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4 Tips To Start Running For Weight Loss

Do you always think about burning calories to look toned and slim through swimming, cycling, gymming or any other fitness activity, but unable to do so due to time constraints or shortage of funds? Don’t worry; we have got an actionable plan for you that will help kick-start your weight loss journey. It’s running. There is no barrier to start running as all you need is a decent pair of shoes. You can run almost anytime, anywhere, even in front of your house.

“Running is the best workout for weight loss,” says Danial O’Connor, Ph.D., professor of health and human performance at the University of Houston.

How can you make running a successful endeavor for weight loss? Well, there’s a strategy involved. Read on:

1. Get your diet right

You just can’t ignore your diet especially if you’re trying to shed some weight, you need to balance your intake. Running is a great workout as it burns about 200-300 calories if you run at least two to three kilometers. So, eat accordingly. If you want to know more about it, you can read our previous blog “Eat Mindfully to Lose Weight

“People often overestimate the calories they burn on the run,” says Angela Rubin, coach at Precision Running Lab. They add an extra slice of pizza or a piece of brownie in their plate because they “earned it.” It doesn’t work like that, guys! You can only ensure weight loss with a calorie deficit, so you need to keep a strict check on indulgence to create calorie imbalance.

2. Don’t be overly strict

Go easy if you’ve just started running, don’t try hard or overthink about training plans and strategies like athletes. You need to figure out a plan that suits your own weight loss goals.

People who walk slowly spend more time to burn those calories in comparison to joggers and sprinters. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise study revealed that runners lose more weight than walkers over a period because of the afterburn effect.

“Running creates an afterburn which means your body continues to burn calories even after you are not running or moving,” says Rubin. You can decide routine based on the speed and intensity to ensure weight loss.

3. Strength training is significant

Running can be tough on your joints, knees and there could be chances of an injury as well. However, with cross-training, you can reduce them by strengthening your muscles through weightlifting. It helps in burning more calories even when you’re idle. Cross-training supports muscles and boost weight loss as well.

4. Make it a part of life

Your body is made to run, but it requires conditioning to make it a habit. Your body starts feeling normal over a month when you run regularly for a month, later you can reduce it to at least three times a week.

Just like running, you can also condition yourself for weight loss exercises and diet plans to get a perfect shape.

Low energy levels by end of the day can increase the chances of skipping the schedule that leads to weight gain. But now you can stick to your daily schedule with optimum energy levels, lose weight at the same time with B-12 shots at Slimming Studios.

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About Sonali Jain

Sonali is a Health Journalist and Editor who loves to explore and share new ideas to lose weight with the power of nutrition and exercise. She has helped a lot of people with her knowledge and experience for some real transformations. Read more to know.

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  1. weight loss is big problems nowadays great information, it is very motivated to read others weight loss journey it is beneficial to add on some more things to my diet plan, thanks for sharing all these weight loss tips

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