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Top Ten Fun Exercises To Bring The Best In You This Spring

Spring season is known for rejuvenation and renewal. Who wants to step into the spring with some extra pounds, learn about top ten fun exercises that are proven and work wonders for your body and health.

Here we have top ten exercises picked by our health experts to bring the new you this spring season.

1. Kickoff those extra pounds

Kickboxing is famous for its moves and fast-paced movements, combine the movement with music and here you have the best workout to shred that extra layer this season. It is a high-intensity exercise which not only burns calories, also improves balance, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and endurance. A person with 125-lb weight can lose up to 600-800 calories in an hour depending on the intensity of the workout.

2. Ring the right bell

Kettlebell Cardio is trending these days, a unique use of kettlebell exercises teamed with cardio moves, this is a great way to increase the cardiovascular strength and endurance. The intensity and weight of the kettlebell have a direct impact on the calorie burn. A half an hour workout would burn 245 to 382 calories. It tones your body in the most creative way. Kettlebell workouts are more fun and make you lose pounds of weight easily.

3. Anti-Gravity Yoga

Yoga has mesmerized the entire world with its series of benefits on body, mind, and soul. Anti-Gravity yoga is a new form of yoga, combining yoga with aerial moves. It is enjoyable and brings more balance to the body. It is beneficial for overall health, it enhances the circulatory, respiratory, digestive systems by improving the blood circulation. A 50-minute workout would burn 320 calories and lead to more balanced body and mind.

4. Take the Right Step

Exercises using a step platform comes in an aerobic routine, ace the everyday workout in a fun way with the choice of your music and a step platform for cardiovascular health. Burn an ample number of calories with right step exercises. Inculcate step training into your fitness regime and get toned arms and legs in few weeks. You can perform squats, knee raises, planks and other exercises to burn approx. 175 calories in a 20-minute workout.

5. Take the roads less taken

Biking is a great sports activity, it satiates your adrenaline rush and burns more calories. It lets you explore your surroundings and keep your spirits high. Biking let you explore more surrounding, scenery, and tone your body as well. Sweating more while biking is an outstanding way to reduce weight by burning a lot of calories. Biking at a speed of 10 mph or less will burn up to 90 calories in 20 minutes.

6. Pool time for perfect body

Many of you don’t like to hit the gym or any other activity that involves a lot of sweat. Swimming and pool exercise is a refreshing way for weight loss and improves circulatory motions as well. Aqua Zumba or water aerobics is famous in the spring season, it provides resistance to the body thus burning approx. 315 calories in a 60 minutes workout and keeps you fit.

7. Trek to lose weight

Talking about fun activities to lose weight, hiking is one of the best ways to explore nature and lose extra pounds winters have left on you. Spring is the appropriate time to go to the mountains and get the fresh dose of air and some weight loss. The amount of calorie burn depends on the how vigorous you hike and the terrain, you can burn up to 500 calories in an hour hike.

trek to lose weight

8. Join a fitness party

Unlike other fitness workouts, Zumba is like a partying in fitness pants and shoes. Zumba exercise workouts have a lot of dance moves blended with exercises to get you going and make you lose oodles of weight from your body. It is highly recommended for people who love to dance. One hour of Zumba session can burn up to 450 calories based on the intensity of movements.

Join a fitness party

9. Exercise Ball routines

An inflated vinyl ball can rescue you in your weight loss journey. Workouts with a stability ball have a lot of convenience for the workout at home as well. Try a range of exercises with mountain climbers to Pilate and wall sites. There is a range of services that can be done through this inflated ball. It strengthens your core and tones body to an extent. A small 10-minute workout can make you lose up to 30 to 45 calories.

Exercise Ball routines

10. kick-off the extra

Workout straight from Africa would be different for you, Try Capoeira, a rare combination of martial arts, acrobatics that is perfectly blended with music and dance to kick-off that extra layer from your body. It has a lot of high kicks, punches, and moves that can be tiring for you, but worth the results it will show on your body. It can burn 500 calories in just 1-hour session or class.
We hope that these out of the box exercises will get the best version of you, Back in spring season to have more fun and to look great.

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