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5 Healthy Breakfast food

Top 5 Healthy Breakfast Foods To Buy For Weight Loss

We all know breakfast is crucial to health, and even health experts have advised not to skip breakfast. But it becomes impossible to shell out some time and prepare in morning schedule.
After trying many tips for weight-loss, this time go for healthy and nutritious breakfast to lose weight.

We are here with a list of five must breakfast items to add to your cart for the healthy living. Here are our grab-and-go options that fill the bill.  These breakfast choices are easy and quick to prepare, super-healthy, nutritious and full-filling.Endure a new habit of healthy breakfast to get fit and lose weight with the following super-foods:

1. Oatmeal

This super nutritious breakfast option offers twin advantage, it makes you feel fuller for longer and has ample amount of fiber. Both aspects help in losing weight. Moreover, a recent study revealed that eating oatmeal three hours before a workout would help in burning more calories.


Eggs are known for their rich source of protein, good for dieters as protein keeps you feeling satisfied for longer. People choosing eggs over other breakfast items loses more calories than others.

3. Coffee

It is a perfect kickstart for your morning, keeps you charged throughout the day with its high caffeine content, helps in improving mood, alertness and mental performance. If taken in optimal amount, one can reduce the side-effects and get more advantages from a cup of coffee. It increases metabolic rate and helps in burning body fat, 100 mg of caffeine allows people to burn approx. 80-150 calories in a day.

4. Peanut Butter and Yoghurt

Rated among top 5 foods that aids weight loss by Harvard researchers, try some recipes including peanut butter as it contains heart-healthy monosaturated fats. Yogurt also follows the list with the pool of benefits. The protein present in yogurt provides you an extra edge to get leaner and gain muscle mass.

5. Raspberries

The rich source of fiber, raspberries has 8gms of fiber in one cup which prevents weight gain and aids weight loss. Researchers have found, keeping a cup of raspberries in your diet with an intake of 1000 calories can help you lose 4.5 pounds in a month.

Prepare and eat excellent super-healthy foods to lose weight and keep you energized all day long. A healthy morning breakfast prevents many diseases like diabetes, bad cholesterol, hormonal problems and more.

Slimming studios will bring more nutritious and tasty recipes including the breakfast items mentioned above to keep you healthy and motivated. A quick snack or morning meal to start your perfect mornings.

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