How Belviq is hailed as the new wonder drug for weight loss

How Belviq is hailed as the new wonder drug for weight loss <no clickbait>

“How to lose weight quickly?” That’s all I’ve searched, every time I skimmed through the internet. After weighing more than 200 pounds on the scale, I had spent countless hours of self-loathing. Everything about my life, the way I look the way I feel, was a roadblock in pursuing my dreams.

After trying a lot of fad diets or various exercise routines that are much hyped all over the internet to get back to my good old days’ shape, I found out that they don’t work, NOT A SINGLE ONE WORKED.
No, the story doesn’t end here!

One day, after seeing me in despair for so long, a friend introduced me to medical weight loss, & how Belviq- a weight loss medicine is a wonderful option for people like me, eager (read: desperate) to lose weight with minimal changes in lifestyle.

You may find it unbelievable (even I felt the same initially), but I’ve lost ~17 lbs in a year, and this means a lot to me. The transformation has started a wave of compliments from my friends and family. The moment I step out of my house, I feel people appreciating & acknowledging a new me, and I feel great inside-out with just a few changes in my lifestyle. The changes are eating clean and sticking to my exercise schedule.

Now, I must pass on the good things, so I am sharing every bit of knowledge about this proven weight loss medicine.
Read on……….

What is Belviq?

Belviq is the modern science medicine which induces weight loss. After years of scientific research, it is now revealed that medicines like Belviq can help you shed excess weight without any side effects. It is a new-age alternative to other weight loss methods. If you are hell-bent about your weight and want to lose it in a comfortable way, then Belviq is for you. Best part, it takes care of the other health issues which crop up due to excessive weight like high blood pressure, heart attacks and high cholesterol.

How Belviq works?

Belviq works by controlling appetite and activating brain receptors for serotonin. It is a chemical neurotransmitter which triggers a feeling of satiety and satisfaction to the brain. The medicine is an anti-depressant drug which works by maintaining the chemical flow for brain receptors, eventually controlling your cravings and hunger pangs.

Is Belviq for you?

According to FDA, people with the following criterion can consume the medicine:

  • BMI of 30 or higher
  • Overweight with BMI of 27 or above
  • Weight-related health condition such as Type2diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.

The weight loss results vary from person to person, but most people lost on an average 12-17 lbs within a year with regular exercise and a strict diet. Moreover, you feel a lot more energetic after consuming this wonder drug.

What are the benefits of medical weight loss programs?

The first benefit of weight loss programs through medicines involves a case by case approach to cut down the calorie intake and then to go for a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s medical history to confirm plan works for them. It is not a cookie-cutter method for weight loss. Instead, it is a physician-led, personalized program which takes place through telemedicine.

It provides flexibility to take the consultation anytime and anywhere. You always have someone to give you advice and guidance to get started and kick off your weight loss goals.

So, guys. This was my finding & insight on Belviq, which really turnaround my life for the better.

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