One shot for weight loss and wellness

6 Vitamin B12 Shots $240.00 $23.00

B12 injections work for people with the B12 deficiency, and most vegans are known to be B12 deficient as this vitamin is found mainly in animal products. But non-vegetarians are at same level of risk due to low absorption of B12 in the body leading to tiredness, lack of energy and lightheadedness.

Want to replenish your low B12 levels? We’ve got B12 shots. The B complex gives you plenty of energy and promotes the metabolism of fats through distributing and burning fat leading to weight loss subsequently. It also supports the health and functioning of blood, brain, heart, and nervous system. B12 is vital in a formulation of red blood cells which further helps in preventing fatigue. It also converts fat into energy by burning it as body fuel.

How it benefits?

  • Supports nerve tissues
  • Improves functioning of gallbladder and liver
  • Boosts energy
  • Increases metabolism

With a small change in your lifestyle and B12 shots, You can get a perfect look and body that you always dreamed of all your life. Slimming studios has experts with extensive knowledge about weight loss through B12 shots.