Mother's Day

Bring Your Mom Back To 20’s With Four Thoughtful Gifts This Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day ditch the usual chocolates or flowers and give mom something she needs – the gift of Fitness and Well-being. And no, we are not asking you to gift her some basic buys. Instead, a gift that helps her in living a healthy and happy life. Your mom is your go-to person for everything and you should take care of her like the way she does. So, what do you think about playing your mom’s mommy for this Day?

We are here with thoughtful gift ideas for Mother’s Day, from healthy skin to well-sculpted body to boost her confidence. Make her feel gorgeous with Mom’s special makeover plans.

Gift 1: The gift of Youthful skin

Does your mom look older than her age?
The everyday stress takes a toll on her health fading her beauty and youth. Make mom feel radiant again with Facial Rejuvenation that transforms the dull and lifeless skin to young and glowing with Radiofrequency. It reduces fat cells, improves skin texture, elasticity, reduces fine lines and defines the facial contours for a firmer and younger looking skin. Completely safe and effective to get back to 20’s.

Gift 2: The gift of Revitalization

Does your mom look low on energy?
Renewal for mom is on the cards with enhanced energy and endurance. Strandz’s Revive, a simple saliva swab test (no pricks, no pain, no needle) studies your DNA to give you an understanding of factors are affecting your aging process depending on genetic makeup. Based on this report about body insights, nutritionist provides diet plans and lifestyle recommendations to bring back the vigor and vitality lost with time. It also reveals how the body reacts to the external factors contributing to the aging process.

Gift 3: The gift of Fitness

Does your mom complain about her weight and fatigue?
Mom hardly finds time for herself, often she is occupied with one or the other thing. Get her a fitness regime based on her body insights. Strandz’s Skinny studies genes and tells you about your weight loss ability. This report is a total eye-opener unlocking factors that affect nutrients absorption in your body. Get Skinny report after a simple swab test (no prick, no blood, no pain) to understand the level of fitness and things that need attention to remain healthy and fit. Make mom look like her college days again.

Gift 4: The gift of a Perfect Body

Does your mom crave a perfectly toned body?
Mom adores her perfect 20’s body after looking at her college pictures. Gift her a perfectly sculpted body with corrective procedures like Cryolipolysis, Ultrasound Cavitation, Radio Frequency, or Laser Lipolysis. Such non-invasive procedures work directly on fat cells, destroying them and increase metabolism and blood circulation. It makes skin look younger and toned. Your mom will surely love the results.

Slimming Studios can help you in finding the perfect gift for your mom with an array of revolutionary health products and personalized services depending upon her needs.

Strandz is a one-stop destination for a range of revolutionary products to help you live better, perform well and do good in life.
Need help in finding the best option, talk to our health experts at 972-702-7546 or drop in at our center to discover more about mom’s special makeover.
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She deserves it because SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!

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