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Weight Loss Recipe - Apple And Raspberry Crumble

#WeightLossRecipe: Low-Fat Apple And Raspberry Crumble

This Low-Fat Apple and Raspberry Crumble does not bother the motivation level of those on a weight loss plan. Additionally, it offers relief from many allergies such as headache, cough and cold, runny nose, and fatigue.


• Cooking Apples (sliced)
• Apple Juice (fresh and natural, not sweetened)
• Lemon Juice (fresh)
• Oats (Gluten-free, rolled)
• Butter (low-fat)
• Brown Sugar
• Cinnamon (powdered)
• Yogurt (low-fat)


1. Mix apple and lemon juices.
2. Mix oats, sugar and cinnamon in a separate bowl. Mix it with butter.
3. Butter a baking dish. Preheat your oven at 350º.
4. Arrange slices of apple in the baking dish. Set raspberries over it.
5. Pour juice mix on fruits in the baking dish.
6. Cover it with oats mix.
7. Bake it for about an hour. Serve hot garnished with yogurt.

Credit: Newport Natural Health, Countdown

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