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What You Should Know About The Silent Killer-Diabetes

On this World’s Diabetes Day, we’ll take you to the deep-down insights and information to let you know every bit of information about world’s third deadliest diseases-Diabetes. Find its risk and lifestyle changes that can help you in dealing with this soon-to-be global epidemic of World.

How Type1 and Type 2 are different?

There are two types of diabetes, Type1, and Type2, and it is crucial to identify the symptoms to understand the kind of diabetes and related health problems. Everything relies on insulin, secreted by the pancreas in the body, it is a critical factor that provides energy to your cells. Insulin converts sugar into fuel for cells in muscle, fat a liver. Insulin resistance reduces the cells ability to use sugar in the form of energy.

People with Type 1 diabetes don’t produce insulin, and for people with Type 2 diabetes, initially, they don’t respond to insulin and later even stop producing it.

The common symptoms of Diabetes are:

Both have typical symptoms, like

  • Growling Hunger
  • Feeling Weary every time
  • Feeling Famished
  • Blurred Vision
  • Cuts and sores that don’t heal

You can also read the brief list of complications here.

How obesity increases the risk of diabetes?

After years of research, it has been found that obesity is a major contributing factor to diabetes, and for Americans, obesity is already a big problem.

Nearly one-third of all adults in America are obese and the number of child obesity has tripled in last 4 decades. If your BMI index is greater than 30 then you are at exponentially higher risk of developing diabetes during your lifetime.

The reason behind is excessive fat which promotes insulin resistance thus making cells less responsive to insulin. You cannot deny the fact that obesity leads to increase in glucose in the bloodstream to remain high in the bloodstream. There are number of factors involved which contribute to diabetes and can’t be controlled like genetics, age, lifestyle factors such as alcohol intake, smoking, fitness levels, stress and more. It’s no wonder, people who are already suffering from health issues like blood pressure and high cholesterol are already close to the trap. Also Read: How obesity complicates the old age

Let’s take a closer look, there are two types of fat in the body at two different locations, one is visceral fat, usually fat around the belly area which wraps around the internal organs. This type of fat can be easily reduced by regular diet and exercise. The other kind of fat is subcutaneous fat, found right under the skin, in form of bulges or love handles. Visceral fat increases the risk of diabetes as the abdominal fat cells induce an inflammatory chemical which reduces the body’s ability to utilize insulin in the body. Also read: You Weight is your risk.

If you thoroughly understand the type of fat your body is accumulating, then you can easily identify and control diabetes.

Obesity act as a fuel in the fire, if we talk about diabetes. The risk of Type 2 diabetes becomes four times in an obese child. Isn’t it Shocking! There has been a surge in the number of children diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which initially found in adults. Insulin resistance supposedly should be the primary driver, whereas now with the increasing rate of obesity, unhealthy diets, and sedentary lifestyle.

What is Prediabetes?

Obesity is another epidemic that Americans are dealing with, and the situation gets worse with new findings on the link between diabetes and obesity. It is revealed that obesity leads to prediabetes. The next comes in your mind, what is prediabetics? It is a condition in which person elevated glucose levels but not enough to get diagnosed as diabetes. As per recent research, at least 84 million people in the U.S. had it in 2015, are likely to develop Type2 diabetes in the next 10years.

Another health issue known as a Metabolic syndrome, this is a complex set of factors including abdominal fat, high blood pressure, increase triglycerides, low HDL, and high blood sugar levels. People with metabolic syndrome are five times higher in your risk for diabetes. The condition is prevalent in native Americans, African Americans, and Asians. The two significant factors contributing to the rise of metabolic syndrome is obesity and insulin resistance.

How to deal with diabetes?

Now when you are aware of every factor that develops diabetes, you can take stern action to change your habits and take charge of your life. Since obesity is the major contributor to all the life-threating diseases and its complications, you must consider losing weight for good. Weight loss is the only remedy that can help you overcome diabetes.  They are so intertwined, giving you the control to manage, avoid or deal with this health condition. If you are a working individual and don’t have time to hit the gym then read about ways to lose weight and avoid diabetes at work.

Consider weight loss for diabetes, and the small changes can cause an effective ripple in your health condition, losing as little as five to 10 percent of your weight has led to tremendous improvements in overall health and well-being. Such changes reduce the risk of diabetes and give you the confidence to be in a healthy state. There are many ways to reduce weight, through dieting, exercising, lifestyle modifications and more. Find some more information on how to control and manage diabetes.

Walking as little as 20-30 minutes a day can boost your metabolism and reduce visceral fat deposits on your body. How exercising can boost metabolism.

If you are someone who has prediabetes can reverse Type2 diabetes and its risk by losing weight.

Diabetics need more energy to feel less tired. Get your A1C checked and track it to find the levels and average out the blood sugar levels. The diet is crucial  factor in reducing weight and risk of diabetes, fill your plate with foods that are lower in calories, saturated, trans fat, and salt. Opt-in foods like fruits, veggies and whole grains to add more fiber to your diet. Increase your water-intake to stay well-hydrated and flush out all the toxics from your body and for less bladder and skin infections.


Slimming Studios is a one-stop destination for all your weight loss problems and issues. If you are moved by the information and want to shed excess weight to stay fit and healthy then we can be of great help. We provide weight management and figure corrections through non-invasive procedures, medical weight loss, Nutritional counseling to give you a gift of good health and well-being.

Do You Know Weight Gain Can Be Due To Pain Relievers?

Is there any connection between obesity and chronic pain? Yes, people who are suffering from prolonged pain conditions are most likely to gain weight. Studies conducted over the years has validated this statement.

Pain can affect even those who are living a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes pain arises due to aging and at times due to injuries, although the causes of chronic pain are innumerable, but its aftermaths are the same. Any pain can result in fundamental changes in your daily routine, especially the following:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Inactivity
  • Lack of exercise

The above-mentioned conditions are known to have a direct effect on your body, shape, and weight. When in pain, most people are on this routine – “Eat, Sleep, and Repeat.” You keep on consuming calories without burning any. Ultimately, that’s why you see, an increase on the scale and in your waistline.

How to manage Pain?

When suffering from pain, everyone does one thing visiting physician to get prescriptions for pain treatment and management. However, did you know, your core pain management drug can increase the possibility of weight gain? If you use pain management drugs for a continued period, the likelihood increases.

Other side effects of pain medication include:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Skin rash
  • Liver damage
  • Diarrhea/ Stomach upset
  • Anxiety
  • Problem sleeping
  • Heartburn
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Kidney problems
  • Allergies

Seemingly, instead of reducing pain, pain medication if consumed regularly can expose you to many health risks and can bring significant challenges which are hard to overcome.

According to research, about 15% of weight or obesity-related problems occur due to prolonged medication. Some medications escalate your appetite, and a few will decrease it while some give you the energy to keep you energized. When you don’t burn off the calories you consume; or you stay inactive, your chances of weight gain increase.

People suffering from chronic pain are less active, plus, their medication gives them drowsiness with an increase in their appetite thus leading to weight gain.
In addition to pain management medications, prescription drugs for the treatment of obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure causes weight gain. Popping birth control pills also indicate weight gain as per studies.

How to avoid weight gain and reduce pain?

The answer lies in the right approach. At Center for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation (CPR&R), we aim to reduce your pain systematically. Our focus is on identifying the cause of your pain, then create the shortest possible treatment plan – to reduce the side effects of medications and pain.

Whether it is chronic pain, back pain, joint pain, injury pain, arthritis pain or sprains or other pain, we treat all kind of a pain to help you avoid weight gain through extended pain management drugs.

If you are in the DFW area and suffering from pain, then you should visit the Center for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation to see how we can treat your pain naturally or using alternate therapies that work.

Get rid of your pain, because you have the right to Say No to Pain!

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Forskolin: A Real Deal For Weight Loss

Obesity or overweight is no surprise in the USA, around one-third of Americans are either obese or carrying excessive weight around them. Everybody knows the harmful effects of obesity but most of them have no time to improve their health status leading to various issues.

In a recent survey, nearly 78 million adults and 13 million children in the US are dealing with side effects of obesity on physical and emotional health. You’ll find many reasons to blame such as sugary drinks and an expanded meal size with high calorific value, lack of any fitness activity aggravates the entire risk and situation.

Even after knowing every way of losing weight under the sun, Often, people find it difficult to fetch out time to kickstart their weight loss journey. Now, with weight loss supplements like Forskolin, you can think of losing pounds without spending time in the gym and creating puddles of sweat on the floor. It can simply fit in your lifestyle and everyday routine.

what is Forskolin?

Forskolin is a natural plant extract which is produced by Coleus Forskohli, it is a part of a genus of mint and is found in subtropical reasons of Africa and India. It is also called an ayurvedic medicine that burns the fat. Over the internet, this is also referred to as magical pills or a miracle flower and is known to be very useful for weight loss and management.

If you dive deep into the research, studies have revealed that this weight loss supplement doesn’t just promote weight loss, it prevents weight gain as well. It became a word of mouth after it got featured on the Dr. Oz Show in January 2014.

Sounds interesting, right? Let’s learn more about Forskolin, is it good or bad?

The primary health benefit it offers is weight loss.

How it helps in burning fat?

It is the most trending weight loss pills that people are gravitating to for weight loss that lasts longer.

Consuming Forskolin in right dosage is just like lining a furnace in the body to burn fat, it begins by working on fat areas and flab of body like arms, belly, and thighs to make them look lean and slim. Combing with right exercise and nutrition improvise the weight loss efforts and results.

There are two types of body fat. Subcutaneous fat is fat that is soft under the skin, and the hidden visceral fat is the inner fat that surrounds the organs. It is significant to lose fat in the stomach area as visceral fat is active and generates hormones that hold fat which further contributes to the health problem like heart diseases and kidney problems.

It is where Forskolin takes center stage, burns fat from the inside and at same time increase muscle mass. The fat is gone, and muscle mass stays longer, and only the lean muscle is left behind.

Benefits of Forskolin

Forskolin has been reviewed by people to offer the following benefits:

  • It cures digestive problems like stomach aches and gastric and intestinal spasms.
  • It is also helpful for skin treatments for issues like burns, wounds and allergic reactions
  • It also treats neck stiffness
  • It improves Heart and blood circulation conditions
  • Reduces the blood pressure and lowers the blood sugar levels

You can also check customer reviews here!

Aren’t you excited to start it right now but wait, make the entire program safe? You first go for a consultation with a health expert before starting off with any weight loss supplements. Slimming Studios is born out of the idea to create better health and wellness program for people across America. They provide all kind of weight loss services under one roof including weight loss supplements like Forskolin. Buy Forskolin online and book a free appointment with the health expert.

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Are you waiting for a heart attack to lose weight like Kevin Smith

Are You Waiting For A Heart Attack To Lose Weight Like Kevin Smith?

Have you got this feeling of sitting over a time bomb? Or you just ignored it. Don’t wait for it to detonate, & take a stern action towards your health NOW!. Yes, obese people tend to gravitate more towards health problems and risk. The latest story of Kevin Smith will prove you this.

What has motivated Kevin Smith to lose 50 pounds in a few months?

He experienced the same “time bomb” feeling we were talking about, as nobody wants to be in a hospital, which is a real trauma for your personal and professional life. Kevin was obese since high school days, until the day he faced a heart attack just before his stand-up comedy show. Now, He is striking headlines for his tremendous weight loss and has achieved everything in only a matter of 8 months. His health conditions inspired him to lose weight when doctors told him about his health conditions, and that being overweight increases the chances of health problems like heart attack and blood pressure. He survived the heart attack which was caused due to 100% blockage of his LAD artery. The famous film and television director is now 51 pounds slimmer, & in the best shape of his life. He quoted in one of his interviews “Weight loss is all about a change of lifestyle and mindset.”

Now the point is how you can safeguard your health from such life-threatening risks pertaining your excessive weight. There are numerous options available online to help you shed excessive weight. We are discussing few here! Take notes:

Nutritional Counseling

The internet is brimming with information about nutrition and what to eat, what not to. However, nutrition is not one size fits all. What works for others, might not work for you. There could be many reasons for weight gain, and sometimes nutritional deficiency also causes weight gain. You can start with a 1-to-1 nutritional counseling from experts at Slimming Studios to get a detailed report based on your activity levels, body fat %, lean body weight, muscle mass index. You will get a personalized macro-nutrient plan based on your activity levels, metabolism and calorie needs.

Medical Weight loss

Medical Weight loss is significant for you if you want something for weight loss that is entirely based on scientific evidence to control excessive hunger causing overeating with weight gain. We offer the program which is designed to jump-start weight loss through nutrition education and medical supervision. Being overweight put you at a higher risk of developing severe health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems, and certain cancers. Telemedicine is a fantastic and result oriented medication helps you in achieving weight loss goals. You can combine it with nutritional counseling for a fast weight that leads to complete body transformation. It is a power pack that works, EVERY TIME.

Non-invasive procedure

These procedures are minimally or non-invasive, for those who want to shed flab and body weight through external treatments. The list includes Cryolipolysis, UCRF, Radio-frequency treatments which can give you perfect shape and sculpt. For people who have stubborn fat and looking for the slender and trim body can reduce fat from those trouble areas. You can enhance the weight loss efforts with shots like B12, Super Skinny or Lipo by boosting your energy levels and suppressing appetite to control calorie intake and cravings.

The time is now if can see the clock ticking, and it is best to act fast. Lose weight with our proven weight management and wellness solutions. Visit Slimming Studios and get free consultation for your weight loss through nutritional counseling and other treatments.

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Do Diet pills Work Without Exercise

Do Diet Pills Work Without Exercise?

Americans struggle with one of the most significant health issues of this time-Obesity. With just three months to a new year and a fresh start, you will be focusing on new year resolutions with weight loss at the top of the list.

If you have tried everything under the sun, then diet pills for weight loss are not new to you. Exercises and Diet is the most straight-forward way to lose weight, creating calorie deficit gets you a perfect weight on the scale. Do you want to know how? Then read https://bit.ly/2MLT71H

Losing weight is crucial to reduce the risk of heart disease and to live your life to the fullest. You won’t believe, more than two-thirds of adults and one-third children in the US are obese or overweight. The entire journey could be simpler, but the roadblocks are major.

In this entire multibillion-dollar weight loss industry, people are looking for a magic pill that can help you in dropping a few pounds with a trap of losing weight without any effort.

However, everything doesn’t happen the way; you want it to happen. Weight loss isn’t easy and to make it easy, we have diet pills.

If you are new to weight loss industry and haven’t seen the buzz related to it, then let me throw some light on this diet pills.

Generally, people with BMI more than 30 are candidates for weight loss drugs, Diet pills, appetite suppressants, they all work in the same way but are slightly different from one another.

What are the Diet Pills?

Diet pills contain a chemical substance generally made of natural ingredients to control cravings, suppress appetite to create a feeling of fullness. The primary usage of diet pills is to create a calorie deficit. Moreover, many diet pills also promise to level up your weight loss efforts with the desired energy.

There are many diet pills commercials which are claiming to help you lose weight without exercises. Do you believe that? Well, we don’t.
Many diet pills offer to slim down without any exercise or change in eating habits which can lead you in a trap of this money-making industry. People who are looking for weight loss needs some necessary lifestyle changes, give them a healthy eating pattern by creating a calorie deficit, increasing fitness activity, and lifestyle changes.

How diet pills help you in weight loss?

  • It reduces appetite by making you feel fuller to reduce the calorie intake.
  • It reduces absorption of nutrients like fat, making you take in fewer calories
  • They work as a fat burner which helps in cutting fat from the body.

If you are looking for the best over the counter diet pills in 2018 that work fast are listed below.
Before starting the list, always go for weight loss drugs which are safe to consider.

  • Phentermine
  • Belviq
  • Contrave
  • Qsymia
  • Novarel,
  • Ovidrel,
  • Pregnyl
  • Saxenda
  • Garcinia Cambodia

Known for his workouts, personal trainer Todd Person, owner of the metabolic project in a training facility in LA shared his views on diet pills amd said they do help speed up the fitness goals when used in combination with diet and exercise.

Few can help you lose weight for short, but then you are likely to regain the weight without diet and exercise.

What are the side effects of Diet Pills?

We would advise you to take medical consultation before choosing diet pills to ensure they don’t put you in any health risk. Although, these diet pills come with few side effects like a headache, nausea, sweaty palms and body, less control on bowel movements. Many physicians advise engaging in some physical activity or some fun exercises to release the toxins from the body.

You can find diet pills at our online store.

Slimming Studios offers the best weight loss program, personalized as per your body requirements, everyday schedule and activity levels.

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World Heart Day: The Effects Of Obesity On Heart Health

Obesity puts a lot of pressure on your body. When you are overweight you feel tired easily even in a few steps. But that isn’t the only effect of obesity. In our earlier blogs on Slimming Studios and CPRR, we have frequently mentioned some of the stern side effects of obesity that include back and body pain, joint disarrays, increased insulin resistance, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Do you know that you could be at a greater risk of heart diseases because of long-term obesity? Yes, that’s true. Studies in medical science have tabled many pieces of evidence to bring this fact into the light.

In this blog, I attempt to enlighten my readers about the effects of obesity and overweight conditions on your heart.

There is no denying that obesity drags you closer to several severe health conditions. While some of these conditions make people’s life difficult, there are many that, if unaddressed, could even cause death. The human heart is a soft, important, and vulnerable organ. It is straight-forwardly affected by the lifestyle you lead. If your lifestyle is moderate, your heart’s health is moderately healthy.

Obesity is a prevalent problem in the United States as well as in the world. About 70% of the US adults are overweight. Obesity, at times, is an outcome of unregulated, undisciplined lifestyle. However, it develops into a disease, an incorrigible and difficult-to-treat disease over time.

Effects of obesity are plenty, including different types of diabetes; cardiovascular and artery diseases; cancer; depression; and abnormalities in lung and cognitive functions. Strokes and other heart-related disorders are also common among overweight individuals.

The relationship between heart and adiposity is complicated. Until the last decade, the connection between obesity and heart diseases were considered indirect. A fourteen-year-long, in-depth study conducted by the American Heart Association shows that women between 40 to 50 age group with a BMI between 23 and 25 are 50% more exposed to coronary heart diseases. The study also hints that men in 40 to 60 age-group with a BMI between 25 and 29 have 72% more chances of coronary heart diseases.

Therefore, maintaining a below 25 BMI is always recommendable during adulthood i.e. the late twenties and throughout thirties and forties. That goes for men and women both. Additionally, regulated diet and exercise plan should be practiced to obviate such possibilities.

Increased Risk of Heart Diseases

Now let’s talk about how obesity creates a chaos in the functions of your heart and sets your body on the path of critical heart diseases. It is evident that obesity is a common cause of many health conditions such as inactivity, hypertension, dyslipidemia, inadequate cholesterol levels, reduced glucose tolerance, and diabetes. According to medical science, these conditions are typically found during the early stages of coronary heart diseases. The severity and the risk on your heart increase with each point rise in your BMI.

Further, Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (LVH) also translates into a bigger problem. The muscle wall of your heart’s left pumping chamber, technically known as Ventricle, thickens owing to prolonged overweight conditions. The increased ventricular volume and the tension on the chamber’s wall magnify the stroke volume and cardiac output – a full-of-risk juncture of heart disorders. The changes in the wall tension and volume may even cause sudden death.

Hypertension is also a well-known health condition for people suffering from obesity. In fact, obese individuals are three times more likely to have hypertension. There is simple mathematics behind it. With your BMI, your blood pressure rises.

The left chamber of the heart is not the only part to become a victim of long-term obesity. The right part of the heart, too, gets adversely affected because of obesity. Dilatation, progressive dysfunction and ultimately, heart failure are a few conditions in the right pumping chamber of your heart encouraged by long-term overweight conditions.

In conclusion, I want to mention that it is possible to reduce the chances of heart disorder by controlling your weightbody fat, and shape. For that, noteworthy lifestyle changes would be required. Sometimes, a surgery may be required to cut the excess body fat out from your body.

Limiting or restricting sodium intakes can be greatly helpful. Both these practices can increase ventricle functions and oxygenation in an obese person’s body system. Studies indicate that taking a medical or surgical weight loss procedure could reduce the risk of mortality due to cardiovascular and heart-related diseases.

weight loss treatment should be determined only after assessing the medical condition and severity of obesity of an individual. In addition to that, we focus on treating other comorbidities that proceed or are proceeded by overweight conditions to ascend the effectiveness of weight loss efforts.

Healthy lifestyle modifications are imperative. These changes do include a healthy diet that is free from harmful elements and is low on the calorie count. Following a healthy lifestyle also require you to follow a training program that increases your everyday physical activity.

Let’s take a pledge on September 29, which is the World Heart Day, to get rid of obesity and cancel the chances of heart diseases!

Week 5 Weight Loss Plan

Week5: A 5-Week Plan To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Week 5: Victory in Round 1

Welcome to week 5 of your 5-week weight loss plan.

Let’s take a quick look back over where we’ve been.

In Week 1, you got started on eating healthy and exercising.

In Week 2, we turned things up a notch on workout and diet.

In Week 3, you learned how to get over the hump and fight the mental barriers to success.

In week 4, we went further into things to put in your body and things to leave out.

And now for week 5, we’re going to offer you a few tips to help you continue on this path you’ve already started down.

With your new habits established, here are a few parting tips to keep going on to the next level.

  • Create a written fitness plan and stick to it.
  • Add a 10-minute warm up to your exercise routine.
  • Stretch after warming up.
  • Do 10 to 20 sets of exercises as advised by a physical trainer.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard, so you avoid injuries.
  • Include different exercises to work different parts of the body.
  • Refine your exercise routine to target specific problem areas.
  • Keep a regular schedule. Habit and routine are what will see you through.
  • Look into circuit training to maximize your fat burn.
  • Have high-density nutritious meals. Be sure to include fruits, leafy vegetables and whole foods.
  • Don’t skip planned meals.
  • Allow your body a rest day from your exercise routine so it can recover.
  • Allow yourself an occasional cheat day to indulge in a favorite food sin. (But only occasionally!)
  • Get your DNA and blood tested to help fine tune your diet to your unique body.
  • Talk to a nutritionist to custom-tailor your healthy eating plan.
  • Look into nutritional supplements to help augment your diet
  • Talk to a professional to see which body contouring and enhanced weight loss methods may give you the edge in reaching your goals.

But here is the most important tip.

Don’t Give Up

Even if you’ve already crashed and burned on this diet like you have with a painful amount of others in the past, don’t stop. Go back to week 1 and start again.

Do you have a success story you’d like to share? Then we’d love to hear from you. Send us a message and tell us your story. You may win cool prizes and even be included in future Slimming Studios media.

And remember, don’t wait to lose weight.

Diabetes and Obesity Are Causes And Side Effects Of Each Other

I am Dr Jean Latortue. I am the CEO of Franklin County Family Health. Apart from treating and taking care of patients at my clinic, I am on a mission to making a difference in people’s lives by offering tips and benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. Through this blog, I want to draw your attention towards one of the major causes and side effects of obesity – that is – Diabetes. Read through to understand how Diabetes and obesity are interconnected.

Did you know, diabetes may cause weight gain and weight gain may cause diabetes? Both these health conditions are closely interconnected.

Diabetes and obesityDiabetes is caused by long-term high blood glucose level in the body. The blood glucose level in our body increases when the system fails to produce the necessary level of insulin. Insulin is a type of hormone that regulates the blood sugar level in the human body.

Technically, there are two types of diabetes: Type-1 Diabetes and Type-2 Diabetes. Type-1 is more common among kids and teens having insulin insufficiency. And Type-2 happens when the body fails to react to or make use of the existing insulin. Type-2 is diagnosed in as many as 90% of all cases of Diabetes.

Diabetes and many of its related complications are one of the leading causes of death in the United States, says WHO, the World Health Organization.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), about 10% of the US population is living with diabetes. Of which, the study states further, 30% people are not even aware that they have this disease.

Weight Gain and Diabetes

Top risk factors for diabetes include age, lifestyle, stress, prescription drug reaction, high cholesterol, obesity, and heredity. Of these, obesity and heredity are the most diagnosed reasons. As per the Obesity Research Society, around 90% of diabetic patients are obese or overweight.

Obesity denotes, your body has to work harder to participate in daily activities such as walking, standing and running. There is a lot of pressure on your bones, joints, heart, digestive system and lungs. You tire yourself easily without working too much. Inactivity (sitting or lying mostly) becomes your favorite activity.

When you are overweight or have a surplus amount of body fat, either the insulin in your body goes unconsumed or your body fails at producing the required level of insulin to support body functions. Excess body fat hinders the functioning and production of insulin, which is crucial for the regulation of high blood glucose level in the body. That’s when you see the early symptoms of Diabetes.


Diabetes, specifically Type-2 Disease which mainly develops due to unhealthy lifestyle habits, is preventable. Meaning, you could control your sugar level by making some lifestyle changes. Losing weight could be an effective way out for Type-2 Diabetes prevention and treatment. Additionally, sticking to the right food choices, reducing your stress level, and increasing your sleeping hours could also be greatly helpful.

Exogenous insulin is available in form of injections and drugs that help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and increase the functionality of insulin in your body. However, these options have various side effects too. These prescription drugs can drastically lower the blood sugar level in some diabetic patients that is an even more critical health condition leading to unconsciousness and death.

Given that, losing weight and choosing the right food and exercise plan is the most upright way to prevent and nullify the chances and effects of diabetes.

If you want to get rid of obesity and want to avoid the happening of diabetes, or if your developing waistline is a concern for you, you can meet me at Slimming StudiosFranklin County Family Health, South Mount Vernon, TX.You could mail us at info@SlimmingStudios.com or follow this to book an appointment – http://bit.ly/2wBgkAD.

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Blog Cover

The secret is out: Being short on sleep can cause you weight gain, unbelievable. In the next few minutes, you’ll surely do.

Not sleeping doesn’t directly affect your weight, the other things you do to keep yourself up all night, like living on a large latte, add to your weight. The cascade of activities that happens due to not sleeping for enough time has led to weight gain in more than one-third of Americans.

Sleep is as important as air, water, sunshine, and food are for us. Lack of sleep yields no benefits; in turn, it can bring severe consequences to your health conditions.

It can drain your energy levels and can dull your brain and you lose control over the basic decisions like craving for binge eating and other stuff.

How much sleep you get plays a critical role in your overall health. Deficiency in your sleeping routine can become a root cause of a variety of diseases, for example – heart, kidney, and blood pressure problems. On the other hand, getting enough sleep restores your physical and mental energy and prepares you for the following day.

That isn’t the only function of sleep. It also helps you stay you fit, healthy and in shape. However, due to sleep deprivation, you may be at risk of many chronic disorders such as increased risk of hallucinations; weakened immunity, and unbalanced respiratory, digestive, and cardiovascular systems.

Sleep and Weight Loss

Sleeping is related to weight loss due to its positive impact, mind one thing, Excessive sleeping or staying at home like a couch potato will make you fat.Being overweight also affects your sleep pattern, read here

Enough sleep for an adult is 6-7 hours which is advised by doctors at Slimming Studios. It is an important aspect while losing weight, taking enough sleep helps in fine tuning your body and weight naturally.

Our genes have an immense influence on our body system and functions. And by sleeping on time, on a regular basis – even if being over-weight is in your family history – you can control your body weight. Also, read https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/sleep-and-weight-loss

Many recent studies have proved the fact that people who are sleep-deprived turns to binge eating due to two hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin is hormone released to send hunger signals to the brain and the amount gets reduced once you eat. Leptin is released from fat cells which suppress the hunger and sends the signal of fullness to the brain. A sleep-deprived body produces more ghrelin than leptin leaving you craving for more food. A research over 1000 people found that people who slept for short durations has 14.9% higher ghrelin levels and lower leptin levels than people who got adequate sleep.

Poor sleep may decrease your Resting Metabolism

Do you know about losing weight when your body burns the calories? This rate is called RMR- resting metabolic rate. Your age, weight, height, sex and muscle mass affect your RMR.

Getting enough sleep, helps your body observes various physical and psychological changes, which one way or another is a great support for your efforts to lose weight.

Going to bed on time is like providing a support to your efforts of shedding weight. If you have been hitting the gym with a firmness to shed some pounds, sleeping will power your exercise and diet plans. But, just sleeping punctually wouldn’t be of much help. You will need to follow a disciplined, healthy routine – that includes a suitable meal plan, workout plan, and a few lifestyle changes.

Before this blog concludes, it offers a few habits to keep in practice in order to multiply the effects of sleeping –

Benefits of 9 hour sleep

Sleep in a dark, noise-free environment

And with no night lamps on! When there are distractions there are chances of broken sleep. When you are in a dark room, that is set at an adequate room temperature, you fall asleep quickly within a few minutes of getting into bed.

Keep it Cool

Your bedroom should be cool – not hot, as hot rooms tend to be quite uncomfortable. You will be able to sleep comfortably in a cool room. Therefore, it will be a good idea to turn off your thermostat or room heater before your slip into your bed.

Say no to screens

Put your mobile phone, tablet away from your bed. It will be great if you shut down those devices – they are a great distraction.

So, you now know why sleeping is important and how to ensure you are getting a good bedtime.

In conclusion, if you want to lose weight effectively and efficiently then taking enough sleep is compulsory, moreover, it reduces the stress on your health and prevents a list of health issues. So, the next time anyone asks you to sleep less, you have your reasons in defense.

Adequate sleep can help you, and for a perfectly contoured body with weight loss, you can choose from our range of body contouring procedures and figure correction methods at Slimming Studios to add more value to your weight loss journey. Lose Weight for Good!

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Parents' Day Blog Idea

This Parents’ Day Help Your Child Develop Healthy Eating Habits

It’s Parents’ Day. So, if you are a parent, it is a special day for you. Aren’t you going to do something special for your child(ren) this Parents’ Day? I am sure, you want to do something that helps your son or daughter throughout their life. This Parents’ Day special blog is for Parents; it offers some valuable tips to parents on how they can help their children develop and practice healthy eating habits.

Kids these days love junk food. You know, junk food can never be healthy. It contains no nutrients. Contrarily, it is loaded with a lot of unhealthy elements that have adverse effects on your kids’ health. Some of the most-seen side-effects of junk food are –

Side Effects of Junk FoodNow you know the consequences of your son or daughter’s not quitting junk food. Since it’s Parents’ Day – it’s the best occasion to help your child develop healthy eating habits and get a healthy, disease-free life.

8 Tips to Help Your Chive Develop Healthy Eating Habits

If you want your children to practice healthy eating, then you will need to set an example before them by modeling those habits by yourself. For your child, you are his or her role model. That’s why it is important for you to act like a role model. If you want them to avoid junk food, you too should say no to such foods in front of them.

1. Make healthy food choices. Prepare a healthy meal plan to be practiced in your house. Tell your kids the benefits of healthy foods and why these foods are important. Do talk about the disadvantages of unhealthy foods. This way, you will be making them understand what’s healthy and what’s not.

2. Don’t dictate orders. Giving orders regarding what to eat and what not to eat sometimes works negatively for some kids. Scientifically also, it has been proven that explaining things is the best way to teach and make kids learn. No one likes to hear what he or she must do. So, just keep the environment healthy by not dictating your orders. Teach them the pluses of healthy foods and the minuses of junk foods calmly.

3. Ask your kid to chew food properly and slowly. Meals should never be a quickie. Ask your kids to eat slowly chewing each bite properly. Chewing food relieves the burden from digestive system. Crunching and chomping your food thoroughly is healthy for you – you should tell your kid(s). In fact, teach them how to do it.

4. Take your kids out. Morning and evening walks are healthy exercises that help you stay fit and healthy. Encourage your kid(s) to come with you for walk. In the same way, you can also take him or her for swimming, shopping, and gardening.

5. Involve your children in food shopping as well. Doing so will enable your kids to get an idea about healthy foods. This is a cool way to educate them about the nutritional benefits of food items you are buying.

6. Cook healthy snacks for them. There are many snacks that are healthy and can be cooked easily at home. What an idea to celebrate Parents’ Day! Also, teach them how quick and easy it was to cook.

7. No TV, Laptop or Phone while Eating. Eating while watching TV or playing games on phone increases the chances of overeating. Establish a practice of eating with family on dining table in your house. This way, you can save your kids from overeating and approaching health problems such as obesity.

8. Fix a balanced meal (school lunch) for your child. Have a detailed and balanced meal plan for your son or daughter’s lunch time. The idea is to pack a meal that supplies necessary nutrients from a variety of sources. Take care of the portion size as well.

Hope these tips prove helpful in developing healthy eating habits in your child. These best practices will help you ensure the wellbeing of your son or daughter. Signing off for now. Hope you have a pleasant and Happy Parents’ Day!

18 Tips to Control Your Food Cravings

Because of cravings, we tend to overeat. The desire to eat more arises even after grabbing the full portion size. Overeating is one of the biggest reasons for obesity. However, overeating isn’t the only cause of obesity. It also gives you a variety of diseases, some of which can be difficult to treat.Cravings, and then, overeating to fulfill those cravings, can have a severe impact on your mental health as well as your self-esteem and social and personal life.

Side Effects of Overeating

Food cravings make you –

  • Eat more food
  • Eat even when you are full
  • Eat quickly during the binge
  • Feel that your eating is out of control
  • Feel ashamed of your eating
  • Feel depressed and anxious
  • Go on dieting without having any goal
  • Eat alone
  • Hide food boxes
 Most of the times, it is not the hunger that entices you to eat more; it is the taste of the food that cheers you up to go for another bite. Strong, recurring cravings are a blow to your fitness goals. When you make a move to satisfy your cravings, you actually overfeed yourself. Interestingly, it never gives you an energy boost. In fact, this is a journey that can give you obesity and round-the-clock tiresomeness. If you feel you are also on the same journey, here are 18 practical tips that will help you curb your frequently-occurring food cravings –

Tips to control food craving - Infographic

1. Notice when it triggers.

Food cravings are imaginary thoughts created by the human mind. You can win over it with the help your mind. Pay attention to the time of the day when you get cravings, and be ready for a battle with your own mind.

2. Be ready to confront those triggers.

Once you have noticed the time, you can easily take on and overlook your cravings. You can involve yourself in other activities, that are more important to you or that you enjoy doing.

3. Prepare a diet plan.

You can visit a weight-loss center or nutritionist for consultation and get a suitable diet plan for you. SlimmingStudios.com is a weight loss studio that offers medical and non-invasive weight-loss procedures.

4. Stick to this diet plan.

Getting a for-you-only diet plan isn’t going to put an end to your food cravings and overeating habits. You should strictly follow that plan. You could set alarms and notifications to make sure you miss your schedule.

Alternatively, you can ask a friend to join you in this battle. However, make sure that your friend gets a personalized diet plan to follow.

5. Have plans for those sudden cravings.

No matter how strong your determinations are, sometimes you get even stronger cravings that are harder to resist. In such situations, display of the strongest version of willpower will be required from you. You will need to say no to the call of the craving coming from inside.

6. Keep some cookies and candies.

Instead of hiding chips or cakes in your bag, you can keep some cookies and candies with you. They can be a great companion while you try to get over the habit of overeating.

7. Drink water when craving knocks in.

You can also try gulping a few glasses of water. First, it will give you energy. Second, it will help you kill your immediate cravings. And, third, water contains 0% fat.

8. Kill your inner coffee lover.

If you are trying to do away your overeating habit and lose excess body fat, you should cut down your coffee intakes. Leaving all types of caffeine can be vastly fruitful.

9. Take small portions.

Having control over your thoughts and needs is paramount. You can start with taking small portions of food to calm your cravings. Remember, small portions!

10. Go for something nutritious.

There is a wide variety of options that not only will satiate your cravings, but also will deliver a massive supply of nutrition. For example, if you want chocolates, you can have raw cocoa, nuts, fruits, or fruit seeds instead.

Similarly, if you crave for pasta or bread, you can take protein-rich foods such as meat, nuts, and beans.

11. Maintain a balance between your bad and good food habits.

Don’t make it all bad. Meaning if you are taking fries, then go for mayo-free salad as well. This will work like a morale booster. But remember, you have to take small portions of whatever you eat!

12. Don’t be regular on your junk food habits.

If regular, it will only worsen the situation. Gradually, you will get used to of breaking your diet plan. And sooner, you will be at risk of obesity and other health problems.

13. Don’t skip your breakfast.

When you skip your breakfast, you tend to eat more at lunch. That ultimately results in numerous health problems, including obesity.

14. Get enough sleep.

Sleeping on routine and schedule is essential. Apart from recharging you for the next day, sleeping helps keep your mind relaxed and productive throughout the day. Apparently, it will help you do away your bad habits.

15. Include protein-rich food.

Although your meal plan is designed to offer you complete nutrition, you can ask your physician or nutritionist to suggest you a protein-rich diet that keeps you full for longer.

16. Never get too much hungry.

Take your meals on time and have enough water. Not doing so makes you hungry – which sooner or later gives you cravings.

17. Say no to stress.

Believe it or not, people tend to eat more when they are stressed. Many studies have suggested so. Here is one such report on Eating Disorder, published by Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA).

18. Go nuts.

Just an ounce of nuts (assorted), plus a couple of glasses of water can postpone your cravings for few hours.

To end with, you should learn to tell yourself – NO or maybe, LATER. This is the best way to fight cravings without getting crazy over them. As said, cravings are a hallucination created by your mind. So, fight with it, you will need to give an even more strict order to your inner self by saying NO or LATER.

Got any other method of killing the cravings? Tell us, drop your comment now!

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Mothers Day Blog Cover Image

This #MothersDay Give Your Mom Something Special Healthy!

A mother spends her entire life in making sure that her family is eating healthy, drinking healthy, sleeping healthy and living healthy. She made that happen on the account of keeping her own health at stake. She woke up early morning to cook delicious food for you; she slept late at night after making sure that everyone is having a sound sleep; she cleaned the house and washed your clothes so that you live in a clean environment.

It’s now time for you to do what your mother really deserves and gift her something special and healthy. You should motivate your mother to make her health and fitness a priority. This Mother’s Day, we bring to you some healthy tips which can help your mother to live healthy, fitter and safer life.

1. Balanced diet –Eating healthy food is very important for mothers. However, it can be a balanced meal which can include a wide variety of green vegetables and fruits that can help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancers. You can surprise your mother this Mother’s Day by making a healthy and delicious cuisine for her.

2. Regular walk – You should ask your mother to include walking or jogging in her daily routine. Regular walks and jogging can prove to be a boon for your mother’s heart and prevent her from the risk of cardiovascular problems. It also helps in keeping problems like back pain, diabetes, thigh problems, joint pains under control.

3. Sound Sleep – Sleep makes you feel better, but its importance goes way beyond just boosting your mood or banishing under-eye circles. Enough sleep is a key factor of a healthy lifestyle and can benefit heart, weight, mind and more. So, make sure that your mother is taking a sound sleep of around 6-7 hrs every day.

4. Regular Health Check-ups – Regular medical check-ups should be a priority. If she is not taking it seriously, you should insist her for the same. Moreover, you can cheer her up by gifting health card coupons or health package which she can use for her regular health check-ups and treatment of diseases.

Nothing more than the gift of good health can be precious for your mother. So this Mother’s Day, you can skip the flowers and chocolates and give your mother what she really needs – the gift of good health!

3 Weight Loss Myths Busted

Weight Loss Myths!



We are living in a world where everything comes as a package. We want extra services, extra features, extra payment options and are willing to give extra time searching the best option. All because we want a complete package to make our money worth. And that’s exactly how our weight loss plan should be…a complete package…. Just one option, either diet or exercise is a bigger myth. And people who are obese or extremely overweight need to be extra careful with rigorous exercise regime as it may prove fatal. There are non-invasive and invasive weight loss procedures available but even they do not work in isolation. A perfect body shape is always a combination of healthy diet, healthy mind, exercise and healthy sleep with or without any non-invasive or invasive weight loss procedure that you might need depending on your body’s requirements.

I see many ‘myths and facts’ all over the internet which are all same but confusing. And with different types of diets, exercises, and procedures trending, we all should first remember three basic facts:


Fact: Studies have shown that exercise alone might not be effective. It increases our metabolism but also increases our appetite. We might end up eating more to regain energy. Exercise is not necessary for weight loss but it is beneficial for our overall good health and longevity.

Tip: Mix exercise with a healthy diet.


Fact: They often work if we strictly reduce what we eat or avoid some types of foods. They may not fulfill our body’s nutritional requirements and low-calorie diet (< 800) for a long time may lead to serious heart problems. Choose between Whole (brown rice, whole wheat bread, cereal & pasta) vs Refined grains. Eating whole grain may lower chances of developing some chronic diseases. Many processed low-fat or fat-free foods have just as many calories or even more as the full-fat versions of the same foods. They may contain added flour, salt, starch, or sugar to improve flavor and texture after fat is removed and add calories.

Tip: Follow a healthy eating plan that replaces less healthy options with a mix of fruits, veggies, whole grains, protein foods, and low-fat dairy and combine reduced calorie diet with physical activity.


Fact: While it’s not a replacement for liposuction or exercise or healthy diet, it helps releasing unwanted fat in certain areas and that released fat is then used by our body in performing physical activities.

Tip: Combine non-invasive treatments with diet and exercise to achieve optimal results.
Weight loss isn’t a big deal as sustaining that reduced weight. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to prepare a combo. After all, we all want the best results.
Have any questions about non-invasive Weight Loss Procedures or Medical Weight Loss? Hit me up in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

Lose weight with fast food

This Fast Food Diet Plan Can Help You Lose Weight

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to call America’s food culture the “Fast Food Culture”. People here always seem in a hurry. The culture has made us one of the most obese counties in the world.

United States is the 12th country with the highest number of obese people, according to World Atlas. Thank God, we are not #1 this time! About one-third of the US population is either obese or overweight.

But, this certainly is a worrying figure. We live in a society where people are very much fond of foods that can be cooked easily and served quickly.

There is no denying that people nowadays are more concerned about their health. They want to lose weight, get in shape, and lead a healthy lifestyle. They are even ready to follow special diet and workout programs. But, when it comes to cook a special weight loss diet, most individuals give up.

Weight loss foods do not taste good. Cooking them, therefore, becomes an exercise most people are not very keen about. Weight loss diets are not something people enjoy. It is not the ideal or preferred food choice for many. They are on this diet because they want to lose weight. So, distractions are pretty common in this journey. It is very easy for anyone to lose motivation, and pick food that is addictive, looks and tastes good, and gets cooked and served in minutes.

And that’s what we call fast food.

By the way, this fast food is not healthy. On the contrary, it supplies an overdose of calories that goes unburned, which ultimately accentuates the accumulation of fat in your body. Apart from unwanted body fat, this culture is also a premise of many health conditions including inadequate insulin level, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and body and joint pain. There are thousands of articles on the World Wide Web underlining the side effects of fast food.

But, not all fast foods are unhealthy!

Healthy Fast Food

Yes, some fast foods are very much healthy. In fact, you can lose weight by regularizing and following these fast foods.

Well, to understand how it works, we will need to make a little change in our standpoint about fast foods. We are going to keep the original definition of fast food, i.e., the food that gets prepared and served quickly; however, the food choices will change.

This healthy fast food diet program will not exhaust you and weaken your immune system. Rather, it tastes good and keeps you motivated, in addition to offering help in weight loss.

Firstly, we need to sidestep the fast foods served at popular restaurants or sold prepacked.

Now, we have to create a list of items that do not need (much) preparation or can be eaten raw or half-cooked.

Unquestionably, this fast food diet will include a lot of fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, and whole grain bread. Animal products such as dairy, eggs and meat also have a key role in this weight loss plan.

Why I am recommending this plan is because it helped me and my friend get rid of excess belly fat. We were not like obese, but that bulk of fat around our waist looked really unattractive.

If it diluted our belly fats, it can help you too. It can do wonders in just a few weeks. We did it in about three weeks of following the diet and a few exercises suggested by Dr. Jain at Slimming Studios. We both ate and worked out together, and noticed results about at the same time.

However, I noticed the change in my belly size sooner than my friend did, due to the fact that I am a vegetarian. I avoided eggs and meats. I replaced them with more juices and dry fruits.

I am listing below all the options you can go with if you are going to follow this diet –

  • Fruits
  • Juices & water
  • Black tea and coffee
  • Vegetables, prefer more of green and leafy vegetables
  • Dry fruits
  • Whole grain bread
  • Lentils & pulses
  • Whipped cream
  • White cheese
  • Chicken egg
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Low-fat sauces, dips, dressing and spreads (you can prepare them at home as well)

Your focus should be on having wholesome and unprocessed foods. Have lots of fruits, vegetables, egg whites, and fish. Go for dry fruits and juices to calm your snacks and beverage cravings. Include different foods for different meals – this would help maintain focus.

Most importantly, do not skip your workouts. Our trainer suggested us to focus on stretching, weight lifting, crunches, and plank.

Even if you do not feel like losing weight, this completely natural diet and workout plan is surely going to help you stay fit and well always.

To learn more about the Healthy Fast Food Diet plan for Weight Loss, reach Slimming Studios on Facebook and Twitter.

Week 2 Weight Loss Plan

Week2: A 5-Week Plan To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Week 2: Adding More to the Effort to Have Less

Welcome back to your 5 week weight loss program. Hopefully, at this point you are getting into a rhythm with your new routine and habits. Keep going. Those new habits will help remove weight from your belly and back, and are a solid foundation for lifestyle change.

This week, we’re going to add a little more to the routine and lay some more ground work.

Measuring Up

You won’t know if you’re making progress unless you know how to measure it. So let’s talk about the right and wrong ways to weigh the situation. Your weight shouldn’t be your only measure of progress. Everybody is different. For example, let’s look at body fat content. A male can feel healthy and agreeable with around 2 to 24 percent body fat. A woman can feel the same with 10 to 30 percent body fat. Machines are readily available at your doctor, your gym, or even at your pharmacy to determine your body fat content.

Another useful tool is to calculate your body mass index, or BMI. You can calculate your BMI by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared. BMI=Kg/M2. If you don’t want to do the math, you can just follow this link to one of many handy calculators available online.
BMI Calculator

A BMI of 25 or higher is considered overweight, while a BMI of 30 or more is considered morbidly obese.

Remember, your weight may actually increase when you first start getting healthy, as muscle weighs more than fat.

Good exercises

Did you know not all exercise is good exercise? For example, routines that require an insane amount of crunches won’t help trim your tummy. In fact, they can actually hurt your body in the long run.

If you are getting comfortable with your cardio workouts, try adding in a little resistance training. Start lifting light weights, such as free weights, and gradually increase the weight and resistance. Machines are a great way to get your range of motion down right. Just remember to not go so overboard that you hurt yourself. While the old proverb about “No pain, no gain” is true, it also depends on the kind of pain. Dull pain after a workout is usually a sign you worked your muscles well. Sharp pain likely means you are hurting yourself and you should stop immediately.


Now that you are getting into the habit of eating healthier, it’s time to take it to the next level. You want your body to begin burning some of your fat reserves for fuel instead of storing additional fat. Try to limit your calories to around 1,500 per day. You should also try to make about 15% of your calories lean protein. One effective way to reduce your calories and still maintain a good energy level is to eat small portions every two to three hours.

There are also several nutritional supplements you can add to your diet to help jump start the fat burning process. Garcinia Cambogia is the top seller in the country right now, but there are several others. You can see the list of weight loss supplements we offer.

You can also boost your results through various fat destroying technologies, like cryolipolysis (fat freezing), laser, and ultrasound & radio frequency cavitation. You can book your free consult at Slimming Studios, or book your next session at one of our convenient studios.

Next week, we’ll talk about how to stay motivated as you move into the half way mark.

How Belviq is hailed as the new wonder drug for weight loss

How Belviq is hailed as the new wonder drug for weight loss <no clickbait>

“How to lose weight quickly?” That’s all I’ve searched, every time I skimmed through the internet. After weighing more than 200 pounds on the scale, I had spent countless hours of self-loathing. Everything about my life, the way I look the way I feel, was a roadblock in pursuing my dreams.

After trying a lot of fad diets or various exercise routines that are much hyped all over the internet to get back to my good old days’ shape, I found out that they don’t work, NOT A SINGLE ONE WORKED.
No, the story doesn’t end here!

One day, after seeing me in despair for so long, a friend introduced me to medical weight loss, & how Belviq- a weight loss medicine is a wonderful option for people like me, eager (read: desperate) to lose weight with minimal changes in lifestyle.

You may find it unbelievable (even I felt the same initially), but I’ve lost ~17 lbs in a year, and this means a lot to me. The transformation has started a wave of compliments from my friends and family. The moment I step out of my house, I feel people appreciating & acknowledging a new me, and I feel great inside-out with just a few changes in my lifestyle. The changes are eating clean and sticking to my exercise schedule.

Now, I must pass on the good things, so I am sharing every bit of knowledge about this proven weight loss medicine.
Read on……….

What is Belviq?

Belviq is the modern science medicine which induces weight loss. After years of scientific research, it is now revealed that medicines like Belviq can help you shed excess weight without any side effects. It is a new-age alternative to other weight loss methods. If you are hell-bent about your weight and want to lose it in a comfortable way, then Belviq is for you. Best part, it takes care of the other health issues which crop up due to excessive weight like high blood pressure, heart attacks and high cholesterol.

How Belviq works?

Belviq works by controlling appetite and activating brain receptors for serotonin. It is a chemical neurotransmitter which triggers a feeling of satiety and satisfaction to the brain. The medicine is an anti-depressant drug which works by maintaining the chemical flow for brain receptors, eventually controlling your cravings and hunger pangs.

Is Belviq for you?

According to FDA, people with the following criterion can consume the medicine:

  • BMI of 30 or higher
  • Overweight with BMI of 27 or above
  • Weight-related health condition such as Type2diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.

The weight loss results vary from person to person, but most people lost on an average 12-17 lbs within a year with regular exercise and a strict diet. Moreover, you feel a lot more energetic after consuming this wonder drug.

What are the benefits of medical weight loss programs?

The first benefit of weight loss programs through medicines involves a case by case approach to cut down the calorie intake and then to go for a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s medical history to confirm plan works for them. It is not a cookie-cutter method for weight loss. Instead, it is a physician-led, personalized program which takes place through telemedicine.

It provides flexibility to take the consultation anytime and anywhere. You always have someone to give you advice and guidance to get started and kick off your weight loss goals.

So, guys. This was my finding & insight on Belviq, which really turnaround my life for the better.

Get in touch with me on our social handles or just email, in case you have any queries, or want to know more about the process. Happy to help!

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How to get rid of your sugar addiction for good_1200x628

How To Get Rid Of Your Sugar Addiction For Good?

You could have a list of reasons for choosing a dessert in your favorite place. Your sweet tooth or want to elevate your energy levels? Sugar comes in our plate to rescue us from feeling low and dull. Often, you resort to sugary delights in the middle of the day to keep going and feel good. However, do you know these sugar cravings is the primary reason for weight gain and a list of health issues?.

Why is sugar not so good for health?

Your dietary factors are a significant contributor to various health conditions like it increases the risk of hypertension more than what sodium does to your body. Research based on the results of A 2014 BMJ Open Heart study says sugar is more dangerous than saturated fat for your cardiovascular health. Moreover, in a recent study by JAMA internal medicine revealed the intake of sugar in your daily life directly impacts the risk of dying of heart disease irrespective of your physical activity level and weight.

Consuming natural sugar which is present in fruits, veggies, milk is not harmful as these foods contain nutrients and are high in fiber. The presence of fiber slows the absorption of sugar into the blood thus reducing the side effects. You can include grapefruit in your diet, it is an excellent fat cutter and elevates the routine dishes with its natural tangy flavor. Sugar absorbed in the blood causes inflammation over time and thus leads to a chronic disease says David Ludwig, Professor of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Why is it so hard to quit?

If you eat sugar because it tastes good? No, you are mistaken. You eat it because it changes your appetite and makes you crave for it more. What causes sugar cravings?

The Studies have revealed that sugary foods activate a region of the brain which is called nucleus is known for reward and addiction. The moment you eat sugar, it enables and produces more insulin and hormone which is involved in blood sugar regulation. When the hunger level rises in the body, the brain sends signals and increases sugar cravings to maintain the energy levels in the body. The intake of sugar increases the fat deposit in the cells leading to obesity.

Craving sugar is the biggest roadblock in the weight loss journey. You can read our latest blog on a calorie deficit to learn more ways to create it.

What can you do control the sugar cravings?

It is easier said than done when it comes to controlling the sugar cravings. We’ve some simple tricks to fool your mind and which can save you from gaining those extra calories.

  • Create a right mindset before you start with it, and you must keep reinforcing the thought of staying away from sugar and those alluring eat treats.
  • Start for a week, first you must eliminate adding additional sugar to your drinks and refuse your taste buds from delights. Also, if you are able to control it to a level, you can grab a fruit.Once you are done in a week, you can forget it for days. It is essential to make a habit of new activities that are beneficial for health.
  • Now, you can reintroduce sugar at fun events, and you can eat your favorite dessert when you go with your friends to strike the right balance in your diet.
  • You can opt for the less processed form of sugar like honey or organic maple syrup, agave nectar, coconut sugar, dates.
  • You can use fresh fruits instead of using sweetened processed desserts.
  • If you are craving for some chocolate, try some sugar-free hot chocolate drink.
  • Binge on dried fruits instead of candies
  • Add flavors like vanilla, spics, and citrus to add zing in your everyday staples like tea, coffee or even oatmeal.

Stay tuned for more updates! We are soon coming up with scrumptious recipes to try and tempt your taste buds. If you want to get into the perfect shape, then Slimming Studios can help you with our proven weight loss and contouring programs.

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Week 3 Weight Loss Plan

Week3: A 5-Week Plan To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Week 3: Keep it going

Anytime you make lifestyle changes, consistency is critical. Keep your workout routine. Stay the course on your healthy eating plan. Don’t give up.

But after a few weeks, it starts getting easy to procrastinate. And we plan to do something about our procrastination tomorrow. In this week’s episode, we are going to look at some of the most common excuses and offer you some tips to get around them.

“I’m too tired to work out.”

This is a classic gym dodge. The answer is simple. Find the part of the day when you have the most energy and move your workout time to then. Morning, lunch break and evening workouts are all options on the table. The key is consistency, but you can consistently do something different if you find it works.

“I don’t have any equipment”

You don’t have to have a home gym to workout. You can join a gym or health club. Many people find that having a destination to go to helps them work out longer and provides more options to keep the workout interesting.

You can also just run. Pick a direction and go. Change directions to keep your workout from getting boring.

“It’s all so boring and repetitive.”

So, change things up a bit. Run in a new direction and explore the world around you that you often miss while riding in a car. Try a new machine at the gym. Or sign up for a group fitness class or club.

You can change how you get your exercise. What’s important is that you ARE regularly getting exercise.

Take up a new sport. Take dance or martial arts classes. Buy a bike. Variety helps improve your mind, body and spirit.

“I’m Shy”

Some people don’t like to join a gym because they feel like they are on display, being judged or rejected. Some people just prefer to be alone. Get around this by hiring a physical trainer, joining a single-sex gym, or buying your own equipment. You can create months and months of workout routines just with a simple set of free weights.

But also consider this: When remaking your body, why not remake your mind as well? Face your fears of people and get out more. Socialize. Interact. Make new friends. More social interaction will help your confidence and increase your enjoyment of the slimmer and healthier you.

“I don’t want to spend the time/money.”

One of the best things you can invest in is yourself. Losing weight is investing in your own health and happiness. Sometimes spending money on yourself is a great way to help motivate yourself. You don’t want to waste that money you invested, do you?

So, join that gym. Hire that physical trainer. Book those body contouring sessions. You are an investment that pays off for a lifetime. You are absolutely worth it.

And don’t forget to stick with your diet and active routine. Remember, consistency is the secret to success.

Next time we’ll talk more about how choosing what you put, and don’t put, into your body can help you succeed.

Health Risks Of Obesity

Obesity is not just a physical or cosmetic condition. It is a diseased condition, a chronic medical disease. When it starts, an individual’s body begins to become a safe shelter for a number of diseases. Your immune system deteriorates as each day passes. There are great many health risks associated with obesity.

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