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Reasons why you aren't losing weight

These Are The Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

A lot of people fail in their weight loss efforts. Even after following an effective weight loss plan, they see no success. Reducing meal portions and sticking to a specific meal plan seem to be of no help. Moreover, working out extensively in the gym gives them a bulky body. Getting a lean cut physique turns into an implausible dream. So, what are the reasons you have not been able to lose weight?

Hello, this is Dr Asif Aziz, an expert physician for Slimming Studios at Prestige Primary Care of Texas. On my day-to-day job, I meet many people complaining not being able to lose weight despite their hard efforts. In this blog, I underline some of the answers to your question “Why Am I Not Losing Weight?”.

Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight Infographics

Portion Size:

Your nutritionist/physician told you to cut your portions. And you did it. But, you didn’t reduce it as was required. You have been eating nutritious meals (yes, that’s what you are given when you are on a special weight loss plan), but you didn’t watch your portions. That’s why it is important to devotedly follow your physician or nutritionist’s advice when aiming to lose some pounds.

Not Chewing:

The right way to eat is to chew your bite slowly and properly before taking it down your mouth. Failing to do that can have various side effects on your health. Additionally, your body takes time to digest the food this way.

Insufficient Sleep:

Less sleeping is linked to obesity and weight gain. Slimming Studios did an article earlier that gave you a number of benefits of getting enough sleep. Check out that article here – Sleep Helps in Weight Loss! Here’s How.

Eating After Workout:

Allow at least one to two hours’ time after exercising before eating anything if you are willing to lose weight. Do so to allow your body to relax. It’s true that extensive workouts make you hungry. But you should not eat too much after working out. Juices or something light can be taken, but limitedly.

Body Type:

Some people can’t lose weight naturally, because of their body type. Despite sweating hard in the gym and starving themselves for months, they do not see a drop in the figures on weighing scale.

If you are one such individual, you will need a special weight loss program to get rid of excess body fat and weight. Extensive health assessments involving multiple sittings with your physician might be required to figure out a suitable weight loss plan for you.

Medications or Supplements:

Your supplements can be a reason for blurring out your weight loss dream. Basically, there are three trends associated with supplements. They either work for you, or work against you, or do nothing to you. Sometimes, supplements don’t suit you actually.

Supplements supply a heavy dose of nutrition that you are don’t get from your meals. So, when you have an overflow of nutrients in your system, you are full of energy which needs to be consumed through exercised and physical activities. Supplements should ideally be combined with an adequate meal and workout plan.

Meaning, your activity level should be more than gross when you are on supplements. Without that, you will be getting a super extra dose of nutrition, which will be accumulating on various areas in your body in form of fat, resulting in no success in your weight loss journey, or weight gain.


So, you have been religiously following your meal and exercise plan, but you often sit with your friends over a few glasses of wine or mugs of beer. There is often no limit to what and how much you are eating, under the influence of alcohol.

You would be surprised to know that alcohol apart from increasing your calorie intakes, also stimulates blood glucose (blood sugar) and insulin levels in your body, contributing significantly in weight gain.

Medical Conditions:

Some health conditions such as diabetes, body pain, etc. also lead to weight and fat gain. Several studies can be linked to this statement. If you have not been able to see any convincing results from your weight loss efforts you should probably get yourself diagnosed and find solutions for your medical conditions.

Stress –

Stress always encourages emotional eating. When you eat out of emotion or stress, you tend to eat more than your regular capacity. Anxiety, grief, loneliness, heartbreak, work pressure, etc. are types of stress and transform into lasting depression. And all these conditions cheer up your hungry inner self to eat more.

Hypothyroidism –

Hypothyroidism is a common thyroid related disorder. It affects the production of thyroid hormone. To simplify, your thyroid is underactive in this condition and your body system does not produce the hormone that dissolves the fat stored in the body naturally.

This disturbance also lowers your metabolism and energy levels, making you a lazy being. And you know, laziness or inactivity is also a cause of obesity or weight gain.

Cushing’s Syndrome

Prolonged exposure to cortisol makes you suffer from Cushing’s Syndrome, which has not one, but many symptoms such as hypertension, weak muscles and bones, tiresomeness, abdominal obesity, and thin legs and arms.

The main cause of this Syndrome is the overproduction of cortisol from adrenal glands which are located above the kidney region in your body. This medical condition supports the build-up of fat around the abdomen, face, and behind neck areas.


Commonly known as Syndrome X, Hyperinsulinemia is a health condition, in which the level of insulin is higher than that of blood glucose. One may presume that this is a type of diabetes, but, it’s not. Though, the condition is seen during the early stage of Type 2 diabetes.

Studies in medical science have tabled that hyperinsulinemia is one of the reasons for weight gain and diabetes.

These are some of the common reasons why most people do not taste success in their weight loss efforts. At Slimming Studios, we help you lose weight through our consultation and medical and non-invasive weight loss solutions.

If you have any question related to our weight loss, you can reach us at info@slimmingstudios.com. You can call us as well @ 972-702-SLIM (7546).

You can share your question or concerns in the comment section as well. I will reply you soon personally.

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