weight loss program leads to realistic and lasting weight loss as the vitamins, and amino acids from the shot increase the effectiveness of the program.

We know you are thrilled to take the decision, but before making any decision, ensure you visit experts to check whether you are fit for shots or not based on your health conditions.
Super skinny shot reviews have been positive, and people have experienced a noticeable change in their body.

We are proud to offer super skinny shots as one of our proven range of injections that we provide at Slimming Studios to achieve perfect slender body.

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Why Lose weight to Relieve Knee Pain

Do You Think Weight Loss Can Alleviate Your Knee Pain?

While walking or doing normal everyday activities, you sometimes experience a throbbing pain in your knees, have you ever thought if it’s related to your excessive weight, No? Give it a thought NOW!

You may find various reasons for knee pain, but the main cord of concern is the exertion caused by weight only.

Here, we are unraveling various aspects of knee pain and how can you alleviate it with weight loss.

How is weight related to knee pain?

“Weight plays a significant role in knee problems as the excessive pressure put stress on joints especially weight-bearing joints like knees and hips,” says Eric Matteson, MD, chair of the rheumatology division at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. He also quoted an example. If you are 10 pounds overweight, then it exerts 40 pounds of extra pounds on your knees. The daily exertion on knees causes pre-mature damage which leads to various knee problems.

Moreover, the fat accumulated in the active tissues produces inflammation-causing chemicals which affects your daily routine and life. In a recent study, 1 in 5 Americans has been diagnosed with arthritis, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that number jumps to more than 1 in 3 among obese people – and 2 out of 3 Americans are either overweight or obese. So, you know what to do, Right?

Why weight loss is necessary?

Shed those extra pounds to reduce the exertion on your knees, it will also ease your pain and reduce the chances of surgery later. In fact, weight loss is an excellent substitute for knee surgery for people suffering from knee pain.

How to lose weight without getting hurt?

Weight loss exercises can be excruciating if you are suffering from knee pain or osteoarthrosis. Your knees hurt when while exercising which is just like standing between the devil and deep blue sea. Each pound roughly counts for 3500 calories, and you can burn 125 calories a day and eat 125 fewer calories in the diet to make it 250 a day. Simple, Isn’t it?

You can try the following exercise to get rid of excessive weight.

Water Therapy

Water lighten up your body weight which reduces the pressure on knees when you engage in water exercise like swimming, water aerobics, walking laps and more. Also, water provides resistance to your muscles which burns more calories. Read fun exercise to lose weight.

Weight Loss Cardio Exercises

You can try walking, elliptical trainer or exercise like up and downs, hamstring stretch, calf raises, calf stretch, straight leg raises, hamstring curls, knee rolls. Such activities are soft on your knees and are a great help in burning calories.

Right Nutrition

You might not believe this, but nutrition has the power to reduce your knee pain as it helps in weight loss. The right food can bring more energy to your exercise routine and can strengthen your knees as well. You can talk to an expert nutritionist to know how diet can bring more strength to your knees.

Strength and Resistance training

Doing training two to three times a week using free weights or resistance bands stabilizes knee joints and burn calories as well. The muscles are denser than fat, a program of resistance exercise can help you lose inches. In addition to that, it could lessen your risk of osteoporosis.

Slimming studios can help you in losing weight with a range of non-invasive procedures and nutrition counselling. Drop into our centre to know more.

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How Exercise can Boost Your Metabolism

How Can Exercise Boost Your Metabolism?

You like it or not, but exercise provides a lot more than you can think of. Yes, it’s true!
Hold on to your seats, while, we are unraveling the secret to boost your metabolism, for that crazy energy you’ve been looking for all this time.

Metabolism is a process which includes all the tasks your body requires to process food into energy, to keep you going throughout the day. Various health parameters like age, sex, and genes affect your metabolism’s sluggishness or speed. Also, conditions like thyroid can decrease your metabolic rate.

Why Exercise for Metabolism?

The muscle cells need more energy than the fat cells even when you are not exercising, so you are burning calories even when not in use. Any type of exercise like Zumba, running or even pool exercises can burn calories. The best idea is to oscillate between high intensity and low-intensity workout to add more challenges making it more exciting & rewarding for you.

Focus on your muscles
Muscles need more calories so strengthening your muscles will turn your body into a calorie burner. Lifting weights can build muscles, and it is good for your heart, bones, and mood as it releases dopamine, a feel-good hormone.

Try aerobic exercises
They won’t build muscles, but when it comes to boosting your metabolism, it shoots your metabolic rate through the roof, because high-intensity training provides more hike in metabolic rate than some other low or moderate intensity workouts. There is n number of fun exercises to break your everyday monotony and burn more calories than a usual boring workout.

According to stats from the National Weight Control Registry, people who want to keep off the weight exercise for 45 to 60 minutes a day and daily exercise can revamp your metabolism to burn more fat.

Few points to ponder to increase metabolism:

  • Stay hydrated, drink at least eight glasses of water to burn more calories, or you can also munch in some fruits that naturally contain water
  • Don’t eat after a long gap, instead eat small quantity meals every 3 to 4 hours which keeps your metabolism active
  • Your body burns more calorie while burning protein, so consume more of protein such as lean beef, turkey, fish, white meat chicken, tofu, nuts, beans, eggs, and low-fat dairy products and see noticeable changes on the weight scale
  • Say no to crash diets as they try to create a calorie deficit that does drop some pounds, but it comes at the cost of incomplete nutrition. Moreover, the side effects of going for some yo-yo diet are slow metabolism, which results in losing muscle that further slows it down.

So, from now on, you know how to increase metabolism and lose more calories than ever before.

Slimming Studios offers personalized meal plans that work for you, no cookie cutter diets. If you looking to get rid of stubborn fat pockets or shed excess weight, you can opt for our revolutionary weight management programs. Tune to our latest offers and discounts.

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4 Tips To Start Running For Weight Loss

Do you always think about burning calories to look toned and slim through swimming, cycling, gymming or any other fitness activity, but unable to do so due to time constraints or shortage of funds? Don’t worry; we have got an actionable plan for you that will help kick-start your weight loss journey. It’s running. There is no barrier to start running as all you need is a decent pair of shoes. You can run almost anytime, anywhere, even in front of your house.

“Running is the best workout for weight loss,” says Danial O’Connor, Ph.D., professor of health and human performance at the University of Houston.

How can you make running a successful endeavor for weight loss? Well, there’s a strategy involved. Read on:

1. Get your diet right

You just can’t ignore your diet especially if you’re trying to shed some weight, you need to balance your intake. Running is a great workout as it burns about 200-300 calories if you run at least two to three kilometers. So, eat accordingly. If you want to know more about it, you can read our previous blog “Eat Mindfully to Lose Weight

“People often overestimate the calories they burn on the run,” says Angela Rubin, coach at Precision Running Lab. They add an extra slice of pizza or a piece of brownie in their plate because they “earned it.” It doesn’t work like that, guys! You can only ensure weight loss with a calorie deficit, so you need to keep a strict check on indulgence to create calorie imbalance.

2. Don’t be overly strict

Go easy if you’ve just started running, don’t try hard or overthink about training plans and strategies like athletes. You need to figure out a plan that suits your own weight loss goals.

People who walk slowly spend more time to burn those calories in comparison to joggers and sprinters. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise study revealed that runners lose more weight than walkers over a period because of the afterburn effect.

“Running creates an afterburn which means your body continues to burn calories even after you are not running or moving,” says Rubin. You can decide routine based on the speed and intensity to ensure weight loss.

3. Strength training is significant

Running can be tough on your joints, knees and there could be chances of an injury as well. However, with cross-training, you can reduce them by strengthening your muscles through weightlifting. It helps in burning more calories even when you’re idle. Cross-training supports muscles and boost weight loss as well.

4. Make it a part of life

Your body is made to run, but it requires conditioning to make it a habit. Your body starts feeling normal over a month when you run regularly for a month, later you can reduce it to at least three times a week.

Just like running, you can also condition yourself for weight loss exercises and diet plans to get a perfect shape.

Low energy levels by end of the day can increase the chances of skipping the schedule that leads to weight gain. But now you can stick to your daily schedule with optimum energy levels, lose weight at the same time with B-12 shots at Slimming Studios.

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How To Introduce Behavioral Modifications For Weight Management

Behavior Modifications deals with changing or modifying unhealthy habits. Changing an old, bad habit can be a daunting task for you, but could lead to a plethora of benefits. All you need to do is, keep a positive frame of mind and start working on it.

Transform yourself with this read and explore how Behavioral Modifications can help you in Weight Management. The kind of lifestyle you follow impacts your body weight, shape, and size. To track and stay healthy & Fit, behavioral changes are on the cards.

This read will provide you with substantial lifestyle and behavioral changes that can help you in maintaining your health and fitness levels in everyday life. Take a note of small changes in how you eat, work, or live which can create a ripple effect on your health and lead to more balanced life.

The Surroundings

The kind of surrounding can have a major effect, Basically – Home and Workplace

Things to do at Home while Cooking & Eating

  • Try to Cook your meals and while preparing, chew few gums.
  • Cook and serve the optimal quantity to save yourself from overeating.
  • Do not eat in Bed, always try to have meals on the Dining table or in Kitchen
  • Try to focus on food and chew it slowly, stay away from distractions (Tv, gadgets, books)
  • Always cook your meals in Non-stick cookware to reduce the oil consumption.
  • Avoid storing and eating canned, pre-packed and ready to eat foods
  • Replace wafers and cookies with fresh fruits and nuts to nibble.
  • Keep healthy snacks and fruits in your reach to save a high-calorie snack or dessert in Kitchen
  • Drink low-fat Milk, Yogurt.
  • Stock refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Prepare a low-fat, low-sugar dessert for you to stay fit and healthy

Things to do at Workplace

  • Never eat on your desk
  • Take short breaks after every 20 to 30 minutes
  • Do not stock your desk’s drawer or cabinet with candies or cookies to cut the intake of excessive calories
  • Drink water or chew a gum or a dairy-free product when you are feeling hungry.
  • Say not to Vending Machine
  • Plan your entire week’s menu and try to bring home-cooked food.
  • Never skip your lunch
  • Organize your lunch on a plate and then eat. Do not Gobble.
  • Don’t eat in your lunch box. Organize your lunch on your plate and then, gulp.
  • Serve your food on small plates.
  • Try to follow a routine and eat according to body clock.

Change your mindset to make changes, join a hobby class to make yourself more active and fit. Don’t let any kind of stress take a toll on your health. Go for an evening stroll to intake fresh air and energy. Meet friends and go for dance classes. This can make you more happy and healthy.

Behavioral Modification is significant to stay active and fit, follow the above-mentioned points and witness a transformation in you.

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International Hummus Day

How Healthy Is Hummus For You?

Hummus is a thick, creamy spread made primarily from chickpeas, is widely used to dip with starters and other snacks. It has gained popularity over last few decades due to the numerous health benefits it has to offer. Initially originated in the Middle East, it is now widely eaten across North America and Europe.

It is rightly said “Abs are made in Kitchen,” your body shows what you eat and directly impacts you look.

Hummus is all-time-partner for soft and fluffy pita bread or crispy falafel and makes a lip-smacking dip for chips or other party starters.

There is always a lot of confusion about hummus and its consumption; some people considered it to be fattening. But unlike others, we don’t beat around the bush; our nutritionist has revealed the truth behind hummus and how healthy it is for you.

It is used in ancient time due to its anti-inflammatory properties which helps in preventing chronic diseases. Vegetarians can binge in hummus to replenish the lack of nutrients as it is nutritious and healthy to replenish your daily vitamins and protein need.

The significant component of Hummus is chick-peas as it stays fresh for long five days.

Hummus offers a series of advantages like

  • It provides ample amount of protein
  • Rich source of iron, folate, phosphorus, and B vitamins.
  • It boosts immunity to fight illness and Disease
  • Decreases Inflammation
  • Aids digestion and health of intestines
  • Supports Bone Health
  • Improves Energy

Hummus is healthy, but only when it is made in your kitchen, Markets are flooded with numerous hummus varieties, but they all are rich in fat and high on salt. Moreover, a standard size of hummus tub when consumed with a snack which usually happens while partying or watching movies yield 150 calories.

Excluding tahini sauce from hummus preparation can increase its nutritional value and makes it perfect to go with your party snacks.

Next time, whenever you plan to eat hummus and pita bread, always try to fetch few minutes and just prep it in your kitchen to lose weight as chickpeas are known for reducing cholesterol, cancer-causing agents. It boosts metabolism as well.

Prepare a variety of hummus and enjoy the aromatic effect that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

At Slimming studios, we always focus on healthy habits, not restrictions to lead you towards the better life with our remarkable weight loss products and services.

Say Hello and save with inaugural offers at our new location Fort Worth.

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5 Healthy Breakfast food

Top 5 Healthy Breakfast Foods To Buy For Weight Loss

We all know breakfast is crucial to health, and even health experts have advised not to skip breakfast. But it becomes impossible to shell out some time and prepare in morning schedule.
After trying many tips for weight-loss, this time go for healthy and nutritious breakfast to lose weight.

We are here with a list of five must breakfast items to add to your cart for the healthy living. Here are our grab-and-go options that fill the bill.  These breakfast choices are easy and quick to prepare, super-healthy, nutritious and full-filling.Endure a new habit of healthy breakfast to get fit and lose weight with the following super-foods:

1. Oatmeal

This super nutritious breakfast option offers twin advantage, it makes you feel fuller for longer and has ample amount of fiber. Both aspects help in losing weight. Moreover, a recent study revealed that eating oatmeal three hours before a workout would help in burning more calories.


Eggs are known for their rich source of protein, good for dieters as protein keeps you feeling satisfied for longer. People choosing eggs over other breakfast items loses more calories than others.

3. Coffee

It is a perfect kickstart for your morning, keeps you charged throughout the day with its high caffeine content, helps in improving mood, alertness and mental performance. If taken in optimal amount, one can reduce the side-effects and get more advantages from a cup of coffee. It increases metabolic rate and helps in burning body fat, 100 mg of caffeine allows people to burn approx. 80-150 calories in a day.

4. Peanut Butter and Yoghurt

Rated among top 5 foods that aids weight loss by Harvard researchers, try some recipes including peanut butter as it contains heart-healthy monosaturated fats. Yogurt also follows the list with the pool of benefits. The protein present in yogurt provides you an extra edge to get leaner and gain muscle mass.

5. Raspberries

The rich source of fiber, raspberries has 8gms of fiber in one cup which prevents weight gain and aids weight loss. Researchers have found, keeping a cup of raspberries in your diet with an intake of 1000 calories can help you lose 4.5 pounds in a month.

Prepare and eat excellent super-healthy foods to lose weight and keep you energized all day long. A healthy morning breakfast prevents many diseases like diabetes, bad cholesterol, hormonal problems and more.

Slimming studios will bring more nutritious and tasty recipes including the breakfast items mentioned above to keep you healthy and motivated. A quick snack or morning meal to start your perfect mornings.

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Mother's Day

Bring Your Mom Back To 20’s With Four Thoughtful Gifts This Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day ditch the usual chocolates or flowers and give mom something she needs – the gift of Fitness and Well-being. And no, we are not asking you to gift her some basic buys. Instead, a gift that helps her in living a healthy and happy life. Your mom is your go-to person for everything and you should take care of her like the way she does. So, what do you think about playing your mom’s mommy for this Day?

We are here with thoughtful gift ideas for Mother’s Day, from healthy skin to well-sculpted body to boost her confidence. Make her feel gorgeous with Mom’s special makeover plans.

Gift 1: The gift of Youthful skin

Does your mom look older than her age?
The everyday stress takes a toll on her health fading her beauty and youth. Make mom feel radiant again with Facial Rejuvenation that transforms the dull and lifeless skin to young and glowing with Radiofrequency. It reduces fat cells, improves skin texture, elasticity, reduces fine lines and defines the facial contours for a firmer and younger looking skin. Completely safe and effective to get back to 20’s.

Gift 2: The gift of Revitalization

Does your mom look low on energy?
Renewal for mom is on the cards with enhanced energy and endurance. Strandz’s Revive, a simple saliva swab test (no pricks, no pain, no needle) studies your DNA to give you an understanding of factors are affecting your aging process depending on genetic makeup. Based on this report about body insights, nutritionist provides diet plans and lifestyle recommendations to bring back the vigor and vitality lost with time. It also reveals how the body reacts to the external factors contributing to the aging process.

Gift 3: The gift of Fitness

Does your mom complain about her weight and fatigue?
Mom hardly finds time for herself, often she is occupied with one or the other thing. Get her a fitness regime based on her body insights. Strandz’s Skinny studies genes and tells you about your weight loss ability. This report is a total eye-opener unlocking factors that affect nutrients absorption in your body. Get Skinny report after a simple swab test (no prick, no blood, no pain) to understand the level of fitness and things that need attention to remain healthy and fit. Make mom look like her college days again.

Gift 4: The gift of a Perfect Body

Does your mom crave a perfectly toned body?
Mom adores her perfect 20’s body after looking at her college pictures. Gift her a perfectly sculpted body with corrective procedures like Cryolipolysis, Ultrasound Cavitation, Radio Frequency, or Laser Lipolysis. Such non-invasive procedures work directly on fat cells, destroying them and increase metabolism and blood circulation. It makes skin look younger and toned. Your mom will surely love the results.

Slimming Studios can help you in finding the perfect gift for your mom with an array of revolutionary health products and personalized services depending upon her needs.

Strandz is a one-stop destination for a range of revolutionary products to help you live better, perform well and do good in life.
Need help in finding the best option, talk to our health experts at 972-702-7546 or drop in at our center to discover more about mom’s special makeover.
Locate us at Plano, Dallas, Arlington, McKinney, Gunter and Fort Worth.

She deserves it because SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!

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Week 4 Weight Loss Plan

Week4: A 5-Week Plan To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Week 4: Fine Tuning Your New Life

By this point in your weight loss efforts, you are likely feeling and looking better. So in this episode, we’re going to talk about what you should, and shouldn’t, put into your body as we move into the home stretch.

Black Coffee

Say hello to some dark goodness every morning with a cup or two of black coffee without sugar or creme. While coffee has many virtues, such as helping get you going in the morning, and helping you deal with people who are naturally way too perky in the first parts of the day, it can also help with weight loss.

Along with accelerating your metabolism, coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which slows down the rate at which your body absorbs carbohydrates, a type of food often converted to fat. It also contains adrenaline hormones, which your body uses to break down fatty tissue into the blood.

So one good bit of news about your new lifestyle is that it contains plenty of coffee.


For many, one bad bit of news is that your new lifestyle shouldn’t include alcohol.  Alcohol supplies double the empty calories as carbohydrates or protein, and also increases hunger and food cravings.

And that’s not the end of the bad news of alcohol. It can also

  • Damage, liver, kidney, digestion and stomach function.
  • Lower testosterone levels
  • Raise blood pressure, heart rate and risks of cardiac arrest.

Junk Food

Most snack foods are also on your no-go list. They are full of fat, sugar and fast-burning carbs that your body will convert to fat. So the slimmer, healthier you needs to give them a pass.

Green Tea

Say yes to green tea. Some nutritionists claim it is the healthiest beverage on earth, save maybe water. Green tea has been known to

  • Improve health
  • Stimulate the brain
  • Promote fat burning
  • Lower the risks of certain cancers
  • Prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases in old age
  • Improve dental health
  • Lower the risk of Type II diabetes.

With all these benefits, say yes to green tea.


Curb the carbs but promote the protein. Eating protein—rich foods can help your body burn fat by giving it the required fuel and nutrients to do so. Protein also makes you feel full while shrinking your food cravings and appetite. In short, you can feel more fulfilled while still eating less when you consume protein.

Water before Meals

Water is life. And to improve your life, drink more water. Water before meals helps you feel more full, so you eat less. Drinking lots of water also speeds up your metabolism and promotes general overall health.

Water will help to

  • Boost your immune system
  • Increase energy
  • Flush toxins from your system
  • Regulate skin complexion
  • Prevent headaches and body aches
  • Strengthen muscles.

Part of your new, healthy lifestyle should include keeping a water bottle with you whenever possible and refilling it several times during the day.

One Last tidbit to Chew On

One last bit of advice, whatever food you take in, chew it well. Well chewed food will digest easier. This will save resources your body can use to burn fat and build muscle. It will also help you feel full that much faster.

Be sure to check out some of our previous blogs for healthy recipes, including an array of desserts. And stay tuned to our social media channels for more treats and tips to come.

Next time, we will leave you on a high note, and tell you where to go after the five weeks has ended.

Week 5 Weight Loss Plan

Week5: A 5-Week Plan To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Week 5: Victory in Round 1

Welcome to week 5 of your 5-week weight loss plan.

Let’s take a quick look back over where we’ve been.

In Week 1, you got started on eating healthy and exercising.

In Week 2, we turned things up a notch on workout and diet.

In Week 3, you learned how to get over the hump and fight the mental barriers to success.

In week 4, we went further into things to put in your body and things to leave out.

And now for week 5, we’re going to offer you a few tips to help you continue on this path you’ve already started down.

With your new habits established, here are a few parting tips to keep going on to the next level.

  • Create a written fitness plan and stick to it.
  • Add a 10-minute warm up to your exercise routine.
  • Stretch after warming up.
  • Do 10 to 20 sets of exercises as advised by a physical trainer.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard, so you avoid injuries.
  • Include different exercises to work different parts of the body.
  • Refine your exercise routine to target specific problem areas.
  • Keep a regular schedule. Habit and routine are what will see you through.
  • Look into circuit training to maximize your fat burn.
  • Have high-density nutritious meals. Be sure to include fruits, leafy vegetables and whole foods.
  • Don’t skip planned meals.
  • Allow your body a rest day from your exercise routine so it can recover.
  • Allow yourself an occasional cheat day to indulge in a favorite food sin. (But only occasionally!)
  • Get your DNA and blood tested to help fine tune your diet to your unique body.
  • Talk to a nutritionist to custom-tailor your healthy eating plan.
  • Look into nutritional supplements to help augment your diet
  • Talk to a professional to see which body contouring and enhanced weight loss methods may give you the edge in reaching your goals.

But here is the most important tip.

Don’t Give Up

Even if you’ve already crashed and burned on this diet like you have with a painful amount of others in the past, don’t stop. Go back to week 1 and start again.

Do you have a success story you’d like to share? Then we’d love to hear from you. Send us a message and tell us your story. You may win cool prizes and even be included in future Slimming Studios media.

And remember, don’t wait to lose weight.

Week 2 Weight Loss Plan

Week2: A 5-Week Plan To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Week 2: Adding More to the Effort to Have Less

Welcome back to your 5 week weight loss program. Hopefully, at this point you are getting into a rhythm with your new routine and habits. Keep going. Those new habits will help remove weight from your belly and back, and are a solid foundation for lifestyle change.

This week, we’re going to add a little more to the routine and lay some more ground work.

Measuring Up

You won’t know if you’re making progress unless you know how to measure it. So let’s talk about the right and wrong ways to weigh the situation. Your weight shouldn’t be your only measure of progress. Everybody is different. For example, let’s look at body fat content. A male can feel healthy and agreeable with around 2 to 24 percent body fat. A woman can feel the same with 10 to 30 percent body fat. Machines are readily available at your doctor, your gym, or even at your pharmacy to determine your body fat content.

Another useful tool is to calculate your body mass index, or BMI. You can calculate your BMI by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared. BMI=Kg/M2. If you don’t want to do the math, you can just follow this link to one of many handy calculators available online.
BMI Calculator

A BMI of 25 or higher is considered overweight, while a BMI of 30 or more is considered morbidly obese.

Remember, your weight may actually increase when you first start getting healthy, as muscle weighs more than fat.

Good exercises

Did you know not all exercise is good exercise? For example, routines that require an insane amount of crunches won’t help trim your tummy. In fact, they can actually hurt your body in the long run.

If you are getting comfortable with your cardio workouts, try adding in a little resistance training. Start lifting light weights, such as free weights, and gradually increase the weight and resistance. Machines are a great way to get your range of motion down right. Just remember to not go so overboard that you hurt yourself. While the old proverb about “No pain, no gain” is true, it also depends on the kind of pain. Dull pain after a workout is usually a sign you worked your muscles well. Sharp pain likely means you are hurting yourself and you should stop immediately.


Now that you are getting into the habit of eating healthier, it’s time to take it to the next level. You want your body to begin burning some of your fat reserves for fuel instead of storing additional fat. Try to limit your calories to around 1,500 per day. You should also try to make about 15% of your calories lean protein. One effective way to reduce your calories and still maintain a good energy level is to eat small portions every two to three hours.

There are also several nutritional supplements you can add to your diet to help jump start the fat burning process. Garcinia Cambogia is the top seller in the country right now, but there are several others. You can see the list of weight loss supplements we offer.

You can also boost your results through various fat destroying technologies, like cryolipolysis (fat freezing), laser, and ultrasound & radio frequency cavitation. You can book your free consult at Slimming Studios, or book your next session at one of our convenient studios.

Next week, we’ll talk about how to stay motivated as you move into the half way mark.

Baked Strawberry Custard Recipe

#WeightLossRecipe: Baked Strawberry Custard

Spring is in the Air, indulge in the sweetness of in-season strawberries with a delicious yet healthy recipe this season. The blossoming splendor of spring will tempt your taste buds with its fresh flavor.

Strawberries are seasonal and are rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, nutrients like vitamin c, folates, potassium, manganese and are immunity boosters to health. Moreover, it also aids weight loss due to the presence of various nutrients that stimulate nutrients and reduce appetite. Prepare it for breakfast or serve it with dinner, this is so quick and easy to make like a spring breeze of air.

We have a fantastic healthy recipe to lose weight, Baked Strawberry Custards for this beautiful season, enriched with the benefits of berries and sour cream, it gives you a perfect mix of richness and tang.

Serving: 1 Custard each
Preparation Time: 25 minutes
Ready In: 1 hour
Nutritional Value: 251 calories; 15 g fat (8 g sat); 2 g fiber; 26 g carbohydrates; 5 g protein; 54 mcg folate; 104 mg cholesterol; 18 g sugars; 13 g added sugars; 498 IU vitamin A; 50 mg vitamin C; 67 mg calcium; 1 mg iron; 263 mg sodium; 215 mg potassium


  • Strawberries, 4 Cups, Trimmed (Small to medium)
  • Eggs, 3 Large Sized
  • Sour Cream, 1 ½ Cups
  • Sugar, 8 Tablespoons
  • All-purpose Flour, ½ a Cup
  • Unsalted Butter, 4 Tablespoon, Melted
  • Orange Zest, 1 ½ Teaspoons
  • Salt, ¾ Teaspoon

Equipment: Eight 8- to 10-ounce baking dishes
Set the oven to 400°F to preheat. Place a large baking sheet to keep eight (1-to 2-inch deep) individual baking dishes and coat them with cooking spray.

  • Take a bowl, add strawberries and toss them with 1 tablespoon sugar
  • Add flour, salt, sugar, eggs into another bowl and give it a nice whisk, Add sour cream, butter, orange zest until combined and smoothened.
  • Divide the berries for the dishes, Top it over with the equal portion of custard.
  • Baked until light brown and puffed, takes 20 to 25 minutes. Let it cool for 10 minutes.
  • Serve warm
  • Enjoy this light and healthy recipe

Recipe Credits: Eating Well

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Week 3 Weight Loss Plan

Week3: A 5-Week Plan To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Week 3: Keep it going

Anytime you make lifestyle changes, consistency is critical. Keep your workout routine. Stay the course on your healthy eating plan. Don’t give up.

But after a few weeks, it starts getting easy to procrastinate. And we plan to do something about our procrastination tomorrow. In this week’s episode, we are going to look at some of the most common excuses and offer you some tips to get around them.

“I’m too tired to work out.”

This is a classic gym dodge. The answer is simple. Find the part of the day when you have the most energy and move your workout time to then. Morning, lunch break and evening workouts are all options on the table. The key is consistency, but you can consistently do something different if you find it works.

“I don’t have any equipment”

You don’t have to have a home gym to workout. You can join a gym or health club. Many people find that having a destination to go to helps them work out longer and provides more options to keep the workout interesting.

You can also just run. Pick a direction and go. Change directions to keep your workout from getting boring.

“It’s all so boring and repetitive.”

So, change things up a bit. Run in a new direction and explore the world around you that you often miss while riding in a car. Try a new machine at the gym. Or sign up for a group fitness class or club.

You can change how you get your exercise. What’s important is that you ARE regularly getting exercise.

Take up a new sport. Take dance or martial arts classes. Buy a bike. Variety helps improve your mind, body and spirit.

“I’m Shy”

Some people don’t like to join a gym because they feel like they are on display, being judged or rejected. Some people just prefer to be alone. Get around this by hiring a physical trainer, joining a single-sex gym, or buying your own equipment. You can create months and months of workout routines just with a simple set of free weights.

But also consider this: When remaking your body, why not remake your mind as well? Face your fears of people and get out more. Socialize. Interact. Make new friends. More social interaction will help your confidence and increase your enjoyment of the slimmer and healthier you.

“I don’t want to spend the time/money.”

One of the best things you can invest in is yourself. Losing weight is investing in your own health and happiness. Sometimes spending money on yourself is a great way to help motivate yourself. You don’t want to waste that money you invested, do you?

So, join that gym. Hire that physical trainer. Book those body contouring sessions. You are an investment that pays off for a lifetime. You are absolutely worth it.

And don’t forget to stick with your diet and active routine. Remember, consistency is the secret to success.

Next time we’ll talk more about how choosing what you put, and don’t put, into your body can help you succeed.

Week 2 Weight Loss Plan

Week1: A 5-Week Plan To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Week 1: Getting Started with Small Changes

We all know the pain of not being able to fit in a certain outfit or feeling uncomfortable in a swimsuit. Even worse, that layer of fat around the stomach and back can also cause heart disease, high blood pressure and even diabetes.

While changing your lifestyle and losing weight may seem like an undertaking of Olympic proportions, it doesn’t have to be. We’re going to show you over the next five weeks how small changes can quickly add up into a big change. You’ll feel better and look better if you stick to these tips on diet and exercise.

Nutrition & Diet

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Your first step in diet and nutrition is this: Don’t starve yourself. You may think that eating nothing will let you lose weight quickly. But in fact, you are just making yourself weaker and even more unhealthy.

If you eat enough of the right foods, you’ll get healthier, lose weight, and not be hungry all the time. Your weight loss diet plan starts with leafy vegetables to supply some of the key nutrients you need. Try adding these foods to your diet this week:

  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Kale
  • Cabbage
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots (Baby carrots make a great snack.)
  • Cucumbers

When it comes to protein, fish and chicken are great choices. You can also enjoy some low-fat milk.

When it comes to foods to avoid, cut these out of your diet this week.

  • Foods with high sugar concentrations.
  • Carbonated Water
  • Soft Drinks
  • Candy
  • Snack Food

And when you eat, eat in moderate proportions as recommended by your doctor, fitness coach or nutritionist.

WHEN you eat is also very important. A healthy lifestyle involves disciplined eating habits. Eat the right amount of food at the same time every day to help eliminate snacks and unhealthy food cravings.


The other side to a healthy lifestyle starts with regular exercise. And no, we are not going to tell you to just jump into a heavy workout routine suddenly. That’s a good way to hurt yourself.

Much like food, exercise is best in sensible amounts at regular times. Try raising your heart rate for 30 minutes, three to five days a week. It helps if this elevated heart rate can be combined with something you enjoy. You can work out on a treadmill, exercise bike or elyptical machine while listening to your favorite podcast or music.

Other fun ways to exercise include walks with friends, dancing lessons, or participating in amateur sports leagues.

Just remember, food AND exercise in moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

So, let’s quickly review. For your first week on a path to a healthier, happier and slimmer you, be sure to:

  • Eat balanced meals at regular times
  • Add more vegetables and lean protein to your diet.
  • Cut out harmful foods.
  • Elevate your heart rate for at least 30 minutes three to five times during the week.

If you are looking for something to help sharpen your edge in your toning and slimming efforts, talk to one of our Slimming Studios counselors. They can help you with injections and weight loss supplements that will boost your energy and your body’s natural fat-burning processes. They can also advise you on how our treatments can enhance your toning and slimming efforts. Some can even make your skin feel tighter and look younger.

To schedule your free consultation, click on the below button, or call 972-702-7456.

Lose weight with fast food

This Fast Food Diet Plan Can Help You Lose Weight

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to call America’s food culture the “Fast Food Culture”. People here always seem in a hurry. The culture has made us one of the most obese counties in the world.

United States is the 12th country with the highest number of obese people, according to World Atlas. Thank God, we are not #1 this time! About one-third of the US population is either obese or overweight.

But, this certainly is a worrying figure. We live in a society where people are very much fond of foods that can be cooked easily and served quickly.

There is no denying that people nowadays are more concerned about their health. They want to lose weight, get in shape, and lead a healthy lifestyle. They are even ready to follow special diet and workout programs. But, when it comes to cook a special weight loss diet, most individuals give up.

Weight loss foods do not taste good. Cooking them, therefore, becomes an exercise most people are not very keen about. Weight loss diets are not something people enjoy. It is not the ideal or preferred food choice for many. They are on this diet because they want to lose weight. So, distractions are pretty common in this journey. It is very easy for anyone to lose motivation, and pick food that is addictive, looks and tastes good, and gets cooked and served in minutes.

And that’s what we call fast food.

By the way, this fast food is not healthy. On the contrary, it supplies an overdose of calories that goes unburned, which ultimately accentuates the accumulation of fat in your body. Apart from unwanted body fat, this culture is also a premise of many health conditions including inadequate insulin level, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and body and joint pain. There are thousands of articles on the World Wide Web underlining the side effects of fast food.

But, not all fast foods are unhealthy!

Healthy Fast Food

Yes, some fast foods are very much healthy. In fact, you can lose weight by regularizing and following these fast foods.

Well, to understand how it works, we will need to make a little change in our standpoint about fast foods. We are going to keep the original definition of fast food, i.e., the food that gets prepared and served quickly; however, the food choices will change.

This healthy fast food diet program will not exhaust you and weaken your immune system. Rather, it tastes good and keeps you motivated, in addition to offering help in weight loss.

Firstly, we need to sidestep the fast foods served at popular restaurants or sold prepacked.

Now, we have to create a list of items that do not need (much) preparation or can be eaten raw or half-cooked.

Unquestionably, this fast food diet will include a lot of fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, and whole grain bread. Animal products such as dairy, eggs and meat also have a key role in this weight loss plan.

Why I am recommending this plan is because it helped me and my friend get rid of excess belly fat. We were not like obese, but that bulk of fat around our waist looked really unattractive.

If it diluted our belly fats, it can help you too. It can do wonders in just a few weeks. We did it in about three weeks of following the diet and a few exercises suggested by Dr. Jain at Slimming Studios. We both ate and worked out together, and noticed results about at the same time.

However, I noticed the change in my belly size sooner than my friend did, due to the fact that I am a vegetarian. I avoided eggs and meats. I replaced them with more juices and dry fruits.

I am listing below all the options you can go with if you are going to follow this diet –

  • Fruits
  • Juices & water
  • Black tea and coffee
  • Vegetables, prefer more of green and leafy vegetables
  • Dry fruits
  • Whole grain bread
  • Lentils & pulses
  • Whipped cream
  • White cheese
  • Chicken egg
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Low-fat sauces, dips, dressing and spreads (you can prepare them at home as well)

Your focus should be on having wholesome and unprocessed foods. Have lots of fruits, vegetables, egg whites, and fish. Go for dry fruits and juices to calm your snacks and beverage cravings. Include different foods for different meals – this would help maintain focus.

Most importantly, do not skip your workouts. Our trainer suggested us to focus on stretching, weight lifting, crunches, and plank.

Even if you do not feel like losing weight, this completely natural diet and workout plan is surely going to help you stay fit and well always.

To learn more about the Healthy Fast Food Diet plan for Weight Loss, reach Slimming Studios on Facebook and Twitter.

Benefits of breakfast

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast seems to be the norm in our fast-paced world. Since we are busier than ever, most of us don’t hesitate to skip the morning meal.

But breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Mom proves right again (Have you noticed that that keeps happening?). Breakfast is the combination of two words, break and fast. When you are sleeping, your body is essentially fasting for six to nine hours. This is the longest period without food in a 24-hour cycle.

Your body needs breakfast to be healthy. Here are a few reasons why skipping it is a bad idea all around.

1. Skipping breakfast can make you gain weight.

When you skip early morning chow, you are actually overriding your natural desire to eat. That hunger can reassert itself with a vengeance in your next meal. You are also more likely to fall to the temptation of snacks and treats throughout the day. Those unplanned calories are usually far less healthy than a good breakfast, and far more likely to pack on the pounds.

2. A day without breakfast is a tired and unproductive day.

Your body runs on fuel, and that fuel is food. When you get hungry, you also feel sluggish and low on energy. When you skip breakfast, your glucose levels drop. You’ll feel tired and lethargic and find it hard to focus on work. Your mind starts to wander and you find you just don’t have the resources you need to do the day right. A good breakfast is key to tackling the daily To-Do list.

3. Saying no to breakfast is saying yes to stress.

Food sets your mood. When you are hungry, your body isn’t functioning properly. And when your body isn’t functioning properly, you can get stressed out and irritable. When your body needs something, it increases your stress level. So, when you say no to breakfast, you are also saying yes to increased stress.

4. You can wreck your health & fitness goals.

Losing weight and getting healthy is the most common New Year’s Resolution in America. But getting healthy requires a combination of good nutrition and regular physical activity. If you are on a meal plan or fitness regime, breakfast is part of that winning healthy combination.

To be healthy, your body needs to refuel every three to four hours. When you push that time, your body begins shifting gears from normal healthy operations to emergency protocols and disaster plans. You can keep going, but it isn’t good for you. The longer you push your body, the worse it will get for you. You won’t feel good. You won’t look good. And your life won’t be good.

5. Your blood glucose levels go haywire without breakfast.

Glucose, or blood sugar, is essential to feeling good and living a great life. It can be thrown out of balance by illness, emotional stress, injuries and other related factors. To recover and feel healthy, you need a steady, stable stream of nutrition. Breakfast is a key part of that nutrition.

If you are thinking “That’s great, but I just don’t have time!” here are a few tips that can help.

Set an alarm 15 to 20 minutes earlier to give yourself enough time to eat breakfast.

Pack your breakfast the night before just like you do your lunch. That way, you can eat it on your way to work or at the office.

Search online for healthy, easy-to-make breakfast recipes. This will also help keep breakfast from becoming boring and monotonous.

Experiment with new breakfast recipes on the weekend. Treat yourself and keep up the daily breakfast habit. Also read: Weight Loss Recipe-Banana Nut Oatmeal

Breakfast is a critical part of building a slimmer, healthier, more vibrant you. That’s why all our meal plans at Slimming Studios include a healthy breakfast. If you want to find out more about how we can help you build that better you, book your free consult today. (Hot Link on Book Your Free Consult pointing to free consult page.)

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Binged on Holiday: Tips to Reverse Weight Gain

How to Overcome Obesity after Holiday Season

Independence Day is the all about get-togethers and parties with family and friends. You enjoyed and had a gala time with them.

You know you have binged on your favorite and classic Independence Day recipes and have cheated your diet plan leaving you worried about your weight and efforts. It’d be difficult to say no to a fattening lunch or party snacks.

Overcome the guilt by following simple tips to reverse the holiday weight gain.

Without much ado, it’s time to jump to some of the best practices that will help you sweep over the extra pounds you gained during your holidays.

1. Cut Down Meat and Add More Vegetables

Vegetables are always a safe shelter when looking to avoid or rid of extra body weight. They barely contain any harmful fat but are packed with dense and an excess of nutrients that help bring your life back on track after a spell of uncontrollable eating.

Moreover, they are the great natural tools to detoxify your body system. After detoxification, you can gear up for your next weight management efforts.

Now you know, why fruits and vegetables, especially, green leafy ones, – not meat, fish, and poultry items – are called superfoods.

To name a few, some of the best superfood options you have are spinach, red and green bell peppers, celery, tomatoes, grapes, oranges, melons, apples, bananas, cinnamon, ginger, and garlic.

2. Go for Homecooked Food

Prepacked food choices, no matter which brand or how healthy they seem, has such ingredients that make you want them more. So, when you do more, you unquestionably gain some pounds. Takeaway and quick meals at hotels or restaurants lead to weight gain, and it would be smart to eat homecooked food to support your weight loss goals. Moreover, home cooked food is more healthy and hygienic for your body.

3. A Little Shift in Your Eating Habits

Watch your portion size, and you have seen widespread dinner-table grabs that were incredible to tempt your taste buds. However, it’s time to calm down “The Incredible Hulk “inside you to eat mindfully.

Reduce your portion size. However, never skip your meals.

4. Work Out

You also skipped your workouts during holidays, didn’t you? Skipping exercises leaves a negative impact on your fitness or weight management journey, as asserted by weight loss experts and fitness trainers.

Once you are back from holidays, consult your trainer and get back to your exercise regime religiously to ensure weight loss. You’ll need to put extra effort for getting back on your “That was me before Holiday Level.”

5. Adequate Sleep

Partying till late in the holiday season often disrupts your sleeping pattern. Adequate hours of sleep play a significant role in maintaining physical and mental health.

You can’t be physically fit until you are mentally fit. Getting enough sleep improves metabolism and gives you the energy to exercise more.

Even studies suggest that a sound sleep on a regular basis aids in weight loss.

You can also read the benefits of 9-hour sleep to gain more understanding of the benefits of 9-hour sleep.

Follow them, and we are sure you’ll see a drop in your weight and circumference of your belly within a week.

If you still find it difficult to shed those extra kilos, we would welcome you to Slimming Studios a one-stop solution for all your weight management problems.

Call at 972-702-7546 to book your free consultation or know more!

Blog Cover for Lipotropic Shots

Lipotropic Shot in nutshell!

It seems so many people are confused when it comes to weight loss injections. Weight loss injections are NOT simply B-12 injections, thus the “Lipotropic” after the B-12. B-12 is only 1 component of the injection. The other amino acids are supposed to aid in the conversion of fat to energy and help the liver. I don’t feel this is a magic weight loss injection, but rather an aid to help your body metabolize and transport the fat stores into energy. Diet and Exercise are still paramount.

Lipotropic B12 injections contain minerals and vitamins, known as fat burning agents, that make the journey toward successful weight loss quite astounding. One of the agents contained in the B12 lipotropic shots is choline.

Choline is responsible for reducing fat in the liver and the gall bladder. It metabolizes the fats and sends them to the blood stream where they are used up by the body. This means that fat deposits in your body will decrease and their metabolism will be sped up.

Inositol is another agent found in the injections and it helps to regulate serotonin and insulin levels. This means that your mood will become more stable and feelings of hunger will be less noticeable. Insulin regulation is very important especially when it comes to growth hormones.

Better mood is stimulated by vitamin B12 and B6, so you will be in a good mood most of the time and you will have more energy. These vitamins are also responsible for aiding in lipid metabolism.

You will also be glad to know that lipotropic injections not only help you to lose weight, but they also help to minimize excess water gain, control estrogen levels, and maintain healthy nails and skin. And it doesn t stop there. They could be used for even more things, such as treating thyroid disorders, relieving adrenal fatigue and controlling hormonal imbalances.

Overall, getting the injections will not make the pounds just melt away. They only help your body to lose weight faster and easier than if you didn’t take the shots. You still have to eat right, and preferably do some regular exercise.

This blog is brought to you by Slimming Studios , a chain of weight loss service providers.
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