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Make These Healthy Food Swaps to Lose Weight Quickly

Losing weight is no easy feat. With all the information available online, it’s understandable if it becomes incredibly confusing for you as to what to keep and what to exclude from your meal plan. Yet, you must be especially careful about your diet and cheat meals. Many foods that are generally considered healthier might not be ideal for your weight loss program. However, there are some very healthy swaps that can accelerate your weight loss goals. Let’s take a look at these fantastic food swaps that’ll help you achieve them.

Eat eggs or oats, not sugary cereals

Sugary cereals contain harmful preservatives and sugar that hardly have any nutritional value but are full of calories. Instead of such cereals, protein-rich eggs make a far better choice for breakfast. Protein also aids in weight loss by keeping you satiated for a longer duration.

Fruit smoothie in place of desserts

If you are craving for deserts like pancakes, ice-cream, chocolate or a pudding, these foods with refined sugar can ruin your diet big time. In place, grab a fruit smoothie. All you have to do is take some fresh fruits such as oranges, berries, or other fruits of your choice. Blend them with milk or yogurt. You can also add nuts and seeds (cashews, almonds, walnuts, and more) to make it healthier. This is an awesome snack if you want to satiate your sweet tooth.

Homemade drinks, not sweet beverages

Sweet beverages, canned juices, and other energy drinks are again full of calories. Substitute these drinks with healthier options such as coconut water, fruit and vegetable juices, or smoothies.

Prepare protein bars at home instead of sweets

If you are craving for something sweet after your meal, prepare yourself a protein bar. These homemade protein bars can be extremely nutritious and can satiate your sweet tooth. Take some healthy nuts and seeds and combine them with grated coconut, coconut sugar, or jaggery.

Take lean meat instead of processed meat

Processed meats such as bacon and sausages are not as great as diet foods. These foods undergo the process of fermentation, grilling, salting, and curing. To increase the shelf life of these meats, they are modified. Go for lean cuts of meat instead, which are better for health and also increase your protein intake.

Swap healthy nuts over fries

When you are on a weight loss program, snacking becomes a bit hard. But you can always keep these healthy nuts with you to munch. These nuts make a perfect snack option. All the more, they are rich in healthy fats and contain a significant amount of protein as well.

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About Neha Verma

Neha Verma is a health journalist and creative writer who believes in living life wholeheartedly while maintaining fitness. She loves to share tried & tested ideas on losing weight and getting into perfect shape. Neha can be contacted by e-mail at nverma@infinityhealthgroup.com


  1. Hey Neha, great write up, this is really helpful, especially that of taking lean meat instead of processed meat, last year I got seriously fat, like, I started having man boobs and this was as a result of processed meat, I had to cut of from eating this kind of meat and with the help of a product that was recomended for me, I shredded fat it barely two weeks, like I swear, its better than slim tea and all of all those supplements I read of online, it just burnt down my fat completely, even my belly became light, like, I swear, this is some serious thing you should write about.

    BTW, can you please throw more light on the aspect of protein bar, I didn’t really understand what you meant

    1. Thanks a lot for writing to us. The recipe of Protein bar I shared makes a good substitute for people who love to eat something sweet after meals or just generally. Try it once at home and enjoy a sweet bar without worrying about calorie intake. Keep following our blogs page to know the latest tricks and hacks.

  2. Great Blog!!! Thanks for sharing such a great blog with us.

    1. Thank you for the pleasing feedback. We always try to share more exciting and insightful tips to help our readers lose weight quickly. Keep following to know the latest tricks and hacks from our health-care professionals.

  3. im planing to lose weight. currently im 220 pounds.25 years old female. i have read articles and watched videos. there are so much information and i cant make up my mind. recently i read some articles and those seemed to be good. please let me know your ideas.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. We are always looking for more interesting and insightful things to help our readers. Keep following to know the latest tricks and hacks from our health-care professionals.

  5. I loved what you shared, especially lom de The common sources of B12 include fish, chicken, beef, meat, milk, dairy products and eggs.

    1. Thanks a lot for following our blogs. We are glad you liked our ideas. Keep visiting #SlimmingStudios blog section for more weight-loss tips & hacks.

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