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Try These Couch Workouts While Streaming Netflix

Hooked to Netflix for life? With so much to watch, so little time, we understand your predicament and totally sympathize. After all, why should you miss out on the engaging TV series for the informative biographies & documentaries? And of course, movies are a must on weekends with a bowl of popcorn. So we did a lot of research and created a workout that can be done while watching your favorite show or movie.

We present to you: The couch workout

This home workout is an excellent choice when you are watching romcoms or sitcoms like Friends, Gossip Girl, HIMYM, and Gilmore Girls

10 couch push-ups

While doing this stand a few feet from the arm of the couch

Then place your hands shoulder-width apart

Lower until your chest touches the couch

20 Couch Stands

While doing this keep your core tight and back straight

Allow your butt to touch the couch at the bottom of the squat lightly

Tighten the glutes when rising at top of the movement

10 banana/apple crunches

Start this exercise with your legs and arms a few inches above the couch for “banana” pose

Tuck your knees and tap ankles for “apple” pose

10 couch lunges (10 on each leg)

Bend the knee of your lunging leg at a 90º angle

Lower it until your back knee is an inch or two from the ground

The knee of your lunging leg shouldn’t go past your toes at the bottom of the lunge

10 couch stands

Keep your core tight and back straight

Allow your butt to lightly touch the couch at bottom of the squat

Tighten the glutes when rising at top of the movement

20 glute bridge lifts (10 for each side)

Contract your abs and lift hips so body is in a straight line with extended leg

Squeeze your glutes when lifting hips

20 lunge and twists (10 for each side)

Place your hands behind head at top of lunge stance

The knee of your lunging leg should be bent at 90º

Bring elbow across to opposite knee

Don’t let your knee of your lunging leg go past your toes in the bottom of the lunge

20 calf raises

Start with feet flat on the floor

Lift heels and keep toes pressed into the floor

Don’t lean forward

Take a few-minute water break

20 dip and kicks (10 for each leg)

In dip position, keep your elbows bent 90° with foot flexed

Straighten your arm while extending the leg in front of hip

Hold the captain’s chair position for 30 seconds

Sit straight with arms behind head

Don’t arch back and keep abs engaged

10 leg raises

Keep your shoulders down and your chest open while your neck and head are relaxed

Breathe in as you lower your legs and don’t arch your back

10 couch crunches

Move on the edge of the couch and lean slightly back

Use your arms to balance and press your lower back into couch

Keeping your abs tight, lean farther back while extending your legs

Take a few-minute water break.

10 couch push-ups

Stand a little away from the arm of the couch

Place your hands shoulder-width apart

Lower yourself so the chest touches the couch

Hold the side plank position for 15-30 seconds on each side.

Rest your elbow at the edge of couch keeping shoulders straight

Walk out feet so the body is in a straight line

Extend free arm above the body and hold

10 couch dips

Keep your hands at the edge of the couch, your feet out so the butt is just off cushion

Bend your elbows as far as you can and keep your back straight

20 seated scissor legs

Sit at the edge of your couch, lean back slightly, and place your hands behind head

Keep your back straight and core engaged

Swing the straight legs in a crisscross motion

So what is stopping you from losing weight? Say YES to Netflix and work up a sweat! Don’t forget to do a warm-up and cool down when doing any workout. Also, get a consultation at Slimming Studios if you are looking for quicker results.

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