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Association with Urination

Weight Loss: Association with Urination

Losing weight is not an easy affair. It requires a balance of eating right, getting enough rest, and daily exercise for you to safely lose unwanted pounds. Another thing that holds importance is hydration and urination. Learn how your body functions when you’re properly hydrated, when you urinate frequently, eat healthy foods. Understanding all this will help you understand the effect of increased urination when dieting.


Weight loss and urination are related, and increased urination happens as a side effect of losing weight – when you opt for a healthy approach to dieting. In order to lose weight, you are required to eat fewer calories than your body burns. The most efficient ways to burn calories and boost your metabolism is to workout. Exercising not only burns more calories, but it also boosts your metabolism when you get lean muscle and forgo fats. Besides the increased metabolism produced by the body, enhanced amount of waste in the form of water from cells, urea from protein digestion. Also, ketones from burned fat as energy. All this waste works by increasing the amount of urine you expel.

Liver Function

Increased urination during weight loss brings about another result – liver function. It happens because everything you put in your body gets filtered through the liver. The liver is accountable for processing foods and liquids. When overeating, the liver stores the excess calories in the form of glycogen. When you diet, fewer calories are consumed, and the body compensates by using the stored glycogen. The by-product of glycogen metabolism is increased urine production.


Diuretic drinks, weight loss drinks, or water pills are often used in losing weight. They work well in reducing the amount of water retained in your body. The lost water or water weight is expelled through the use of diuretics. As a result, you experience an increase in urination and lose weight simultaneously.

Effects of Healthy Food

The amount needed to stay hydrated is dependent upon the activity one performs. You get fluids from both liquid and food sources. Health care providers also suggest that fruits such as grapefruit, cantaloupe, and vegetables like broccoli and spinach consist of as much as 90 percent water. Dieting is associated with eating meals made of fresh veggies and fruits that your body process as added hydration. This results in increased urination. Plus, proper hydration s also important for losing weight. According to the doctors, increased hydration has a positive effect on your metabolic rate. Water also has a thermogenic effect i.e. increased heat during digestion. Therefore, it raises the ability to burn calories at a higher rate, thereby aiding in weight loss. So when you increase consumption of fluids, you also increase your need to urinate.

However, if you experience unexpected weight loss and excessive urination, consult a physician. Frequent urination and sudden weight loss is also a symptom of diseases like diabetes. One more thing to be kept in mind – an excess of diuretics to lose weight can have negative effects such as an imbalance of electrolytes causing a decrease in potassium levels as well as permanent kidney damage.

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