Health Risks Of Obesity

Obesity is not just a physical or cosmetic condition. It is a diseased condition, a chronic medical disease. When it starts, an individual’s body begins to become a safe shelter for a number of diseases. Your immune system deteriorates as each day passes. There are great many health risks associated with obesity.

What is Obesity?

We have explained that through various blogs on Slimming Studios. But, here’s a technical yet simpler to understand version of the definition of obesity –

An obese individual is 20% heavier than the normal weight of an individual of same height. (Use BMI calculator on Slimming Studios website to know if you are overweight.)

Obesity is a medical condition, wherein an individual has accumulated body fat to an extent that it becomes dangerous for him to live with that. This blog underlines some of the health risks that you may be exposed to if you overlook your gradually growing belly fat –
Obesity Health Risks –

Resistance Against Insulin

Insulin is a peptide hormone that is responsible for the transport of blood glucose into the muscle cells and fat in our body. Put simply, without this transportation it will be difficult for the body to use the energy that our food contains. In other words, insulin regulates the level of blood sugar in the human body. When there is an abundance of fat cells in our body, the transference of insulin is hindered due to the fact that fat cells have a strong resistance against insulin. That’s why, most obese people suffer from disarrays of insulin level in the body.


The likelihoods of diabetes, specifically in Type-2 Diabetes, are high in obese individuals. Many studies have proved that obesity or overweight body conditions are one of the reasons of diabetes. Noticeably, a diabetic person has irregular blood glucose/sugar levels (refer: previous subsection). Diabetes happens when the cells in the body bar the action of insulin peptide hormone.


In general, hypertension is referred to as high blood pressure, a companion of diabetes. Almost every diabetic patient is also a patient of hypertension. Some studies have found that obese women suffer more from high blood pressure than obese men do.

Heart Attack

Obesity puts you at a greater risk of fatal heart diseases, including heart attack, failure, and stroke. That is a proven and one of the most-cited facts associated with obesity.

High Cholesterol Level

Obesity is no doubt is a risk factor for obese individuals. Cholesterol is a type of fat in the human body. Cholesterol is also supplied by the food we eat. So, when approaching toward obesity, the blocks of cholesterol develop and accumulate in the arteries or blood vessels, creating a worst case scenario for us.


Obesity causes colon cancer in both men and women. In addition to that, obesity is often linked with prostate cancer in men, and uterus, gallbladder, and breast cancer in women.

Causes of Obesity

So, these are some of the health risks caused by obesity. But, what are the factors that cause obesity? Check out the following –

• Genetics
• Overeating
• High carbohydrate diet
• Frequency of eating
• Physical inactivity
• Medications
• Psychological factors

We can link several other factors that may lead to obesity.

The purpose of this blog was to encourage you to make a move with a firm determination to get rid of obesity and say yes to a healthy, free-from-disease life.

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