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What Causes Acne And How To Treat It?

What Causes Acne And How To Treat It?

Acne is a tricky skin disease, which can happen to anyone. Although, nobody has complete clarity over what causes acne, specialists believe that the primary reason is rise in androgen levels. Hike in androgen levels leads to the growth of oil glands under the skin, and the extended gland produces more oil. This excess in sebum (waxy, oily substance secreted by sebaceous glands) can lead to the collapse of cellular walls in the pores, thus promoting the growth of bacteria. Some studies have also found that acne problem can be due to genetic reasons.

Below mentioned are a few steps that you should practice in daily routine for acne and scar removal:

Wash your face at least two times a day

Unclean skin doesn’t cause acne, but if you don’t wash your skin at least twice a day, it will clog your pores. Use a facial wash that gently exfoliates oily and breakout-prone skin, removes excess oil, impurities, and makeup while purifying skin & minimizing breakouts, blends unique ingredients to soothe & protect the skin.

Avoid applying pore-clogging cleansers

If you use foundations, facial masks, and concealers that clog your pores, you may have acne breakouts on your skin. It’s best if you read reviews online before buying these products

Stay away from these things

Irritants like alcohol, menthol, camphor, fragrant plant extracts can cause inflammation. This leads to an increase in oil production, which will cause more pimples. It’s better to avoid such irritants.

Daily skin care

To have clear skin, maintain an effective skin-care routine. Use well-formulated creams for acne scars to get better results such as:

Blemish Control Bar

  • Clear breakouts over large areas on the face and body with 2%  salicylic acid
  • Purifying ingredients including eucalyptus oil
  • Clear pores of oil and soften the skin

Acne Gel

  • Fast-acting salicylic acid treatment to clear acne blemishes quickly
  • Prevents future breakout & gives spot treatment for occasional breakouts
  • A unique botanical blend controls daily oil production

Retinol Intensive Clarity Treatment

  • Clear acne breakouts, oil production, and inflammation with 2% salicylic acid
  • Supports clear complexion & strengthens skin with stabilized retinol
  • Strengthen and protect skin with retinopeptide and plant stem cell extract technology


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