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9 Health Mistakes Made by People Who Are Fit

Rigorous workouts, healthy eating, and lean figure, that’s not all that contributes to a robust lifestyle. Many people who look fit have habits that put them at risk of various illnesses and obesity. Sometimes you make these health mistakes every day, and they stand in your way of enjoying optimal health. Here’s a list of these common health mistakes:

To Reduce Sugar Intake, You Don’t Eat Fruits

Fruits consist of fiber, vitamins, and protective antioxidants. And we are not likely to overeat them contrary to the sweetened beverages, which we drink often. Therefore, if you are looking to cut down, stop taking artificially sweetened beverages and not fruits.

Exercise Alone cannot Shed Pounds

It is true that regular exercise is a must for good health and maintaining the perfect weight. However, it can’t help you lose weight if your diet is not in check. People join gyms and exercise for hours, yet they don’t find success in losing weight. This is because they often eat much more calories than they burn in a day.

Taking Supplements with Coffee

Caffeine affects your body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals in your supplements that include calcium, iron, vitamin D, and B-vitamins. Even beverages like tea and cola contain caffeine. Therefore, you should not drink such beverages at least an hour after you have taken supplements. Always swallow your pills with water.

You don’t Sleep Adequately

To meet all their responsibilities and obligations, people often miss their sleep. Studies have proven that you need at least seven hours of a sound sleep at night to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Inadequate sleep is linked to several health problems, including depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, and a lowered immune response to vaccines.

Take More Supplements than Required

As they say, too much of everything is bad, supplements and vitamins should be taken in advised quantities. In 2011, an analysis was done on nearly 40,000 women. The result showed that women who took dietary supplements, especially iron, were at a higher risk of dying.

Delay Medical Care

People often ignore serious symptoms of diseases thinking they are fit, which is a big mistake. One should get regular scans check-ups and in the case of doubtful symptoms of a certain illness, you must head for its test immediately. For example, people often confuse crushing chest pain to be heartburn.

You believe in claims like Sugar-free and Low-fat

We always read the ingredient section to check what our food doesn’t contain like fat, gluten, and sugar. But it’s more important to see what our food does have. Processed foods that we get in the market claim to be sugar-free may have tons of preservatives or refined ingredients. So, go for foods that are close to nature.

You Always Buy Organic

It is not wise to have certain organic foods such as avocados or eggs, as it doesn’t make much difference if you take them in organic form. Also, these foods are more expensive than non-organic ones. Organic high-calorie foods like sugary cereals and high-fat granola bars are as bad as the non-organic version.

Take Antibiotics for Everything

So many people ask their doctors for antibiotics and antivirals prescriptions for problems that can resolve on their own in a couple of days or just because they fear sickness. Some doctors readily agree to this. These drugs often impact your drug resistance by battling the good bacteria in your body, which affects your immune system. Therefore, try and resort to natural remedies instead.

About Neha Verma

Neha Verma is a health journalist and creative writer who believes in living life wholeheartedly while maintaining fitness. She loves to share tried & tested ideas on losing weight and getting into perfect shape. Neha can be contacted by e-mail at nverma@infinityhealthgroup.com

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