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How to Plan your Day to Lose Weight

Beginning your weight-loss journey is quite similar to attending the first day of school. Everything is new, and you have no clue how to go about it. So to keep your head in the game, planning daily meals is a great idea and can be a real game changer. This will not only give you direction, but also keep you from going off track, and help you stay motivated each day.

Creating a meal plan is easier than you think. Here’s what you need to do:

Make Notes
The first task is to plot out your meals for each day of the week. Be it on an excel sheet or a piece of paper. Pick whatever suits you, as long as it’s easily accessible to you when you need it.

Calculate Cals Per Day
Taking your meals regularly throughout the day keeps you from getting overly hungry. You can do this by dividing your planned intake of calories into small meals and snacks. Ensure that you’re eating the right amount of food at the right time. Additionally, see that you don’t exceed the number of calories you have planned for the day.

Indulge Wisely
Are you a party animal? Or a date night on Friday and Sunday brunch sorts? Or both? Divvy up your day in SmartPoints, which allows you the flexibility to divide them among different meals. Be it your favorite pasta recipe with a glass of wine or a slice of birthday cake, use your daily SmartPoints wisely. This way you’ll be able to pre-prepare yourself for the weekend indulgence.

Don’t Digress
Now that everything is prepared including SmartPoints allotted for each meal, it’s time you stick to your plan. Some people can go on with the same meal every day, while others mix things up. Either way, you must adhere to your daily meal plan strictly.

While doing so, consider where you’ll be at mealtimes. Eggs are a great pick for morning breakfast at home. If you bring your breakfast to the desk, hard-cooked eggs are a good option. Keep in mind that beverages can add up to the calories very quickly. Anything apart from water will add up in your daily calorie intake. Don’t forget to exercise regularly even if it’s for a few minutes to assist your diet plans weight loss goals.

Stay balanced
Whether you are picking from our supplements, or preparing your own recipes, ensure that your meal has all the key food groups including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein covered. All the more, these foods, aside from keeping your cravings satiated, offer benefits that assist in weight loss. Take, for instance, whole-grains fruits and vegetables that consist of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients for your overall health. Take one serving with each meal or snack. Then there’s protein, which is for building bones, hormones, muscles, and antibodies. Go for lean picks like white-meat chicken, eggs, turkey, fish, beans, and low-fat milk, and yogurt. Having a balanced diet will ensure that you healthily lose weight and is a must have.

Follow all these tips and there’s no stopping you from achieving the shape that you’ve always desired.

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Week 2 Weight Loss Plan

Week1: A 5-Week Plan To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Week 1: Getting Started with Small Changes

We all know the pain of not being able to fit in a certain outfit or feeling uncomfortable in a swimsuit. Even worse, that layer of fat around the stomach and back can also cause heart disease, high blood pressure and even diabetes.

While changing your lifestyle and losing weight may seem like an undertaking of Olympic proportions, it doesn’t have to be. We’re going to show you over the next five weeks how small changes can quickly add up into a big change. You’ll feel better and look better if you stick to these tips on diet and exercise.

Nutrition & Diet

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Your first step in diet and nutrition is this: Don’t starve yourself. You may think that eating nothing will let you lose weight quickly. But in fact, you are just making yourself weaker and even more unhealthy.

If you eat enough of the right foods, you’ll get healthier, lose weight, and not be hungry all the time. Your weight loss diet plan starts with leafy vegetables to supply some of the key nutrients you need. Try adding these foods to your diet this week:

  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Kale
  • Cabbage
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots (Baby carrots make a great snack.)
  • Cucumbers

When it comes to protein, fish and chicken are great choices. You can also enjoy some low-fat milk.

When it comes to foods to avoid, cut these out of your diet this week.

  • Foods with high sugar concentrations.
  • Carbonated Water
  • Soft Drinks
  • Candy
  • Snack Food

And when you eat, eat in moderate proportions as recommended by your doctor, fitness coach or nutritionist.

WHEN you eat is also very important. A healthy lifestyle involves disciplined eating habits. Eat the right amount of food at the same time every day to help eliminate snacks and unhealthy food cravings.


The other side to a healthy lifestyle starts with regular exercise. And no, we are not going to tell you to just jump into a heavy workout routine suddenly. That’s a good way to hurt yourself.

Much like food, exercise is best in sensible amounts at regular times. Try raising your heart rate for 30 minutes, three to five days a week. It helps if this elevated heart rate can be combined with something you enjoy. You can work out on a treadmill, exercise bike or elyptical machine while listening to your favorite podcast or music.

Other fun ways to exercise include walks with friends, dancing lessons, or participating in amateur sports leagues.

Just remember, food AND exercise in moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

So, let’s quickly review. For your first week on a path to a healthier, happier and slimmer you, be sure to:

  • Eat balanced meals at regular times
  • Add more vegetables and lean protein to your diet.
  • Cut out harmful foods.
  • Elevate your heart rate for at least 30 minutes three to five times during the week.

If you are looking for something to help sharpen your edge in your toning and slimming efforts, talk to one of our Slimming Studios counselors. They can help you with injections and weight loss supplements that will boost your energy and your body’s natural fat-burning processes. They can also advise you on how our treatments can enhance your toning and slimming efforts. Some can even make your skin feel tighter and look younger.

To schedule your free consultation, click on the below button, or call 972-702-7456.

Week 3 Weight Loss Plan

Week3: A 5-Week Plan To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Week 3: Keep it going

Anytime you make lifestyle changes, consistency is critical. Keep your workout routine. Stay the course on your healthy eating plan. Don’t give up.

But after a few weeks, it starts getting easy to procrastinate. And we plan to do something about our procrastination tomorrow. In this week’s episode, we are going to look at some of the most common excuses and offer you some tips to get around them.

“I’m too tired to work out.”

This is a classic gym dodge. The answer is simple. Find the part of the day when you have the most energy and move your workout time to then. Morning, lunch break and evening workouts are all options on the table. The key is consistency, but you can consistently do something different if you find it works.

“I don’t have any equipment”

You don’t have to have a home gym to workout. You can join a gym or health club. Many people find that having a destination to go to helps them work out longer and provides more options to keep the workout interesting.

You can also just run. Pick a direction and go. Change directions to keep your workout from getting boring.

“It’s all so boring and repetitive.”

So, change things up a bit. Run in a new direction and explore the world around you that you often miss while riding in a car. Try a new machine at the gym. Or sign up for a group fitness class or club.

You can change how you get your exercise. What’s important is that you ARE regularly getting exercise.

Take up a new sport. Take dance or martial arts classes. Buy a bike. Variety helps improve your mind, body and spirit.

“I’m Shy”

Some people don’t like to join a gym because they feel like they are on display, being judged or rejected. Some people just prefer to be alone. Get around this by hiring a physical trainer, joining a single-sex gym, or buying your own equipment. You can create months and months of workout routines just with a simple set of free weights.

But also consider this: When remaking your body, why not remake your mind as well? Face your fears of people and get out more. Socialize. Interact. Make new friends. More social interaction will help your confidence and increase your enjoyment of the slimmer and healthier you.

“I don’t want to spend the time/money.”

One of the best things you can invest in is yourself. Losing weight is investing in your own health and happiness. Sometimes spending money on yourself is a great way to help motivate yourself. You don’t want to waste that money you invested, do you?

So, join that gym. Hire that physical trainer. Book those body contouring sessions. You are an investment that pays off for a lifetime. You are absolutely worth it.

And don’t forget to stick with your diet and active routine. Remember, consistency is the secret to success.

Next time we’ll talk more about how choosing what you put, and don’t put, into your body can help you succeed.


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