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Eat Mindfully To Lose Weight

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the state of being aware of the present or what you are going through. It is a psychological procedure, in which you focus your attention or mind on the experiences happening in the very moment.

Psychologists and thinkers have termed mindfulness the best way to the achieve the greatest happiness and wisdom in the world. This can be achieved by practicing meditation the Buddhist way; however, various other meditation techniques can also take you closer to the state of mindfulness.

Simply, mindfulness is being conscious of your mind, body and soul. Even simpler, when you attain mindfulness you are aware of the whats, whens, wheres, hows, and many other puzzling thoughts related to your mind and body.

What is Mindful Eating then?

Mindful Eating Infographics

Mind it!

What you eat has been proven and believed to have a direct impact on your body weight. I have done many articles earlier offering tips on controlling eating habits as a way to lose weight.

Did you know, how you eat also influences your body shape and weight? Yes, that’s true. I am trying to draw your attention to various habits such as have nothing for breakfast, but everything for lunch and dinner. Many in an attempt to lose weight avoid having breakfast. However, this practice may cause weight gain, slimming experts assert. Passing over a meal increases your appetite, which makes you eat more than your normal capacity. And that becomes the premise of your quick weight gain.

Studies in the field of mindfulness have unearthed that if a person is mindful of his or her eating techniques, frequencies, and preferences, the practice can be a huge support in weight loss.

Being mindful of your meals and intakes will allow you to pay attention to everything you eat every day.

Practicing mindful eating is focusing only on the food you are eating or have had. As you proceed, you notice a change in your eating behavior, for example, your portion size will reduce because you will realize your body’s actual needs.

Your habit of grabbing snacks in-between your meals will also come to end gradually. Additionally, mindful eating will help control cravings, which is considered a major factor responsible for weight gain. Mindfulness while eating will keep your mind on the food you are having or just had, not on the food you are craving.

Researches reveal that mindful eating does not yield any positive outcome in short term, but it does help in the longer picture by limiting your portions size and repeated hunger notifications.

How to Get Started and Establish a Practice?

Accomplishing mindfulness initially can be as difficult as your efforts to lose weight. For that, you will need to practice mindfulness meditation regularly and dedicatedly. Your first interaction with mindfulness will happen, possibly, after a week of exercising the meditation.

Here’s a great video to get started. Put on your headphones and follow this guided technique of mindfulness meditation –

Set an everyday alarm on your phone at your convenient time. It will notify and help you be regular in the practice.

To sum up, here are a few tips to shift your focus on eating mindfully –

 Understand, there is a difference between hunger (needs) and cravings (desires).
 Remember, food is food. There is no good or bad food. It’s just the call of your body, which you have to control mindfully.
 Whenever and whatever you eat, remember that you have already eaten it. Now, it’s time to allow your stomach to digest it.
 Preparing food or not getting food isn’t a point of stress.
 Once the food is in front of you, there is no need to hurry. Chew and eat it slowly and properly.

To learn more about mindful eating and to begin with, you can reach Slimming Studios at info@slimmingstudios.com. We will guide you through. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn to stay connected with our updates, tips and tricks.

If you have questions and something to say about this post, or if you would like to share your experience or story with us, you can drop it in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

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