18 Tips to Control Your Food Cravings

Because of cravings, we tend to overeat. The desire to eat more arises even after grabbing the full portion size. Overeating is one of the biggest reasons for obesity. However, overeating isn’t the only cause of obesity. It also gives you a variety of diseases, some of which can be difficult to treat.Cravings, and then, overeating to fulfill those cravings, can have a severe impact on your mental health as well as your self-esteem and social and personal life.

Side Effects of Overeating

Food cravings make you –

  • Eat more food
  • Eat even when you are full
  • Eat quickly during the binge
  • Feel that your eating is out of control
  • Feel ashamed of your eating
  • Feel depressed and anxious
  • Go on dieting without having any goal
  • Eat alone
  • Hide food boxes
 Most of the times, it is not the hunger that entices you to eat more; it is the taste of the food that cheers you up to go for another bite. Strong, recurring cravings are a blow to your fitness goals. When you make a move to satisfy your cravings, you actually overfeed yourself. Interestingly, it never gives you an energy boost. In fact, this is a journey that can give you obesity and round-the-clock tiresomeness. If you feel you are also on the same journey, here are 18 practical tips that will help you curb your frequently-occurring food cravings –

Tips to control food craving - Infographic

1. Notice when it triggers.

Food cravings are imaginary thoughts created by the human mind. You can win over it with the help your mind. Pay attention to the time of the day when you get cravings, and be ready for a battle with your own mind.

2. Be ready to confront those triggers.

Once you have noticed the time, you can easily take on and overlook your cravings. You can involve yourself in other activities, that are more important to you or that you enjoy doing.

3. Prepare a diet plan.

You can visit a weight-loss center or nutritionist for consultation and get a suitable diet plan for you. SlimmingStudios.com is a weight loss studio that offers medical and non-invasive weight-loss procedures.

4. Stick to this diet plan.

Getting a for-you-only diet plan isn’t going to put an end to your food cravings and overeating habits. You should strictly follow that plan. You could set alarms and notifications to make sure you miss your schedule.

Alternatively, you can ask a friend to join you in this battle. However, make sure that your friend gets a personalized diet plan to follow.

5. Have plans for those sudden cravings.

No matter how strong your determinations are, sometimes you get even stronger cravings that are harder to resist. In such situations, display of the strongest version of willpower will be required from you. You will need to say no to the call of the craving coming from inside.

6. Keep some cookies and candies.

Instead of hiding chips or cakes in your bag, you can keep some cookies and candies with you. They can be a great companion while you try to get over the habit of overeating.

7. Drink water when craving knocks in.

You can also try gulping a few glasses of water. First, it will give you energy. Second, it will help you kill your immediate cravings. And, third, water contains 0% fat.

8. Kill your inner coffee lover.

If you are trying to do away your overeating habit and lose excess body fat, you should cut down your coffee intakes. Leaving all types of caffeine can be vastly fruitful.

9. Take small portions.

Having control over your thoughts and needs is paramount. You can start with taking small portions of food to calm your cravings. Remember, small portions!

10. Go for something nutritious.

There is a wide variety of options that not only will satiate your cravings, but also will deliver a massive supply of nutrition. For example, if you want chocolates, you can have raw cocoa, nuts, fruits, or fruit seeds instead.

Similarly, if you crave for pasta or bread, you can take protein-rich foods such as meat, nuts, and beans.

11. Maintain a balance between your bad and good food habits.

Don’t make it all bad. Meaning if you are taking fries, then go for mayo-free salad as well. This will work like a morale booster. But remember, you have to take small portions of whatever you eat!

12. Don’t be regular on your junk food habits.

If regular, it will only worsen the situation. Gradually, you will get used to of breaking your diet plan. And sooner, you will be at risk of obesity and other health problems.

13. Don’t skip your breakfast.

When you skip your breakfast, you tend to eat more at lunch. That ultimately results in numerous health problems, including obesity.

14. Get enough sleep.

Sleeping on routine and schedule is essential. Apart from recharging you for the next day, sleeping helps keep your mind relaxed and productive throughout the day. Apparently, it will help you do away your bad habits.

15. Include protein-rich food.

Although your meal plan is designed to offer you complete nutrition, you can ask your physician or nutritionist to suggest you a protein-rich diet that keeps you full for longer.

16. Never get too much hungry.

Take your meals on time and have enough water. Not doing so makes you hungry – which sooner or later gives you cravings.

17. Say no to stress.

Believe it or not, people tend to eat more when they are stressed. Many studies have suggested so. Here is one such report on Eating Disorder, published by Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA).

18. Go nuts.

Just an ounce of nuts (assorted), plus a couple of glasses of water can postpone your cravings for few hours.

To end with, you should learn to tell yourself – NO or maybe, LATER. This is the best way to fight cravings without getting crazy over them. As said, cravings are a hallucination created by your mind. So, fight with it, you will need to give an even more strict order to your inner self by saying NO or LATER.

Got any other method of killing the cravings? Tell us, drop your comment now!

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