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06.07.2019-facts and benefits of protien

Facts & Benefits of Protein: Weight Loss and More

High protein diet is a new obsession for the rich world. But did you know that protein deficiency can even happen to people who’re consuming a high protein dietYour body is required to breakdown, assimilate, and convert protein into amino acid so your cells can use it. If your body is not able to do it, you can suffer protein deficiency. All the more, protein deficiency will prevent the production of sufficient antibodies, which makes it hard for you to recover from illness. 

Signs, symptoms, and benefits of protein deficiency: 

Weight Gain 

If you’re gaining weight regularly and have less muscle, more fat, then take more protein because it helps to build muscle mass. Your muscle helps you in boosting metabolism and burning fat.


It can lead to toxins from your stool reabsorb in your intestinal walls and then back into your blood. This is known as autointoxication. Constipation means that our body is not making enough digestive enzymes, and foods that are a high source of fiber and protein can help mitigate it. 

Gut Health 

If you’re unable to break protein into amino acids and absorb protein, it will make you have gut health poor after a time. This may lead to numerous digestion issues. 

Gastric Issue and bloating

Are you feeling constantly bloated or gassy after having your meal? It means that your body is not making enough enzymes to break down protein. Proteas is the enzyme made by the pancreas, and the body uses it to break protein. By eating protein, you can deal with constant bloating. 


Consuming enough protein helps in maintaining collagen in the skin. Proteins are also integral to your hair health as they are made of protein. 


Balancing your protein intake with every age will help you age healthily. Your muscle loss will be natural as you age and therefore it is important to eat protein to maintain your muscle mass. 

Anxiety and Sadness

Yes, protein deficiency can also cause a feeling of sadness and anxiety. Furthermore, protein deficiency causes lack of sufficient neurotransmitters to keep you happy. 


Are you on antacids? If yes, there’s a big chance that you’re protein deficient

Hormonal Imbalance 

The foundation of hormones is protein. Protein has a major role in maintaining hormonal balance. Ensure that your diet consists of sufficient protein if you are looking to maintain hormonal balance and prevent PCOD, diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc.  

Avoiding Injuries

If getting injured during training or playing some sport is a consistent problem for you, you must consume more protein. Protein is broken into amino acids in your body and feeds your muscles when your muscles are resting. Hence, ensure that you are eating good sources of protein to keep yourself from frequent injuries. 

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