5 Practices That Don’t Help In Weight Loss At All

A study that covered 188 countries underlines that nearly one-third, around 30% world population, is either obese or overweight. That sums up to as many as 2.1 Billion people.

In the gone three decades, obesity has become a worldwide epidemic. It has emerged as a widespread health condition in both developed and developing countries.

It goes without saying that there are a lot of health-conscious people who try hard to get rid of obesity and overweight conditions. But, quite evidently, most do not get any success even after trying for months, years and forever. In response to their efforts, what they face is disappointment and frustration of not being able to lose weight. The struggle is real, but the results aren’t.

Seems like your story? Have you already given up on your weight loss goals? Or are you now trying to put an end to your weight loss efforts? Wait! The way you have been dieting or working out could be a reason behind your unsuccessful weight loss efforts.

The following will help you figure out the mistakes you have been making in your weight loss journey –

5 Weight Loss Practices

1. Working Out Wrongly:

While it is a common belief that exercises can make you lose weight, it is an equally accepted fact about gymming that it helps you in muscle gain. And when you gain muscle you gain weight too.

Basically, working out works two ways. First, you lose excess fat, and second, your muscles gain strength. The only reason your exercise sessions have not given any results so far could be the wrong selection of exercises.

Some people are self-starter and full of motivation. They get exercise equipment for themselves and start their fitness regimen on their own. However, being unaware which way to go, most people indulge in wrong exercises or even tend to do right exercises wrongly.

Which exercise doesn’t help in weight loss?

If you think that running on the treadmill only will bring you results, then probably you will not be shedding a single pound.

Most fitness-centric individuals focus just on cardio exercises. However, cardio alone is never a good bet. It should be combined with other extensive exercises such as weight lifting, swimming, stretching, pushups, and yoga. This will help in long term.

Cardio exercises are heart-pumping exercises that tend to increase your heart health and stamina; but alone, they aren’t very effective at fat or calorie burning.

Meaning, by just doing cardio, you are burning less calories than you are consuming. And that is the reason why you gain weight through your workout sessions.

2. Eating After Gym:

For those who are looking to build muscles, fitness experts suggest eating 30 grams of pure protein within 15 minutes after their workout session.

On the contrary, if you want to lose weight, and you eat within that timeframe, it will end up giving you no results at all. However, you can gain plenty of fat this way. It is advisable to eat only after 45 minutes of your workout session if you want to lose weight.

Now you know why it is important to follow an exclusively penned down workout and diet plan if aiming to lose weight.

3. Relying Too Much on Low-Fat and Low-Sugar Products:

When you move to low-fat, low-carb, and low-sugar food choices, it is highly likely that you are eating way more than your normally required intakes. Without a doubt, these products do not contain fat stimulating agents and help control your everyday calorie count, but they also restrict the supply of necessary fiber and protein content in your body.

Apparently, fiber and protein make you feel full for longer and are an essential tool for staying active during your weight loss journey. Due to the absence of fiber and protein, you will be gulping more than your standard diet to keep yourself full and energized, resulting in no weight loss support. Rather, it will add to your pounds.
The best way is to lower your intakes of fat, carbohydrate, and sugar, instead of completely avoiding them.

4. Replacing Food with Nutritious Drinks:

Fruit beverages are rich in vitamins and keep you active throughout the day. But, they contain no to very poor amount of protein and fiber. When you skip your meals over fruit drinks you feel hungry more frequently.
Since packaged juices have added sugar, your daily calorie count rises. That way, whether you lose weight or not, you will certainly lose your muscle strength and overall energy level. Some side effects of this practice may be visible on your skin as well. Remember, fruits aren’t a replacement of your meals.

5. Avoiding Gluten-based Food:

Gluten is a protein naturally found in grains, including wheat and barley. It is richly available in bread, pasta, and in a wide variety of bakery items.

To some level, saying no to gluten could be the right approach; but, in wider picture, doing so can cause you severe nutritional defects.

Prefer whole grains in your meals, instead of white refined flour bread, pasta, and cereals. Cutting gluten rich items can also cause a weakening effect on your bones and joints.

Avoid making these common mistakes in your weight loss journey. Contact Slimming Studios at 972-702-7546 now to figure out the best weight loss diet and exercise plan for you.

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