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Weight loss goal

7 Science-Backed Ways to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

Losing weight is hard and keeping it – is even harder. And this is the reason why experts always suggest to look for those weight loss methodologies which are long-lasting and effective. But what these struggling souls may not know is that losing weight is not that tough or hard to achieve. In fact, by deploying the right methods, weight loss goal can be achieved effortlessly and most importantly, effectively.  With these 7 science-backed ways learn how to achieve your weight loss goal.

  1. Start Each Day with A Motivational Phrase

Encouraging feedback is an extraordinary method to remain persuaded toward your goal. Saying things like “I can improve today or next time” will keep you progressively motivated and encouraged to meeting your weight loss goal or objectives

  1. Set Smaller Goals

Always set a smaller goal or target for yourself. Don’t choose unrealistic targets because then you might end up with unexpected results which again will be very discouraging for you.

  1. Write Your Goals Down Somewhere Visible

We all set targets for ourselves, some of which are far simpler to achieve than others. But if you want to make sure that you’ll remain inspired with your weight loss plan, you should write them and put them somewhere you’ll see regularly like on fridge, oven, study table or even at your office desk.

  1. Don’t Compare How You Look to Others

When it comes to weight loss plan then look out for some inspiring ideas. Weight loss is far beyond simply self-perception, so instead of idolizing or venerating somebody by what they look like, pick somebody who is a hotshot at the exercise centre—or possibly a health and nutrition blogger—to pursue.

  1. Don’t Follow A Controlled Diet

Sometimes controlled diets do work effectively at helping you keep weight off—but this comes at the cost of having to stay on them seemingly indefinitely. People who follow a controlled diet usually gain the weight back right after they end it. So, it’s a healthy suggestion that avoids following a controlled diet instead look for healthy food swaps to lose weight quickly.

  1. Reward Yourself When You Stay on Track

Nothing is more motivating than rewarding yourself for your own success.  When you learn to praise yourself for your small-small success only then, you feel motivated and this is how you can achieve your target easily. So, give yourself a metaphorical pat on the back and maybe have a cupcake after each successful pound drop.

  1. Up your fibre intake

Keeping yourself on track for your weight loss goal can be as simple as basic dietary move. A recent report demonstrated that simply expanding the fibre intake in your eating regimen is a straightforward and viable approach to improve your weight loss. Lentils, oats, chickpeas—slate these nourishments into your diet.

Keeping track of what you eat is another great way of tracking your diet plan. Try and save different healthy recipes that you know, you like and should make again. It can also help you meet your weight loss goals.

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6 Shocking Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight

6 Shocking Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight

Don’t feel like exercising? Craving for more food than usual lately? It wouldn’t be a surprise then if the number on your weighing scale climbs up when you stand on it. But, what if you’re doing everything right and still gaining weight? Let’s take a look at what might be going on:

Sleep Deprivation

If you’re up till late every night, odds are that you are helping yourself to late-night snacks, which means more calories at the wrong time. Not to mention when you’re sleep deprived, the changes in your hormone levels strike hunger and appetite and doesn’t let you feel full even after eating.

You’re Stressed

Is everything in life getting too intense? During such times your body goes into survival mode. Also, the stress hormone, cortisol is released, which enhances your appetite. Of course, you may go for high-calorie foods when stressed. Thus, leading to weight gain.


If you’re taking antidepressants, then you should be aware of one of its common side effects, weight gain. Request your doctor to make changes to your medication if you think your antidepressant makes you gain weight. However, don’t change it on your own. Sometimes you experience weight gain after beginning a drug treatment only because they make you feel better, and lead to an improvement in your appetite. Plus, depression itself can also cause a change in weight.


Anti-inflammatory steroids like prednisone are infamous for increasing weight. The main reasons being fluid retention and enhanced appetite. You may see a temporary change where the body holds fats while taking the drug – to places like the belly, face, or the back of the neck. For those who have consumed steroids for over a week, it’s recommended not to stop abruptly, as it could lead to serious problems.

Drugs that can cause weight gain

Aside from steroids, there are many other drugs that are associated with weight gain. For example, antipsychotic drugs used to treat disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Other medications to treat seizures, high blood pressure, migraines, and diabetes are also among this list. Consult your doctor to find a solution that treats your symptoms but with lessens side effects.


When the butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your neck doesn’t make enough thyroid hormone, you feel tired, cold, weak, and gain weight. If thyroid hormone is not enough, your metabolism slows down, making you gain more weight. Treating it may reverse some of the weight gain.

People who suffer from these conditions can join weight loss programs for quick results or go for other effective treatments such as super skinny shots, ultra-cavitation & radiofrequency treatment, laser therapy, lipotropic shots, and more.

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Amazing Drinks That Will Naturally Accelerate Your Weight Loss

Have you been working out? Following a strict diet? But not getting desired weight loss results? If you are wondering what else can help. We have just the solution. It’s mentioned every now and then that getting high on liquids aids in burning the stubborn fat. However, some liquids are far more effective in promoting weight loss than others. Here are some weight-loss friendly liquids that can help keep hunger pangs at bay and boost your metabolism.

Lemon and Honey Water

A lot of people start their day with lemon and honey water. This concoction seems to never fail. Lemon boasts acidic properties while honey’s cooling effects make this drink a power combination to serve as a morning weight loss drink.

Coffee with Lemon Juice

This caffeine loaded drink has several benefits for those who are looking to lose weight. Just add lemon juice to an espresso shot. Take this before your workout to boost your metabolism.

Turmeric Milk

Turmeric Milk is used as a remedy for cold in many cultures. Apart from healing different conditions, it works directly on genes that control fat storage and makes your body flexible.

Ginger Lemon Water

Ginger is a great ingredient if you wish to lose your tummy fat. It consists of gingerols, caffeic acid, and beta-carotene, which is useful. Additionally, it also contains antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Cumin Water

Another seed with plenty of antioxidants, cumin is excellent for weight loss. But be careful of the quantity you take, as it may produce heat in your body.

Aloe Vera Juice

Packed with the goodness of vitamins like A & C, aloe vera juice is useful for weight loss.

Apple Cider Vinegar in water

Apple cider vinegar’s acidic nature helps in quick weight loss by creating a healthy balance in the body. Drink it with warm water in the morning to shed those extra pounds.

Cinnamon and Apple

Apple and cinnamon are known to be packed with antioxidants. Add the two in your tea or warm water and draw its various benefits.

Cardamom Water

This gem is one of the most underrated weight loss drinks. Besides giving you the benefit of losing weight, you also get good skin and metabolism both of these take a toll when you go for crash diets and follow an exercise regime.

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These Science-Backed Tips Will Help You Lose Weight

Winter brings with it the need to wear a lot of clothes, along with the tendency of over snacking. With all those layers of clothes hiding our fat areas, we hardly pay attention to our eating habits in this season. Come springit’s again time to switch back to healthier eating habits and an active lifestyle. So if you’re looking to adopt healthy habits again, you’re in the right place. Here are a few science-backed tips to take off all that winter weight: 

Stay Motivated

Losing weight requires a long-term view. Even when you have reached your weight-loss goal, you must work hard to maintain it there. To keep striving for it, you need constant motivation. You can also join online medical weight loss programs by joining reputed places like Slimming Studios, which offers ultra slim diet pills. Apart from these two recommended strategies, you can also try B12 shots for weight loss. 

Take Veggies Now & Then 

Counting calories is an unnecessary habit if you get a few things in place. For example, have more whole foods like veggies. Keep a tab on overly processed and sugary eatables. Your goal should be to at least have a half-plate of veggies in lunch and dinner.  

Are you suffering from a veggie phobia? Start putting them into foods you enjoy. For starters, prepare a veggie smoothie, an omelet or a pasta dish with vegetables added in them. 

Would you like to drink something? Think again  

If you are looking for a quick weight loss winter sips like hot chocolate, cocoa is definitely off the menuSpring-time soft drinks, margaritas, coffee, lemonade, sports drinks, sweetened teas, and even iced lattes may be loaded with sugar, too. If you’re sipping these drinks regularly, it’s will be a good idea to cut down. 

Ideally, coffee and tea minus the sugary mix-ins is perfect for those with weight-loss goals. At outings or on weekends, basic alcoholic beverages like wine and beer with a target of one drink for women, two for men is good enough. It’s pretty obvious why we throw caution to avoid the greasy happy hour pizza or the after-dinner chocolate ice cream.  

One more thing that you may already know is how important it is to drink water regularly. It’s a great replacement for sugary drinks. Try a few spring fruits that can dull down your sugar cravings such as strawberries, kiwi, lemon, pineapple, and lime. 

Make a Snack Strategy

If you’re eating light breakfast and lunch but make up for it by snacking until dinner, it will interfere with your weight-loss goals. Similarly, if you snack by taking an after-dinner munch or dessert, again not great for weight loss goals. But if you eat meals with whole foods and veggies, you’ll feel comfortably satisfied for a few hours. Strategic snackers do not need snacks so often because they take their meals properly. Also, they snack when their meal is still a while away and they need some energy to keep them going. Another great strategy is to stick with whole food options. For example, take a peach with yogurt. Such great choices will keep your energy going to power your day. All the more, they will nourish your day with the substances you need to support your weight-loss goals. 

Have you tried Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting aligns your eating schedule as per your body’s hormones and metabolism. This structure of restrictive eating helps offset over snacking mode. Also, put a hard stop on eating before 2-3 hours of bedtime. This will help to curb late-night snacking and will ensure that you have the energy supplies when you need to use them, before sleep hours. Plus, this habit lets you sleep better, which also aids in weight loss. 

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Keto For Quick Weight Loss: Good or Bad?

Low carb, high-fat diet is trending among fitness enthusiasts these days. No wonder keto diet is gaining popularity. Keto brings a new twist to extreme weight loss, but the speculation remains whether it’s good or bad for your health. As they say, there’s a sunny and a dark side to everything. Mentioned below are some benefits and side effects of a keto diet that’ll help you decide if you should go for it:

Reduces Inflammation:

A profound benefit of a ketogenic diet is that it reduces inflammation. When the body burns ketones instead of glucose for energy, the amount of free radical production is reduced.  As a result, the inflammation decreases which in turn allows for more energy production and an efficiently functioning body. This results in the heightened ability of the body to heal in many different aspects.

Enhanced Fat Burning:

Ketosis means burning fat for energy. With this diet, people with excess body fat will be able to burn fat more efficiently. Some studies that show low carb diet is better than low-fat, high-carb diet for weight loss and improving lipid profiles.

Makes you Sharp and Improves Skin Clarity:

One of the most useful benefits associated with a ketogenic diet is that it makes your brain feel sharper. The neurological inflammation that is associated with depression, anxiety, and poor cognitive function is the reason. A ketogenic diet is a powerful tool to combat unnecessary inflammation. This benefit helps you with neurological disorders, thereby increasing your mental performance.

Environmental allergies, chemical exposure, chronic stress, hormone imbalance can all lead to skin conditions. Practicing a ketogenic diet can help in quickly reducing inflammation and accelerating healing.

Curbed Cravings:

People usually don’t realize how much they wait for their next meal. The intense hunger pangs and mood changes are all a result of chronic blood sugar instability, which signals your brain that you are starving. Thus, you feel the need for eating something NOW.

When you get into a state of ketosis, your blood sugar is balanced. Hence, your brain gets stable energy, and cravings are eliminated.

Studies have also shown that ketonic diet may have cancer-fighting and anti-aging benefits. While these benefits make Keto one of the most sought-after forms of weight loss diets, you must also be aware of its possible risks before you give it a shot.

The Keto Flu

Many people feel sick after starting ketosis. They can sometimes vomit, suffer gastrointestinal distress, lethargy, and a lot of fatigue. This is known as Keto Flu.  By drinking plenty of water, having organic coffee, green tea, and getting plenty of sleep, you can minimize the effects of keto flu.

Reduced Strength and Agility

Though some athletes claim that they have experienced better performance after taking a ketogenic diet, according to a study, participants’ performance who were on keto faltered on high-intensity cycling and running after four days. Also, if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you shouldn’t do keto without your doctor’s permission and close supervision. In Keto, you must be very careful about your blood sugar level, as it can trigger a dangerous condition called ketoacidosis.

Less Muscle Mass, Reduced Metabolism

Another side effect of a keto diet is the loss of muscle mass. This happens if you’re eating much more fat than protein. You might lose weight, but it will be a lot of muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so it may also affect your metabolism.

But as they say, an excess of everything is bad. Keto too should be exercised in the right manner with the right counseling. If you have a great physician to consult, it may even bring all its benefits without the harmful bit.

You can try Slimming Studios for their expertise. Get free consultation here and start your weight loss journey today.

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Don’t you wish to emulate Celine Dion’s hot body evolution?

She is an evergreen singer with a powerful voice and a glittering career. The “my heart will go on” star Celine Dion has recently been under the limelight for her tremendous body transformation. The diva recently shed a lot of pounds and looked visibly thinner. While many expressed concerns that the 50-year-old singer is shrinking away, Dion feels that she is “sexier” than ever.

The pop princess slammed her critics who believed she’s too slim in style and said, “I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine, and sexy. If I like it, I don’t want to talk about it,” she said. “Don’t bother. Don’t take a picture. If you like it, I’ll be there. If you don’t, leave me alone.”

Like Dion said, “I am doing this for me”. How about getting slim for yourself and not for anyone else? Like Celine, you can also have a body that you love and be confident about it.

So how about enrolling yourself in a weight loss program?

There are many ways in which you can meet your weight loss goals. But the faster you act, the smarter you are. We all have a limited number of years to look sensual, voluptuous, and radiant so why wait? Some of the non-invasive weight loss services available online are:

 B12 shots 

These shots boost your energy and are excellent for people who lack energy in their routine. Vitamin B12 enhances your metabolism and energy, which helps you meet your weight loss goals quickly.

Super Skinny Shot 

Always dreamt of sporting that super skinny denim? Good news is now you can wear it. With the super skinny shots available these days, you can shed those extra pounds. These shots are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals that trigger signals to control your cravings.

Ultrasound Cavitation & Radio Frequency Therapy

If you are looking to slim down and firm up particular areas of your body, UCRF is a result-oriented body contouring treatment. This procedure involves tightening your skin by using low-frequency sound waves to melt down the fat cells from your body.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

For people who desire that perfect silhouette, laser treatment can work wonders. This therapy uses low-intensity lasers to dissolve fat deposits in your body. The process reduces the size of fat cells that appear smaller and healthier later..

Lipotropic Shot

Lipotropic injections melt the fat by injecting a variety of nutrients in the body. These nutrients consist of fat-burning compounds like Inositol, Choline, Methionine and a large amount of B12 to help you metabolizing fat cells, controls appetite, and enhance energy levels.

You can try Slimming Studios for their expertise. Get free consultation here and start your weight loss journey today.

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Weight loss Tip: How To Juice Right For Weight Loss?

Juicing is trending on the internet and its breaking news for weight loss has left people in a real curiosity to delve deep into what can speed up their metabolism and get them back to desired weight goal.

Fresh juices are packed with the goodness of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants to name a few, a glass of juice gives you more than you can imagine. It boosts your immunity and prevents from a list of health issues.

When to consume and how much?

Juicing right is vital for all those who are interested in melting their fat away, it really works when you consume right amount at right time. Ideally, morning breakfast is the right time to consume juice as the body is fasting and getting detoxified after sleep. A 200 ml glass of juice is perfect to flush out all the intoxicates from the body which can be increased to another 100 ml once your body shows results. It is a great substitute for toast butter and other snacks in breakfast. You can also gulp down another glass in the evening to keep you full till dinner and to keep your sway from eating junk.

Here is our pick of best weight loss juices packed with goodness:

Carrot Juice for an immunity boost

Pick the season’s freshest carrots and blend them with half an orange and apple to get your weight loss cum energy booster drink ready. This tapering orange-colored root consumed as a vegetable is a great source of fiber, vitamin A, antioxidants which prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease and many heart-related problems. Due to the high amount to fiber in carrot, a glass of juices in breakfast keeps you full till lunch creating a calorie deficit without starving, isn’t great. Also, read benefits of eating carrot.

Celery Juice for a great detox

There are times when you’ve binged at a party and the next day, you’re looking for a cleansing drink to detoxify your gut while helping you burn those extra calories you’ve gained last night. This is one simple green detox drink with a perfect balance of fruits and vegetables to cleanse your system. Celery juice is linked with a number of health benefits.

Bring 2 green apples, 3 stalks celery (no leaves),1 cucumber, 8 leaves kale, 1/2 lemon, peeled, 1-piece fresh ginger, Sprig of mint (optional) in a blender and this abstract can help you reduce inflammation and promotes bile juice secretion to maintain weight loss.

Spinach and Kale for the well-being

How about a juice which promotes healthy skin, hair, and bones packed with the goodness of fiber promoting digestion and improving cardiovascular health? Grab the ingredients for creating perfect concoction for health and beauty. Blend 1 cup spinach, 2 stalks celery, 4 leaves kale, 1-piece ginger, 2 apples, 1 lemon in a jar and juice out. Kale has a dietary fiber which helps in curbing hunger pangs thus aids in weight control.

Red Zinger Juice for Zinger energy

Here is another great juice to thrive your weight loss efforts and get back to your best shape. Find a tasty yet healthy juice with a slight kick from lemons to enhance the cake, not just it tastes great, it is the powerhouse with good source of vitamins and minerals, such as folate, potassium, manganese, iron and vitamin C. Add and mix 2 lemons, 2 carrots, 2 apples, 2 beets to get your own zinger drink.

Juicing is a great way to cleanse your body and losing weight. This is quick and can be your on-the-go breakfast which promotes health and fitness.

Make this 2019 your healthiest year by embracing juicing as a morning routine and witness a tremendous change in you. The vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients provided in these juice cleanse recipes get quickly absorbed into your system, giving you a healthy boost right away.

Slimming Studios is your one-stop destination to get back to your shape this year. Obesity or overweight can make it difficult for you to lose weight. We’re here to offer you best weight loss treatments, body contouring treatments to sculpt your body to perfection.


7 Health Trends That Will Be Big This Year

The new year is finally here with a long list of New Year Resolution which tops the weight loss. Many people have reported gaining a lot of weight every time after the holiday season. Starting this 2019 with extra pounds isn’t a great idea. Here we’ve health trends that will make news this year to keep you fit and healthy.

Are you ready to unveil the best things before it becomes the latest fat, here is the list?

Diet for Mental Fitness

There has been a surge in mental disorders like depression, Alzheimer’s and more. There are various plants containing Lutein which is known to promote brain health and stop declining cognitive powers. Lutein is majorly found in plants like pumpkins, peas, broccoli, spinach, kale, corn, orange pepper, kiwi fruit, grapes, orange juice, zucchini, and squash. According to some early research taking 12 mg of lutein plus 800 mg of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) for 4 months can improve speaking and memory in older women.

Sugar Detox Diet

This year your taste buds might miss sugar as it will take a backseat with nothing to offer except empty calories. There are various ways to adopt a sugar-free lifestyle and diet which includes recipes and intake of natural sugar in form or fruits and veggies. Going sugar-free could leave a hell lot of benefits on your health like clear skin, better digestive system, weight loss and a boost in energy levels. High sugar levels in the diet is harmful for people with the history of diabetes in the family. Defeat the sweet tooth with sugar-free recipes, click here to read: https://bit.ly/2GYAyJY

Powerful Tahini

Do you know this underrated Tahini is a storehouse of many powerful nutrients? Tahini is nothing is sesame seed paste which has a similar consistency just like peanut butter. Tahini can be used a sauce, spread or a dip to compliment many dishes. The benefits are improved heart health as it is high on antioxidants, excellent for bone health and is known to prevent cancer. For Low Cal Recipes Read: https://bit.ly/2q89xbL

Wine all the way

Orange wine is creating a lot of buzzes around, unique orange wine can be defined as a skin-contacted wine which is slightly different in taste and texture. As it suggests, orange has heaps of benefits which boost immunity, keeps blood pressure under check, lowers bad cholesterol, and more. It looks like nicely brewed iced tea with strong colors.

Flexitarian Diet

Flexitarian Diet is all about being more flexible vegetarian. It helps in getting all the benefits of being vegetarian like low-calorie food, detoxifying salads, and greens, more calcium, iron, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids. Many celebrities like Ellen page, James Cromwell, Miley Cyrus have become vegetarians and they feel much more energized and happier about it. With flexitarian diet, you can gorge on eggs and meat only when you crave right just to balance the protein intake in your body. Being vegetarian has many benefits as it can protect you from many diseases like heart problems, Type2 diabetes, various types of cancer and more.

Slimming Studios is one stop solution to help you get the desired trim down look in 2019. If you are looking to shed some pounds then visit slimming studios and find a new you with our proven weight loss, body contouring treatments.

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5 Things You Should Do to Stick to New Year’s Resolution

January comes wrapped in New Year’s celebrations and bash! Often people keep resolutions which break more than any other goals in the entire year. But this time you can be a benchmark for family and friends by hitting a great start for this new year and sticking to your resolutions. You won’t feel hopeless just like another past year when you check health and fitness on the top of resolution list.

Contrary to the belief that new year resolutions are short-lived, sticking to new year’s resolutions are easy and manageable if you follow five simple steps to do it. For most U.S. people, weight loss tops their list. Burn those extra calories through exercising and engaging in any sports activities to look slim and gorgeous.

1. Start with small, attainable goals

Make small yet achievable resolutions, supposedly if you aim to exercise then keep it for 3-4 times a week instead of seven to make it easy. Reduce the start time of any new activity that you are likely to start. In recent research, if you reduce the start time to 20 seconds then it is more likely to use to the activit

2. Share your experiences

After you complete at least a week of sticking to new year’s resolution, you should share it with friends and family to get support. But ensure to say quietly before starting that.

3. Make it a habit

The general notion around making a habit would require 21 days which truly depends and varies from person to person. So, take your own time to convert an action into a habit, but do so.

4. Have a partner or Friend

Going to the gym with your partner or friend gives you the push to do it effectively and efficiently. Having a fitness partner by your side is great as you can participate in various other sports activities, running, Zumba, yoga and more. Your friend’s weight loss goals will motivate you as well.
While it’s fresh in your mind, your new year’s resolution don’t forget to track your weight loss and increase in fitness levels. Health should be monitored regularly to keep a close check.

5. Have a partner or Friend

If you are still waiting, then plan carefully by writing the pros and cons of resolutions. This sheet will later motivate you to accomplish them. Moreover, it’s important to reward yourself which doesn’t mean you to gorge on a box of chocolate, it means you should have a small bite to celebrate your weight loss.

Americans are quickly climbing up the graph of obese people in the world. Health risks such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and chronic kidney disease increase when a person’s BMI exceeds 23. Recent research indicates that if left unchecked, the rise in obesity could lead to future declines in life expectancy which makes weight loss significant for a healthier present and future.

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Tips To Reverse Holiday Weight Gain

This is that time of year where you are having time of your life which is all about get-togethers, pot-luck parties with friends and family. You love to enjoy these celebrations while indulging in high calorific food which could be devasting for your weight loss plan.

All you’ve done is gorged on your favorite classic holiday dishes and cheated your diet plan to the core which has left you worried and apprehensive about weighing yourself. It needs a lot of self-control to say no to those lip-smacking delicacies prepared by your friends and family.

We are here to help you overcome the binge-guilt with simple yet proven tips to reverse holiday weight gain. According to the England Journal of Medicine, an average person gains about a pound in the holiday season.
Without much ado, it’s time to jump to some of the best practices that will help you sweep over the extra pounds you gained during your holidays.

To shed some real-quick weight, you’ve to eliminate a minimum of 500 calories each day through diet or exercise.

1. Cut Down Meat and Add More Vegetables

Vegetables are always a safe shelter when looking to avoid or rid of extra body weight. They barely contain any harmful fat but are packed with dense and an excess of nutrients that help bring your life back on track after a spell of uncontrollable eating.
Moreover, they are the great natural tools to detoxify your body system. After detoxification, you can gear up for your next weight management efforts.

Now you know, why fruits and vegetables, especially, green leafy ones, – not meat, fish, and poultry items – are called superfoods.
To name a few, some of the best superfood options you have are spinach, red and green bell peppers, celery, tomatoes, grapes, oranges, melons, apples, bananas, cinnamon, ginger, and garlic.

2. Go for Homecooked Food

Prepacked food choices, no matter which brand or how healthy they seem, has such ingredients that make you crave for more. So, when you much more, you unquestionably gain some pounds. Takeaway and quick meals at hotels or restaurants lead to weight gain, and it would be smart to eat homecooked food to support your weight loss goals. Moreover, home cooked food is healthier and more hygienic for your body.

3. A Little Shift in Your Eating Habits

Watch your portion size, and you have seen widespread dinner-table grabs that were incredible to tempt your taste buds. However, it’s time to calm down “The Incredible Hulk “inside you to eat mindfully. If you start your day with a nutritious glass of orange juice or other, pour just 4 ouches instead of 8 and save at least 500 calories in a week. Also read Holiday Weight Gain Detox Recipes.

Reduce your portion size. However, never skip your meals.

4. Work Out

Skipped your workouts during holidays, didn’t you? Skipping exercises leaves a negative impact on your fitness or weight management journey, as asserted by weight loss experts and fitness trainers. Once you are back from holidays, consult your trainer and get back to your exercise regime religiously to ensure weight loss. You’ll need to put extra effort into getting back on your “That was me before Holiday Level.” You can also add more breaks to your work schedule o burn more calories. The average person burns 100 calories per hour sitting and 140 per hour standing. Make a point of being on your feet for at least two hours every day, and you could slash an extra 560 calories by the end of the week. Working people often find it difficult to exercise but we have some workplace workout routines that can help you shed weight and stay fit. Certified personal trainer and ISSA director of wellness John Rowley recommend this full-body exercise that utilizes just one prop: a chair! To start, place the chair behind you as if you’re about to take a seat, and do one jumping jack facing away from it. When you bring your feet back together, sit down upright in the chair. Stand and repeat 25 times. “This workout is so simple to do at home,” Rowley says. Do it every day, and you’ll burn 500 calories over the course of the week.

5.  Adequate Sleep

Partying till late in the holiday season often disrupts your sleeping pattern. Adequate hours of sleep play a significant role in maintaining physical and mental health. You can’t be physically fit until you are mentally fit. Getting enough sleep improves metabolism and gives you the energy to exercise more. Even studies suggest that a sound sleep on a regular basis aids in weight loss. You can also read the benefits of 9-hour sleep to gain more understanding of the benefits of 9-hour sleep. Inquisitive to read more, click here https://bit.ly/2P4ZYV4.

Follow them, and we are sure you’ll see a drop in your weight and circumference of your belly within a week.

If you still find it difficult to shed those extra kilos, we would welcome you to Slimming Studios a one-stop solution for all your weight management problems. Offering best body contouring and figure correction methods in Texas.
Call at 972-702-7546 to book your free consultation or know more!

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How To Shed 5 Pounds In Just Two Weeks?

The clock is ticking for all those looking for losing weight this holiday season. Sucking in your tummy while getting clicked or wondering to wear your gorgeous dress hanging in the closet, common problems? Don’t worry! These will disappear just like fat in your body. Santa won’t be doing exercise on your behalf, get up it’s time for some action.

All you do is follow some amazing tips to lose excessive weight. Now, fit in your favorite dress little black dress and look gorgeous.

Weight loss methods that promise quick weight loss are prone to rebound, so the tip is to maintain whatsoever you try and follow to refrain from weight gain. This is not going to be easy, but this would be worth your time and weight loss goal that you’ve been longing for years. Let your friends and family get to see the best version of you.

Leave your lethargy, get active

I know it’s easier said than done, but no way out when it comes to weight loss. Start with small and easy workouts to establish a habit of getting out of your comfort zone. Try running, it boosts your metabolism and immunity, helps in weight loss and improves blood circulation. It has many advantages beyond weight loss.  Add crunches, small brisk walk and push-ups to start with, you can do this at a local park, in your home or at the office. Keep a track by placing reminders on smartphones or through an app that reminds you to complete the session. Motivate yourself to bring the new you this 2019. Also read: how running can help you in weight loss?.

Daily exercise schedule for weight loss

Many fitness experts say everyday exercise regime burns more calories than 2-3 in a week. Try HIIT exercise which includes short intervals of exercise with maximum effort followed by recovery periods. With high-intensity exercise, the fat melts away and the fat burning-potential shoots up. As per Robin, an instructor at Soul to Sole Academy, HIIT forces your muscle to work harder and burn more fuel, perform better.

Gym looks Bored, try Zumba

If the gym scares you up after the first day at Gym, those heavyweights become a nightmare for you then you should try Zumba. Zumba is a feel-good way to improve your fitness in an effective way. It is also a great stress buster which invigorates and energize you. It is also found by people practicing Zumba that it makes them feel lively and improves their strength. The simple anthem is shrunken while you dance. It improves flexibility and keeps various muscle and bone problems at bay.

Stop Binge eating

Binge eating specially to award yourself after a tough workout, a big no-no for weight loss. Don’t get fooled by your senses, it is just a way to add more calories to your system. Simply try to avoid such hunger pangs or cravings by adding more fibre to your diet. It keeps you full and satisfied for long.  Add fresh fruits or blend them with Greek yogurt to get a smoothie. Such weight loss smoothies are hunger busters and a great help in weight loss. Read Detox drink recipe for weight loss.

Check your plate before you eat.

Add a moderate amount of carbohydrates to serve ample energy to your body, also eat proteins and vitamins every day to support your activity schedule. It is important to check calories. Every weight loss journey is supported by creating a calorie deficit to see a noticeable difference. There are a variety of fad diets like Keto, Mediterranean and more, each of them is based on creating a calorie deficit to create a save mode in the body.

You now have a plan to add more exercise in your daily schedule with fewer calories to lose weight.

Slimming Studios can be your one-stop destination for weight loss. We have an array of weight loss services, body contouring treatments, figure correction methods using non-invasive procedure and medical weight loss. Each weight management program is personalized for you to fit your lifestyle and everyday routine.

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5 Tea Recipes To Lose Weight Naturally!

It’s international Tea Day Tea lovers! We are celebrating this international tea day with a series of weight loss tea.

Weight loss with tea is not new, you might have heard it from various health experts across the town. You might be overwhelmed with the variety of options for weight loss tea, but we have the ones which can help you lose weight.

The secret to weight loss is stored in your refrigerator. Let’s try them and renovate your every day.

Ginger is known to be the healthiest spice in the world, it has bioactive compounds and is a house or many powerful nutrients that improve mind and body. Widely used in traditional and alternative medicine, this power packed food is highly used for an extra kick of endorphin.

Weight loss Tea

Ginger Tea

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Serves: Three


  • 2-inch piece fresh ginger, thinly sliced
  • 2 stalks lemongrass, green tops removed then pale ends finely chopped
  • 3 cups water
  • 3 tablespoons honey


  • Bring ginger, lemongrass, and water to a boil in a saucepan.
  • Remove from heat and add honey, stirring until dissolved.
  • Let mixture steep partially uncovered for about 15 minutes.
  • Strain lemongrass and ginger from tea and serve immediately.

Nutritional Value: 60

For an extra kick of endorphins, add a teaspoon of chili powder to the mix. Beyond the common usage of cough and cold, ginger is widely used for weight loss drinks. This is a great way to saye.

Detox Green Tea

Binging in this festive season can leave you feeling bloated and ruining your weight loss goals. This detox green tea is a perfect blend of best weight loss ingredients available right there in your kitchen. This also cleanses and detoxify your system. It just a few minutes thing.


  • 1 green tea bag
  • 1 slice lemon
  • 1 tsp honey or stevia
  • 2 strawberries, sliced
  • 2 slices cucumber


  • Use green tea or a green tea bag and boiling water, brew 8-10 fluid ounces of water to make green tea.
  • Chill green tea in a refrigerator for 5 minutes. Add cucumber, lemon, strawberries and honey or stevia.
  • Stir to mix ingredients and add ice if desired.
  • Drink daily as a natural detox to rid your body of toxins and for healthy digestion.

Nutrition Value: Calories: 9

This detox concoction perfectly fits in your daily schedule, especially on those festive nights.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Serves: One

Apple Cider Vinegar Brew

Apple Cider Vinegar also is known as ACT is counted as one of the best weight loss drink. It is present in your diet in one form or the other. But now, we’ve a tea out of ACT. Want to know how ACT helps in weight loss, read here: https://bit.ly/2RQQqiE

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Serves: Three


  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup unfiltered apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 wedge lemon


  • Bring water to a boil.
  • Combine hot water and apple cider vinegar in a small glass or mug.
  • Add honey and cayenne pepper. Stir well. Top off with a squeeze of lemon.
  • Take a deep breath of the mixture, and start drinking.

Nutritional Value: 66 calories

Boost your metabolism, suppress appetite with this magic portion called ACT. It’s a great drink to sip in winters.

Soothing Sage Tea

Sage is all yours if you seem to suffer from digestive issues, bloating and related problems. Yes, this is unbelievable but true. Sage helps in stomach pain, heartburn aka acid reflux. It offers a variety of health benefits in addition to weight loss. This anti-oxidant member of a mint family is highly beneficial for people looking for weight loss. It aids your weight loss effort and makes it easier for you.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Serves: Three


  • 1 1/2 cups hot water
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried sage
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1/4 teaspoon fresh lemon zest
  • Juice from half lemon
  • Honey, to taste


  • Combine hot water, sage, thyme, and lemon zest.
  • Cover and let the mixture steep for 5-15 minutes.
  • Strain into another glass and add lemon juice and honey. Serve immediately.

Nutritional Value: 60 Cal

Hibiscus-Earl Grey Iced Tea

Hibiscus is a flower which comes packed with health benefits, you might not aware of. It is a great reliever from high blood pressure, Bad cholesterol and works wonders on your digestive and immune system. Moreover, it is anti-inflammatory properties helps in curing liver diseases and reduces the risk of fatal health problems like cancer. Hibiscus is also known for speeding up metabolism which further helps in gradual weight loss. Now, on this international Tea Day, we are presenting a tea made out of hibiscus, sip in the benefits.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Servings: 8


  • 2 quarts water (preferably filtered)
  • 6 Earl Grey tea bags (or 6 teaspoons loose leaf tea in an infuser)
  • 1/2 cup dried hibiscus blossoms


Combine all ingredients in a lidded jar or pitcher and refrigerate for at least two hours and overnight. A shorter brewing time yields a lighter drink, while a longer brewing time intensifies the color and flavor.

Strain and chill until ready to serve.

Nutritional Value: 60 Cal

Slimming Studios is a one-stop destination for all your weight loss problems and issues. If you are moved by the information and want to shed excess weight to stay fit and healthy then we can be of great help. We provide weight management and figure corrections through non-invasive procedures, medical weight loss, Nutritional counseling to give you a gift of good health and well-being.

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Why You’re Not Losing Weight With Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting

Weight Loss is the most trending thing in America with almost 246,000 searches on Google to know its benefits. This has gained traction after the alarming surge of obese people. Intermittent fasting or IF is not like other yo-yo diets, it is a restricting pattern of eating to create a calorie deficit for weight loss. You know there is only one rule for weight loss even if you go for exercise or diet, is through a calorie deficit. Read how you can create a calorie deficit. If you haven’t lost weight even after trying intermittent fasting for weight loss, then you must be missing out something.

There are various aspects of IF you should be knowing, everybody has different metabolic rates and how they react on fasting depends on that.

What are the various types of fasting methods?

The 16/8 Method: This method gives you a feeding window of 8 hours where you can eat from 12 noon to 8 pm, and for the rest hours you are on a fast. You must skip breakfast in this method.

Eat-stop-eat: This method, it involves keeping fast for one or two days a week, it depends on you to fast from dinner to the next day’s meal or use the same pattern for lunch.

Alternate day fasting: This method involves fasting 24 hours and usual eating, your regular meals for the next 24 hours. You can only consume 25% of your daily calories on the fasting day.

The Warrior Method: This involves 20 hours of fast and four hours of fasting, the feeding hours are usually the late-night hours.

The 5:2 Diet: You eat 500 to 600 calories for two days in a week and usually eat the other 5 days.

If you stick to your regular diet for all those non-fasting days, this intermittent fasting can really reduce your belly fat and shed extra weight you’ve been carrying around for years. The basic rule- Don’t compensate. Read and try these detox drinks.

Intermittent fasting is trending these days which has helped people to shed extra weight and get back to their shape. It really works on carb craving to give you results.

How intermittent fasting works for you?

The mechanism is simple to understand, your body stores the extra energy in the form of fat in our body which later takes the shape of flab on the body. The body needs the power to complete the everyday activities and when you don’t eat then body metabolizes the fat areas to provide an ample amount of energy to the body. This is how fasting helps in weight loss. Moreover, when you fast the insulin levels go down drastically leading to fat burning. You can easily lose 2-3 pounds in a week with intermittent fasting. Learn more about Nutrition and Intermittent Fasting.

What might you be missing out?

  • Cravings can only be tackled with Water, so drink plenty. Also, you can squeeze lime to it to curb the cravings. You can even gulp down the calorie-free drinks like tea or
    coffee without sugar to get in shape.
  • A small dose of caffeine in morning and evening can make this IF thing way simpler by suppressing your appetite and restricting you from eating.
  • Track what you eat, the tendency to gorge on your first meal after the fast is normal, all you need to do is add plenty of salad to your plate to feel full.
  • Reduce the intake of processed food like rice, pasta, bread to make IF more effective.
  • Always visit a doctor or a health expert if you are popping pills for any health problem.
  • Don’t ignore multi-vitamins, make sure your diet is rich and nutritious. If still, you feel the lack of energy in the body, switch to multi-vitamins.
  • Not only weight loss, but intermittent fasting also provides the following benefits:
  • It lowers the inflammation
  • Better management over blood sugar levels and lower the risk for diabetes
  • Improves detoxification
  • Improves Heart Health
  • Reduces the risk of cancer
  • Improves brain function and lower risk of dementia
  • Better recovery from workouts
  • Less harmful effects of aging or stress.
  • Anti-Aging

Although, IF is a conventional method for weight loss, this has always done wonders to the body by detoxifying it. You can not only lose weight, but you can also look gorgeous and healthy with IF.

With IF, you could try various non-invasive procedures to tone down the sagging skin while losing weight. Now, get your fittest body ever with Slimming Studios. We have a range of non-invasive, body contouring procedures to help you shed weight and get rid of fat flab.

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Celebrate This Sushi Day With Low-Carb Sushi Recipe

Sushi is a Japanese delicacy made with perfection and love, a mouthwatering dish made with rice, choice of fish and vegetables. People across the world love sushi as it is a house of health benefits and offers so many varieties. The seaweed wrapper which is used to wrap sushi is rich in iodine. Seafood is the main ingredient of the dish that contains omega-3 fatty acids and selenium in large quantities. The other fruits and vegetables make it more nourishing and beneficial to maintain health and weight loss. Fish is an excellent source of protein, and it is low in fat which makes it a perfect option for weight loss and keeps you healthy and active.

Sushi is always considered to be a little higher on carbs as it has rice in it, but here we are featuring low-carb sushi for you to relish it more and maintain your weight loss goals. Preparing and rolling sushi is an art, and people love to learn the art of making sushi.

This no rice sushi is incredibly simple and nutritious and require just 15 minutes from your busy schedule. Take notes!

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Serving: serves ten people with four pieces each

Nutritional Value: 80 calories per serving, fat per serving 5gm, Total carbs per serving 4gm, net carbs per serving 2gm, fiber 2gm, sugar per serving 1 gm, Protein 6 gm.


  • Smoked Salmon, eight oz
  • Red pepper, large, ½ a cup
  • Cucumber, one medium size
  • Avocado, one medium size
  • Seaweed snacks, 40 sheets
  • Water


  • Dice the cucumber and red peppers in thin matchstick pieces with a length of seaweed sheet and 1/4th size wide. Cut the avocado and salmon into same length but little wider. You’ll need almost 20 pieces of the equal length of seaweed snack sheet.
  • Take a cutting board and arrange a row of 5 seaweed sheets in a single layer, keep a small bowl with cold water and use it to wet the short edge of each seaweed sheet using brush or fingers. Place salmon, red pepper, cucumber and avocado on the other side of seaweed sheet.
  • Repeat step 2 for the entire row, once you are done with the arrangements. Roll the sheet against the wet end to seal the roll. Place seal side down to ensure it doesn’t open on to a plate.
  • Repeat steps to make more sushi rolls with seaweed snack sheets.

Recipe Credit: Wholesome Yum

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4 Low-Fat Clean Eats For 4th Of July

We celebrate Independence Day with all our family and friends, and it’s about good food, fun, and fireworks for us. The get-togethers and picnics offer a not-so-healthy menu that can spoil one’s weight loss goals. These barbecue parties serve food with the high calorific value which can lead to weight gain after the celebrations are over.

But don’t you worry, we are here with our quick and healthy recipes to help you in shedding those extra pounds and maintain weight loss goals. Binge on the healthy bites and make the most of Independence Day celebrations.

A famous quote from La Rochefoucald says:

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”    

Here, we are sharing with you a list of four delectable recipes to celebrate and relish.

1: Red, White, and Blueberry Fruit Skewers

Feel the freshness of fruits and maintain weight loss goals with fruit skewers.
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Nutritional Value: 53 calories, 0.1g fat, 13.5g carbs, 0.7g protein per skewer.


  • Bananas, three large and cut into pieces
  • Strawberries,13 large, hulled and cut in half
  • Blueberries, about 1/2 cup
  • Wooden skewers, 9


Take one skewer, string one-half strawberry followed by banana piece and repeat it. Fill the remaining space with blueberries. Make five skewers in this pattern.

First, string the half strawberry followed by banana piece till the skewer gets filled, make four skewers of the same pattern.

Place the skewers in the order shown on a platter like the American flag. Serve immediately.

Note: Save banana from browning by dipping it into the mix of 1 cup water and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice before skewing it.

2: Red, White and Blue Salsa

Enjoy the crunchiness and savory of sweet berries and jicama with this quick and simple salad. Complete your party with a nutritious salsa.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Nutritional Value: 51 calories per serving, Total fat 0.3g, Sugar 6g.


  • Fresh blueberries, 1 cup
  • Strawberries, diced, 1 cup
  • Jicama, diced, 1 cup
  • Cilantro, chopped, 1/3 bowl
  • Red onion, chopped, 1/4 cup
  • Jalapeno pepper, chopped, seeded, 2 tablespoons
  • Lime juice, 1 large
  • Salt to taste
  • Tortilla chips


Take a bowl to add blueberries, strawberries, jicama, cilantro and rest of the ingredients. Add salt as per taste and serve salsa with tortilla chips at room temperature. You can also go with grilled fish or chicken to add more to salsa. Eat fresh.

3. Mini Berry Cream Pies

Try this quick and healthy dessert to maintain your body. This recipe plays best for potluck parties or get-togethers. Keep them handy in a tray and serve well.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Nutritional value: 33 calories, 2 g fat (1 g saturated), 0 g fiber, 3 g carbohydrates, 1 g protein.


  • Whipped cream, 1/4 cup
  • Sugar, 2 teaspoons
  • Nonfat Vanilla Greek Yogurt, 1/4 cup
  • Mini phyllo cups,15, frozen
  • Blueberries,15, fresh
  • Raspberries,15, fresh


Take a small bowl and beat cream until it gets into soft form. Add sugar and beat until stiff. Add more yogurt and divide it among phyllo cups. Place the cups in a tray and top them with one blueberry and one raspberry each. Refrigerate up to 4 hours.

4: Grilled Blackberry, Strawberry, Basil and Brie Pizza Crisps

Who doesn’t love pizza? Rock the party with our healthy take on pizza.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

Nutritional Value: Calories 138 kcal, total fat 7g, saturated fat 3g, Cholesterol 14mg.


  • Olive oil, 1/4 cup
  • Basil chopped, 16 leaves, divided into two parts
  • brie sliced, 8-12 ounces
  • Strawberries, chopped, 1 (1/2)  cups
  • Blackberries, 3/4 cup
  • Pepper, 1/2 teaspoon
  • Balsamic Honey Glaze
  • Balsamic vinegar, 1/2 cup
  • Honey, 3 tablespoons


Make the dough at least 2 hours before the final recipe. Prepare the honey balsamic gaze by adding balsamic vinegar and honey to the saucepan and cooking it till half at slow flame. It will take 10-15 minutes.

Preheat the grill and place pizzas, don’t place it more than 2 minutes. Bubbles on the dough signify the right way to grill, use tongs to remove pizza and repeat it with remaining pizza rounds.

When all the pizzas are ready, turn the heat on the grill down to medium. Top the grilled side of pizza slices with brie, leave a ½ inch border so that brie doesn’t melt over the rack. Add blackberries and chopped strawberries and grill them again for 3 to 5 minutes. Garnish it with fresh basil and drizzle on the honey balsamic glaze. Place the berries in the pattern shown in the picture to give it a flag look.

Get ready for the 4th of July, you all with scrumptious American recipes that are healthy and low-cal. Share your clean eats with your folks without any guilt and maintain weight loss.

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Here’s Slimming Studios wishing you a very Happy 4th of July!

Celebrate World Chocolate Day With Recipes Under 100 Calories

Who doesn’t like chocolate, but this divine thing comes loaded with a lot of calories. Is this your reason to avoid it so far? Now, what if you can savor this indulgent and decadence chocolate without gaining many calories and spoiling your weight loss goals. Unbelievable? No, it’s true. With our delicious chocolate recipes in less than 100 calories, we are giving you another reason to feel good about losing weight.

Do you know eating chocolates can help you with weight loss? A small amount of chocolate every day can help you in dealing with your hunger pangs and increases your nutritional value as well. It contains flavanols which lower the blood sugar and decreases the body fat. It helps in alleviating stress by uplifting mood. Stress is among the major causes of weight gain as you binge on certain foods to control your stress levels. Dark chocolates are known for controlling appetite, one 3.5-ounce bar of 70% dark chocolate contains around 16% of your daily recommended fiber intake. Choosing chocolate over candies with empty calories is an astute decision for people looking for weight loss.

Now our delectable chocolate recipes in less than 100 calories will let you devour chocolate dishes without any guilt.

1. Chocolate-covered brownie bites

Satisfy your chocolate cravings with bite-sized brownie dipped into melted chocolate to feel good.
Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes

Nutritional Value: 38 calories; 2 g fat (1 g sat); 0 g fiber; 6 g carbohydrates; 0 g protein; 1 mcg folate; 4 mg cholesterol; 5 g sugars; 5 g added sugars; 13 IU vitamin A; 0 mg vitamin C; 2 mg calcium; 0 mg iron; 7 mg sodium; 21 mg potassium.


  • Brownies, 18-inch square pan chilled, cut into 1-inch squares
  • Chocolate Chips, semisweet or bittersweet, melted

Take a brownie square and dip the half of it in the melted square and place it on a baking sheet lined with parchment or wax paper to refrigerate until the chocolate is set for about 30 minutes. (Reheat the chocolate to keep it melted)

2.Chocolate Nut Bark

Chocolates and nuts make a heavenly combination that will leave you enchanted with happiness.
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes

Nutritional Value: 74 calories; 5 g fat(2 g sat); 1 g fiber; 7 g carbohydrates; 1 g protein; 5 mcg folate; 0 mg cholesterol; 5 g sugars; 5 g added sugars; 0 IU vitamin A; 0 mg vitamin C; 10 mg calcium; 1 mg iron; 1 mg sodium; 67 mg potassium.


  • Chocolate Chips, semisweet, bittersweet or milk, 2cups
  • Assorted Nuts such as hazelnuts, almonds and cashew, 1½ cups

Take a bowl, add melted chocolate and nuts. Line a rimmed baking sheet with foil and ensure no wrinkle to make horizontal bars, scrape the mixture on the foil and spread it to form a rectangle of 12-by-19 inches. Garnish it with finely chopped and refrigerate until set for about 20 minutes.
Transfer hardened bark with foil to a cutting board, using a sharp knife cut it into 1½ inch pieces. Your chocolate nut bar is ready.

3.Peanut Butter & Pretzel Truffles

The sweet and salty combination is drool-worthy and rich in nutrients as well.
Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 2 hours

Nutritional value: 64 calories; 4 g fat (1 g sat); 1 g fiber; 5 g carbohydrates; 2 g protein; 6 mcg folate; 1 mg cholesterol; 3 g sugars; 2 g added sugars; 8 IU vitamin A; 0 mg vitamin C; 11 mg calcium; 0 mg iron; 53 mg sodium; 65 mg potassium.


Peanut Butter, crunchy, ½ cup
Milk chocolate chips, melted, ½ cup
Pretzels, salted, finely chopped, ¼ cup


Take a small bowl, combine peanut butter and pretzels and mix well. Freeze it until firm for about 15 minutes. Make 20 balls from the solid mixture (take about one teaspoon each). Place them on the baking sheet with parchment and wax paper and freeze until hard until one hour. Roll the frozen ball in melted chocolate and ensure the extra chocolate drip in the bowl. Freeze the chocolate to set for about 30 minutes.
Your delicious and mouth-watering truffles are ready to relish!

4. Strawberry Nutella S’mores

We are giving a healthy twist to classic s’mores by adding chocolate-hazelnut spread with lemon thins instead of graham crackers making it more delicious and divine.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

Nutritional Value: 76 calories; 3 g fat(1 g sat); 1 g fiber; 13 g carbohydrates; 1 g protein; 3 mcg folate; 2 mg cholesterol; 8 g sugars; 7 g added sugars; 2 IU vitamin A; 8 mg vitamin C; 16 mg calcium; 0 mg iron; 21 mg sodium; 22 mg potassium


  • Marshmallow, 1
  • Lemon thins, 2
  • Strawberry slices, 2
  • Chocolate-hazelnut spread, ½ teaspoon


Toast marshmallow over the fire and spread chocolate spread on lemon thins, top it with marshmallow, strawberry and another slice of lemon thin.
Enjoy the healthy twist!

For the first three recipes, we ‘ve got a tip for you

Tip to melt chocolate: Microwave chocolate on medium setting for 1 minute and stir in between every 20 seconds, until melted. You can also use a double boiler over hot water to melt chocolate.

You can prepare the first three of them and store it in the refrigerator for up to 1 month.
Now you don’t have to stay away from your god’s nectar, savor your taste buds with low-calorie recipes to maintain your weight loss efforts.

Recipe Credits: Eating Well

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4 Must try recipes of Grapefruit under 100 Calories.

4 Must Try Recipes Of Grapefruit Under 100 Calories

Now you know all the benefits of grapefruit. The next question crops up in your mind is grapefruit and its preparations. We are here to invigorate your senses with the freshness of season’s best pick. Try these lip-smacking recipes at home and lose more weight with the benefits of grapefruit. Take notes:

Slim Down Smoothie

Smoothie is a perfect option to kick-start morning, sip-in this on-the-go smoothie and feels the tangy delish taste of this grapefruit smoothie. This smoothie is packed full of vitamins and nutrients, so it’s great for breakfast. Moreover, grapefruit and pineapple are both thought to have fat burning and metabolism boosting properties, it will provide an extra boost to your weight loss goals.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Nutrition: 95 calories, 1 g fat ((0.5 g saturated), 36 mg sodium, 18.1 g carbs, 1.3 g fiber, 14.7 g sugar, 3.7 g protein


  • Orange Juice, 12 oz
  • Red Grapefruit, 1 Dole
  • Pineapple, frozen, 1 cup
  • Strawberries, frozen, 1 cup
  • Vanilla Greek Yogurt, 1 cup
  • Handful of Ice


Take all the ingredients in a jar and blend it until smooth. Add ice and serve.

Broiled Grapefruit Brown Sugar Honey

If you think desserts gives you more calories, then you haven’t made this one with grapefruit. A sweet lip-smacking dessert in just 81 calories to tempt your taste buds with the divine flavor of grapefruit with honey and brown sugar for a flat belly.

Preparation time: 6 minutes
Nutrition: 81 calories, 0 g fat (0 g saturated), 3 mg sodium, 21 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 17.7 g sugar, 1 g protein.


  • Brown Sugar, 1 tablespoon
  • Cinnamon,1 teaspoon
  • Honey, 1 teaspoon


  • Take a bowl, mix brown sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle it on the two halves of grapefruit
  • Next drizzle honey on the same set of halves to bring more sweetness to the tangy grapefruits
  • Broil the grapefruit by placing them on a cookie sheet in an oven for 4-6 minutes on a standard temperature. Make sure you keep track of temperature to ensure they don’t get burnt. After broiling the juices and the tartness of grapefruits will just come out to you. You’ll end up making this dessert as your breakfast staple

Homemade Grapefruit Jello

Homemade grapefruit jello

If you are looking for something healthy and refreshing with a minimal amount of sugar then grapefruit Jello is for you. This will drench your taste buds with flavors of fresh fruit in form of jello. A simple and quick bite-sized jellos for weight loss.

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Nutrition: 34 calories, 0 g fat (0 g saturated), 5 mg sodium, 6.7 g carbs, <1 g fiber, 6 g sugar, 2.4 g protein


  • Grapefruit juice, 1 ½ cup
  • Unflavoured gelatine,1/2 oz, 2 packets
  • Sugar, 1 tablespoon
  • Water, ¾ cup


  • First, start with sprinkling the gelatine over 1 cup of the grapefruit juice and mix it well till it gets soften for like 5 minutes
  • Heat the mix of water and sugar and continuously stir it to dissolve sugar until water comes out to be simmer
  • Pour the hot liquid over the mix of juice and gelatine and to maintain the consistency, add remaining ½ cup juice
  • You can pour it in individual serving cups or on to the glass pan.
  • Refrigerate until completely firm, several hours
  • Once they get firm, cut them into bite-sized cubes

For a perfect jello slice, you can dip a knife in a very hot water before each cut to ensure a finely diced jello. To maintain the taste and shape, keep them refrigerated as gelatine will eventually turn them back to liquid.

Detox Mint Tea

Detox Mint Tea

Tea is known for its soothing power and relished in a pleasant weather. When you drink tea you’ll feel bored of the usual blends, we’ve come up with a creative blend of grapefruit honey mint tea. It is a great substitute of caffeine and its darn tasty hot bevy.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Nutrition: 38 calories, 0 g fat (0 g saturated), 9.8 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 9 g sugar, <1 g protein


  • Mint, 2 sprigs
  • Water, 3/4 cup
  • Fresh grapefruit juice, 3/4 cup
  • Honey, 1 1/2 teaspoons


  • Take a small pot, add mint sprigs and water to it. Heat over medium heat and bring to boil.
  • Cut and squeeze the juice of grapefruit to the boiling water till it reduces to simmer.
  • Simmer for about 2-3 minutes, then remove sprigs of mint. Add grapefruit juice and honey. Adjust portion of honey based on desired sweetness.
  • Pour into a mug and garnish with extra mint, if desired. Enjoy warm.

I hope I’ve given you a list of healthy recipes using grapefruit for weight loss and well-being. Stay tuned for more recipes coming next week.

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How super skinny shots can help you in losing weigh

How To Get Super Crazy Energy With Fat Melting Like Anything?

Are you tired of spending big bucks on crash diets and treatments to melt fat away? Still got no results. Don’t worry.

You’ve landed at a right place. The imbalances in the body might be the reason for not getting the results you want. However, don’t lose hope. We’ve super skinny shots.

Super Skinny shots are causing quite a stir in the industry for providing effective and lasting weight loss results.

How do super skinny shots work?

It is a common question from people who have gained knowledge about these. Yes, it does. The skinny shot is a unique formula that comprises liver supporting nutrients known for stimulating metabolism, providing ample energy and balancing hormones. It also delivers essential amino acids and small amounts of B12, methionine, choline, and inositol to melt the unwanted fat in the body.

Hold your chairs while we disclose, how super skinny shots can help you in losing more weight that you can think?
It is not just an injection, one shot for total body fat blast that brings crazy energy you’ve been looking all this while.

Benefits of super skinny shots are:

  • Helps in burning fat
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Builds muscles mass
  • Burn more calorie with the same exercises
  • Speed up weight loss

Super skinny shots in conjunction with exercise routine  and a balanced diet help you in achieving your weight loss goals.

Why should you opt for Super Skinny shots?

Anyone who is healthy and looking for quick weight loss results can take super skinny shots. Combining shots with medical weight loss program leads to realistic and lasting weight loss as the vitamins, and amino acids from the shot increase the effectiveness of the program.

We know you are thrilled to take the decision, but before making any decision, ensure you visit experts to check whether you are fit for shots or not based on your health conditions.
Super skinny shot reviews have been positive, and people have experienced a noticeable change in their body.

We are proud to offer super skinny shots as one of our proven range of injections that we provide at Slimming Studios to achieve perfect slender body.

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Forskolin: A Real Deal For Weight Loss

Obesity or overweight is no surprise in the USA, around one-third of Americans are either obese or carrying excessive weight around them. Everybody knows the harmful effects of obesity but most of them have no time to improve their health status leading to various issues.

In a recent survey, nearly 78 million adults and 13 million children in the US are dealing with side effects of obesity on physical and emotional health. You’ll find many reasons to blame such as sugary drinks and an expanded meal size with high calorific value, lack of any fitness activity aggravates the entire risk and situation.

Even after knowing every way of losing weight under the sun, Often, people find it difficult to fetch out time to kickstart their weight loss journey. Now, with weight loss supplements like Forskolin, you can think of losing pounds without spending time in the gym and creating puddles of sweat on the floor. It can simply fit in your lifestyle and everyday routine.

what is Forskolin?

Forskolin is a natural plant extract which is produced by Coleus Forskohli, it is a part of a genus of mint and is found in subtropical reasons of Africa and India. It is also called an ayurvedic medicine that burns the fat. Over the internet, this is also referred to as magical pills or a miracle flower and is known to be very useful for weight loss and management.

If you dive deep into the research, studies have revealed that this weight loss supplement doesn’t just promote weight loss, it prevents weight gain as well. It became a word of mouth after it got featured on the Dr. Oz Show in January 2014.

Sounds interesting, right? Let’s learn more about Forskolin, is it good or bad?

The primary health benefit it offers is weight loss.

How it helps in burning fat?

It is the most trending weight loss pills that people are gravitating to for weight loss that lasts longer.

Consuming Forskolin in right dosage is just like lining a furnace in the body to burn fat, it begins by working on fat areas and flab of body like arms, belly, and thighs to make them look lean and slim. Combing with right exercise and nutrition improvise the weight loss efforts and results.

There are two types of body fat. Subcutaneous fat is fat that is soft under the skin, and the hidden visceral fat is the inner fat that surrounds the organs. It is significant to lose fat in the stomach area as visceral fat is active and generates hormones that hold fat which further contributes to the health problem like heart diseases and kidney problems.

It is where Forskolin takes center stage, burns fat from the inside and at same time increase muscle mass. The fat is gone, and muscle mass stays longer, and only the lean muscle is left behind.

Benefits of Forskolin

Forskolin has been reviewed by people to offer the following benefits:

  • It cures digestive problems like stomach aches and gastric and intestinal spasms.
  • It is also helpful for skin treatments for issues like burns, wounds and allergic reactions
  • It also treats neck stiffness
  • It improves Heart and blood circulation conditions
  • Reduces the blood pressure and lowers the blood sugar levels

You can also check customer reviews here!

Aren’t you excited to start it right now but wait, make the entire program safe? You first go for a consultation with a health expert before starting off with any weight loss supplements. Slimming Studios is born out of the idea to create better health and wellness program for people across America. They provide all kind of weight loss services under one roof including weight loss supplements like Forskolin. Buy Forskolin online and book a free appointment with the health expert.

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Do Diet pills Work Without Exercise

Do Diet Pills Work Without Exercise?

Americans struggle with one of the most significant health issues of this time-Obesity. With just three months to a new year and a fresh start, you will be focusing on new year resolutions with weight loss at the top of the list.

If you have tried everything under the sun, then diet pills for weight loss are not new to you. Exercises and Diet is the most straight-forward way to lose weight, creating calorie deficit gets you a perfect weight on the scale. Do you want to know how? Then read https://bit.ly/2MLT71H

Losing weight is crucial to reduce the risk of heart disease and to live your life to the fullest. You won’t believe, more than two-thirds of adults and one-third children in the US are obese or overweight. The entire journey could be simpler, but the roadblocks are major.

In this entire multibillion-dollar weight loss industry, people are looking for a magic pill that can help you in dropping a few pounds with a trap of losing weight without any effort.

However, everything doesn’t happen the way; you want it to happen. Weight loss isn’t easy and to make it easy, we have diet pills.

If you are new to weight loss industry and haven’t seen the buzz related to it, then let me throw some light on this diet pills.

Generally, people with BMI more than 30 are candidates for weight loss drugs, Diet pills, appetite suppressants, they all work in the same way but are slightly different from one another.

What are the Diet Pills?

Diet pills contain a chemical substance generally made of natural ingredients to control cravings, suppress appetite to create a feeling of fullness. The primary usage of diet pills is to create a calorie deficit. Moreover, many diet pills also promise to level up your weight loss efforts with the desired energy.

There are many diet pills commercials which are claiming to help you lose weight without exercises. Do you believe that? Well, we don’t.
Many diet pills offer to slim down without any exercise or change in eating habits which can lead you in a trap of this money-making industry. People who are looking for weight loss needs some necessary lifestyle changes, give them a healthy eating pattern by creating a calorie deficit, increasing fitness activity, and lifestyle changes.

How diet pills help you in weight loss?

  • It reduces appetite by making you feel fuller to reduce the calorie intake.
  • It reduces absorption of nutrients like fat, making you take in fewer calories
  • They work as a fat burner which helps in cutting fat from the body.

If you are looking for the best over the counter diet pills in 2018 that work fast are listed below.
Before starting the list, always go for weight loss drugs which are safe to consider.

  • Phentermine
  • Belviq
  • Contrave
  • Qsymia
  • Novarel,
  • Ovidrel,
  • Pregnyl
  • Saxenda
  • Garcinia Cambodia

Known for his workouts, personal trainer Todd Person, owner of the metabolic project in a training facility in LA shared his views on diet pills amd said they do help speed up the fitness goals when used in combination with diet and exercise.

Few can help you lose weight for short, but then you are likely to regain the weight without diet and exercise.

What are the side effects of Diet Pills?

We would advise you to take medical consultation before choosing diet pills to ensure they don’t put you in any health risk. Although, these diet pills come with few side effects like a headache, nausea, sweaty palms and body, less control on bowel movements. Many physicians advise engaging in some physical activity or some fun exercises to release the toxins from the body.

You can find diet pills at our online store.

Slimming Studios offers the best weight loss program, personalized as per your body requirements, everyday schedule and activity levels.

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5 Best Low-Cal Recipes to Try This Holiday Season

Halloween is on the cards with the start of an upcoming holiday season. It’s time for pure indulgence and celebrations. However, to prevent weight gain, many of you would promise to stick to your diet and low-fat meals, but I know it is impossible to stay away from tasty delights especially when you are around your friends and family. Read How to save yourself from binge eating on Holidays.

Are you confused between trick or treat, I am here to give you the best low-calorie recipes from my collection, so you can tempt your taste buds as well as add more flavors to your holiday season?

Trust me, these recipes are packed with good-for-health foods which are high in nutrients and antioxidants. Soon, you will notice a change on your scale and in your energy levels and feel fuller for a longer period. Now you can have diets enriched with superfoods to maintain your weight loss efforts with a list of best weight loss recipes.

Slim Down Smoothie


Smoothie is a perfect option to kick-start morning, sip-in, on-the-go smoothie and feels the tangy delish taste of this grapefruit smoothie. This smoothie is packed full of vitamins and nutrients, so it’s great for breakfast. Moreover, grapefruit and pineapple are both thought to have fat burning and metabolism boosting properties, it will provide an extra boost to your weight loss goals. Find how grapefruit can help in weight loss.  Do you want to try this weight loss smoothie? click here for the recipe.

Detox Mint Tea

Detox Mint Tea

Tea is known for its soothing power and relished in a pleasant weather. When you drink tea, you’ll feel bored of the usual blends, we’ve come up with a creative blend of grapefruit honey mint tea. It is a great substitute of caffeine and its darn tasty hot bevy. Prepare your own hot and refreshing mint tea, click here for the recipe.

Almond Flour Blueberry Muffin


Taste the lip-smacking dessert this weekend with family and friends over holidays. You’ll never feel the guilt of eating blueberry muffins with this gluten-free, clean, lower in carbs and soft almond flour muffins.  How blueberries help in weight loss and reduces risk of cardiovascular disease. These purple-hued berries are high in nutrients and low in calories which compliments the dessert and smoothies. Incorporate them in your daily diet to reap maximum benefits.   Click here for recipe.

Raw Apple Crumble

Raw Apple Crumble Recipe - Weight Loss Recipe

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! When it comes to diet or eating healthy, Apple tops the list as an exceptionally healthy food, it instantly gives you full feeling due to high- presence of water and fiber. In a recent study, it has been revealed, eating fruits like apples can help in weight loss. You can try this scrumptious raw apple crumble recipe at home and enjoy it with friends and family.

Chocolate Cake with no added sugar

Who doesn’t like a cake or the pure bliss that you gain from indulging in the divine taste of chocolate cake? However, after gorging on the cake all, you care about the empty calories you’ve gained.

What if your cake tastes equally tender, moist and delicious with no added sugar? Unbelievable, It’s True. Today, we are giving you some serious cake baking goals for all those who love to devour. This is a simple quick recipe so that you can bake your own confectionary masterpiece. Also, read tips on how to abstain from sugar binge.

Hope, you’ll try them all and don’t forget to share your feedback with us. Slimming Studios offers weight loss services, body contouring treatments, and medical weight loss.

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5 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Losing Weight.

Americans are facing a greater risk of obesity than the rest of world, according to the report of Centers for Diseases Control and prevention which says nearly 4 in 10 U.S adults are obese with BMI levels more than 30, pointing towards unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits. With an increased risk of health issues, people are moving towards weight loss to live a healthy and fit life. But weight loss is not simple for people who’ve been obese all their life, moreover, beginners make some common weight loss mistakes that slow down the process.

The figures in a recent survey revealed a steadily increase in obese people from 30.5 to 39.6 percent in 2015-2016, a record high. Moreover, about 18.5 percent of youth also falls in a category of obese. The facts are an eye-opener for parents to take charge of their kid’s health before it’s too late. As a preventive measure, Americans are now opting for best weight loss programs to live a healthy and fit life.

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, your childhood obesity or ancestral weight won’t go in a few weeks, this is a gradual process. There could be a time when you can face disappointment and frustration for not being able to see change on the scale. The struggle is real and common for obese people.

Don’t give up on your weight loss goals? Wait! We can save you from feeling demotivated and frustrated. Have you ever wondered, your generic weight loss method could be the reason for failure or no results? Yes. There has been something missing from your list.

Here are 5 common mistakes that put an end to weight loss efforts.

  1. Wrong Workout

While it is a common belief that exercises can make you lose weight, it is an equally accepted fact, hitting gym helps in muscle gain. And when you gain muscle you gain weight too.

Basically, exercising works two ways. First, it sheds extra fat from the body, and second, it helps in building muscles. The only reason your workout is not giving you results is the wrong choice of exercises. Everyone has a different body, so the results would vary. One can lose weight with jogging while others run on treadmills to get a small change on the scale. If you fail to see any noticeable difference, try changing your exercise regime.

  1. Eating After Gym

For those who are looking to build muscles, fitness experts suggest eating 30 grams of pure protein within 15 minutes after their workout session. On the contrary, if you want to lose weight, and you eat within that timeframe, it will end up giving you no results at all. However, you can gain plenty of fat this way. It is advisable to eat only after 45 minutes of your workout session if you want to lose weight. Also, Get insights on what to eat after gym.

  1. Relying Too Much on Low-Fat and Low-Sugar Products

When you move to low-fat, low-carb, and low-sugar food choices, it is highly likely that you are eating way more than your normally required intakes. Without a doubt, these products do not contain fat stimulating agents and help control your everyday calorie count, but they also restrict the supply of necessary fiber and protein content in your body.

Apparently, fiber and protein make you feel full for longer and are an essential tool for staying active during your weight loss journey. Due to the absence of fiber and protein, you will be gulping more than your standard diet to keep yourself full and energized, resulting , weight gain. All you can do is lower your intake of fat, carbs or sugar rather than completely avoiding them. You can also find some motivating how-to-get-rid-of-your-sugar-addiction-for-good.
The best way is to lower your intakes of fat, carbohydrate, and sugar, instead of completely avoiding them.

  1. Replacing Food with Nutritious Drinks

Fruit smoothies or juices are high in vitamins and known to give you the boost of energy. But packed juices lose the fibre present in fruit plus it contains a lot of sugar, increasing your daily calorie count, that way, whether you lose weight or not, you will certainly lose your muscle strength and overall energy level. So always keep the fruit as your first option rather than juice. We also have the best weight loss. smoothies that can help you shed more weight.

  1. Eating Bigger Portions of Food.

You might relate to it now or maybe later, but portion size has a significant impact on weight loss. The portion you get served and you should eat is different. Restaurants or eateries are now serving their customers with modest quantity, in comparison to 1950s, as per a recent study by CDC. There has been a surge in calorie consumption of Americans, if we compare consuming 2019 calories in the 1970s to 2568 calories in 2010. They are more in to binge eating, fried and oily food.


Avoid making these common mistakes in your weight loss journey. Talk to weight loss experts at Slimming Studios at 972-702-7546 to figure out the best weight loss diet and exercise plan for you based on your activity and lifestyle. We offer personalized weight loss offers to ensure it works for you.

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baraley with banana & sunflower seeds - weight loss recipe

#WeightLossRecipe: Barley With Banana & Sunflower Seeds

Morning time is most crucial for you, while you are late for office or rush for meetings you always miss a power pact breakfast to keep you energized all day long. Here we have, barley with banana & sunflower seed breakfast bowl to satisfy your hunger pangs.

A quick and versatile, microwavable recipe for perfect mornings.

Barley has some serious health and nutritional benefits that make you relish this recipe more than ever. It is rich in dietary fiber and has a high number of vitamins, minerals such as iron, magnesium, and antioxidants. Barley with banana is a complete package of energy and nutrition which promotes a healthy heart. This recipe also includes vitamin E, healthy fats, good cholesterol levels from sunflower seeds.

Take notes!

Serving: single

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Ready in: 10minutes.

Nutritional Value:

Calories per serving 410, Fat 6g, Saturated fat5g, Monounsaturated fat 2g, Polyunsaturated fat 2.5g, Protein 10g, Carbohydrate 86g, Fiber 14g, Cholesterol 15mg, Resistant starch 7.6g.


Water, 2/3rd a cup
Pearl barley(Quick-cooking), uncooked, 1/3rd cup
Banana, sliced, one pc.
Sunflower seeds, unsalted salted, one tablespoon


• Take a small microwave-safe bowl and add 2/3 cup of water with barley for 6 minutes at high temperature.
• Give a gentle stir and let it stand for 2 minutes.
• Add sliced bananas, sunflower seeds and honey.
• It is ready to eat.

Recipe credit: Health.com
We are introducing Nutritional and Diet Services, transform your body under the guidance of our certified Nutritional and Fitness Expert Jeremiah.

Fun exercises to lose weight

Top Ten Fun Exercises To Bring The Best In You This Spring

Spring season is known for rejuvenation and renewal. Who wants to step into the spring with some extra pounds, learn about top ten fun exercises that are proven and work wonders for your body and health.

Here we have top ten exercises picked by our health experts to bring the new you this spring season.

1. Kickoff those extra pounds

Kickboxing is famous for its moves and fast-paced movements, combine the movement with music and here you have the best workout to shred that extra layer this season. It is a high-intensity exercise which not only burns calories, also improves balance, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and endurance. A person with 125-lb weight can lose up to 600-800 calories in an hour depending on the intensity of the workout.

2. Ring the right bell

Kettlebell Cardio is trending these days, a unique use of kettlebell exercises teamed with cardio moves, this is a great way to increase the cardiovascular strength and endurance. The intensity and weight of the kettlebell have a direct impact on the calorie burn. A half an hour workout would burn 245 to 382 calories. It tones your body in the most creative way. Kettlebell workouts are more fun and make you lose pounds of weight easily.

3. Anti-Gravity Yoga

Yoga has mesmerized the entire world with its series of benefits on body, mind, and soul. Anti-Gravity yoga is a new form of yoga, combining yoga with aerial moves. It is enjoyable and brings more balance to the body. It is beneficial for overall health, it enhances the circulatory, respiratory, digestive systems by improving the blood circulation. A 50-minute workout would burn 320 calories and lead to more balanced body and mind.

4. Take the Right Step

Exercises using a step platform comes in an aerobic routine, ace the everyday workout in a fun way with the choice of your music and a step platform for cardiovascular health. Burn an ample number of calories with right step exercises. Inculcate step training into your fitness regime and get toned arms and legs in few weeks. You can perform squats, knee raises, planks and other exercises to burn approx. 175 calories in a 20-minute workout.

5. Take the roads less taken

Biking is a great sports activity, it satiates your adrenaline rush and burns more calories. It lets you explore your surroundings and keep your spirits high. Biking let you explore more surrounding, scenery, and tone your body as well. Sweating more while biking is an outstanding way to reduce weight by burning a lot of calories. Biking at a speed of 10 mph or less will burn up to 90 calories in 20 minutes.

6. Pool time for perfect body

Many of you don’t like to hit the gym or any other activity that involves a lot of sweat. Swimming and pool exercise is a refreshing way for weight loss and improves circulatory motions as well. Aqua Zumba or water aerobics is famous in the spring season, it provides resistance to the body thus burning approx. 315 calories in a 60 minutes workout and keeps you fit.

7. Trek to lose weight

Talking about fun activities to lose weight, hiking is one of the best ways to explore nature and lose extra pounds winters have left on you. Spring is the appropriate time to go to the mountains and get the fresh dose of air and some weight loss. The amount of calorie burn depends on the how vigorous you hike and the terrain, you can burn up to 500 calories in an hour hike.

trek to lose weight

8. Join a fitness party

Unlike other fitness workouts, Zumba is like a partying in fitness pants and shoes. Zumba exercise workouts have a lot of dance moves blended with exercises to get you going and make you lose oodles of weight from your body. It is highly recommended for people who love to dance. One hour of Zumba session can burn up to 450 calories based on the intensity of movements.

Join a fitness party

9. Exercise Ball routines

An inflated vinyl ball can rescue you in your weight loss journey. Workouts with a stability ball have a lot of convenience for the workout at home as well. Try a range of exercises with mountain climbers to Pilate and wall sites. There is a range of services that can be done through this inflated ball. It strengthens your core and tones body to an extent. A small 10-minute workout can make you lose up to 30 to 45 calories.

Exercise Ball routines

10. kick-off the extra

Workout straight from Africa would be different for you, Try Capoeira, a rare combination of martial arts, acrobatics that is perfectly blended with music and dance to kick-off that extra layer from your body. It has a lot of high kicks, punches, and moves that can be tiring for you, but worth the results it will show on your body. It can burn 500 calories in just 1-hour session or class.
We hope that these out of the box exercises will get the best version of you, Back in spring season to have more fun and to look great.

WeightLossRecipe: Chickpea Hummus

#WeightLossRecipe: Chickpea Hummus

Dig into the delightful taste of Middle-Eastern savory called hummus on this National Chip and Dip Day, known for its weight management properties, reduces hunger, balances blood sugar levels. It consists of folate that reduces the risk of cancers and promotes the growth of a healthy bacteria in the body.

Go ahead and consume this healthiest food on daily basis to maintain health and aid weight loss.

Let’s have a look at the recipe:

Serving: 2

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

Ready In:  1 hour 10 Minutes

Nutritional Value

A one-cup serving of chickpeas made from dried beans provides 295 calories, 16 grams of protein, 49 grams of carbohydrate, 14 grams of fiber, and 5 grams of fat.


  • Chickpeas drained and rinsed 15.5 ounce
  • Garlic Cloves, crushed, 2 pcs
  • Salt, ½ a teaspoon
  • Lemon Juice, 2 tablespoons
  • Tahini, 3 tablespoons
  • Freshly parsley to garnish


Keep few chickpeas aside for garnish, rest put all of them into a food processor and add garlic, salt. Blend it to a thick paste, add tahini and lemon juice to maintain the rich texture and blend again until smooth.

Pour it into a shallow bowl and garnish it with chickpeas, let it sit in the refrigerator for 1 hour to bring out the flavors.


  • Low-Cal Hummus: Substitute water for the tahini.
  • Roasted Garlic Hummus: Substitute the raw garlic with 1 whole bulb garlic, baked and squeezed out of their skins.
  • Hot ’n’ Spicy Hummus: Add 1 tablespoon of Sriracha or chipotle chile in adobo to the recipe.
  • Roasted Red Pepper Hummus: Add ¼-1/3 cup chopped, jarred roasted red pepper.
  • Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus: Add 2 tablespoons minced oil-packed or reconstituted dry-packed sun-dried tomatoes.
  • Spice It Up Hummus: Add ½ teaspoon each of ground cumin and smoked paprika.

Recipe Credit: Nymetroparents.

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Easter Eggs

#WeightLossRecipe: Easter Eggs

Let’s celebrate the rise of Christ, this Easter with delightful egg recipe to keep you egg-cited in this festive season. Easter is more than a beautiful story, it’s the promise of life and eternal glory, celebrate this feeling of love and bring more to your Easter celebrations with lip-smacking and delightful recipes. This recipe is great for diabetics, gluten-free, heart healthy and low in sodium and fat content. Make this Easter more Eggstra with light and healthy Easter Eggs.

Let’s have a look:

Serving size: 1 deviled Egg
Preparation Time: 20 Minutes
Ready In: 20 Minutes

Nutritional Value Per Serving:

33 calories; 2 g fat (0 g sat); 0 g fiber; 1 g carbohydrates; 3 g protein; 5 mcg folate; 54mg cholesterol; 0 g sugars; 0 g added sugars; 111 IU vitamin A; 0 mg vitamin C; 10 mg calcium; 0 mg iron; 83 mg sodium; 30 mg potassium

You can reduce the calorie by substituting egg yolk with nonfat cottage cheese to make it healthier.


  • Eggs, hard-boiled, peeled, 12 units
  • Cottage Cheese, non-fat, ½ a cup
  • Mayonnaise, low-fat, ¼ a cup
  • Chives or Scallion greens, fresh, minced, 3 tablespoons
  • Sweet pickle relish, 1 tablespoon
  • Yellow Mustard, 2 teaspoons
  • Salt, ½ teaspoon
  • Paprika for garnish


  • Cut eggs in to halves lengthwise and gently scoop out the yolks. Put 16 halves yolks in a blender with cottage cheese, mayonnaise, chives or scallion greens, relish, mustard, salt and blend them until smooth.
  • Place about 2 teaspoons of yolk mix into each half egg and garnish it with paprika.

Note: To keep it for party, cover and refrigerate for up to 1 day.
Boiling Tip: Use a saucepan to boil, place eggs in a single layer and fill pan with water. Keep simmer over medium-high heat. Reduce the heat to low- simmer for 10 minutes. Pour out hot water and cover the eggs with cold water before peeling.

Recipe Credit: Eating Well.

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Week 5 Weight Loss Plan

Week5: A 5-Week Plan To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Week 5: Victory in Round 1

Welcome to week 5 of your 5-week weight loss plan.

Let’s take a quick look back over where we’ve been.

In Week 1, you got started on eating healthy and exercising.

In Week 2, we turned things up a notch on workout and diet.

In Week 3, you learned how to get over the hump and fight the mental barriers to success.

In week 4, we went further into things to put in your body and things to leave out.

And now for week 5, we’re going to offer you a few tips to help you continue on this path you’ve already started down.

With your new habits established, here are a few parting tips to keep going on to the next level.

  • Create a written fitness plan and stick to it.
  • Add a 10-minute warm up to your exercise routine.
  • Stretch after warming up.
  • Do 10 to 20 sets of exercises as advised by a physical trainer.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard, so you avoid injuries.
  • Include different exercises to work different parts of the body.
  • Refine your exercise routine to target specific problem areas.
  • Keep a regular schedule. Habit and routine are what will see you through.
  • Look into circuit training to maximize your fat burn.
  • Have high-density nutritious meals. Be sure to include fruits, leafy vegetables and whole foods.
  • Don’t skip planned meals.
  • Allow your body a rest day from your exercise routine so it can recover.
  • Allow yourself an occasional cheat day to indulge in a favorite food sin. (But only occasionally!)
  • Get your DNA and blood tested to help fine tune your diet to your unique body.
  • Talk to a nutritionist to custom-tailor your healthy eating plan.
  • Look into nutritional supplements to help augment your diet
  • Talk to a professional to see which body contouring and enhanced weight loss methods may give you the edge in reaching your goals.

But here is the most important tip.

Don’t Give Up

Even if you’ve already crashed and burned on this diet like you have with a painful amount of others in the past, don’t stop. Go back to week 1 and start again.

Do you have a success story you’d like to share? Then we’d love to hear from you. Send us a message and tell us your story. You may win cool prizes and even be included in future Slimming Studios media.

And remember, don’t wait to lose weight.

Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

#WeightLossRecipe: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

A fantastic start of the day is waiting for you with a super-healthy snack baked with perfection. A truly delicious recipe to tempt your taste buds with a goodness of oatmeal. Oatmeal is forever, the powerhouse of nutrition and health offers you vitamins and minerals packed in a tasty delight. Feel the goodness in every bite of freshly baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies made with whole-wheat flour and oats, walnuts and chocolate chips. It is hearty and healthy for your heart as well.  Keep it as a snack and everyone will enjoy this sweet mouthwatering sweetness.

Let’s have a look at the recipe:

Serving: 45 Pcs

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

Ready In: 1 hour

Nutritional Value: Calories 102, Fat 5g, Cholesterol 7mg, Sodium 45mg, Saturated Fat 2g, Protein 2g, Fiber 1g, Carbohydrates 14g


  • Oats, Rolled, 2 cups
  • Whole-wheat pastry flour, ½ a cup
  • All-purpose flour, ½ a cup
  • Cinnamon, grounded, 1 teaspoon
  • Baking soda, ½ teaspoon
  • Salt, ½ teaspoon
  • Tahini (sesame seed paste), ½ a cup
  • Butter, unsalted, cold and cut into pieces, 4 tablespoons
  • Sugar, granulated, 2/3 a cup
  • Sugar, brown and light packed, 2/3 a cup
  • Egg, large, 1pc
  • Egg white, 1 egg
  • Vanilla Extract, 1 tablespoon
  • Chocolate chips, semisweet or bittersweet 1 cup
  • Walnuts and nuts, chopped, 1 cup


Preheat the oven to 350°F and place the racks on the upper and lower third of oven with 2 baking sheets and parchment paper.

Take a bowl and add oats, whole-wheat flour, all-purpose flour, cinnamon, baking soda and salt and whisk.

In another large bowl, beat tahini and butter with a mixer and blend it well into a thick paste. Add both types of sugar and beat it until it gets perfectly blend into a grainy paste. Beat egg white and an egg and add vanilla into it.

Stir the paste into the first oat mixture with a spoon till it becomes soaked.

Add chocolate chips and walnuts on the top.

Damp your hands and roll 1 tablespoon of batter into a shape of the cookie and place it on a baking sheet and flatten it smoothly to prevent cracks. Make similar cookies with rest of the batter.

Bake cookies till they turn golden brown for about 16 minutes. Switch the pans back to front and top to bottom halfway through. Cool the pans for few minutes and then place the cookies on a wire rack for a complete cooldown. Perform these steps in batches.

Note: Whole-wheat pastry flour has less gluten and known for making healthy and tender baked goods and easily available in supermarkets.

Recipe Credit: EverydayHealth

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5 Must-Know benefits of Vitamin B12

5 Popular Myths Busted About Vitamin B12

The vitamins levels reveal a lot about your health and fitness levels. Often, you lead your life based on myths about deficiency, symptoms and nutrition intake. Here we are breaking few myths about vitamin B12, an essential vitamin to maintain body, fitness and energy levels to keep you in pink of health always. Take some serious motivation and learn ways to improve vitamin B12 levels in the body for a healthier life.

Do you know low B12 levels can lead to various health problems like depression, fatigue, low energy levels, poor memory?

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin which helps in DNA synthesis, produces energy, maintains nerve cell health, promotes RBC’s formation and maintains neural functions. The daily intake of B12 should be 2.4 mcg for adults. Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to poor vision, forgetfulness, fatigue, dizziness, muscle weakness and other issues. It is vital to know the risk and benefits associated with this super vitamin.
Take notes!

Myth 1: Vitamin B12 is present in vegetables.

Fact: Vitamin B12 is mostly present in animals, so people with dietary intake of fruits and veggies can be at risk of developing a B12 deficiency. Milk products and cereals do contain a small amount of B12 to rescue vegetarians.

Myth 2: Deficiency can cause dementia.

Fact: Vitamin B12 is responsible for developing red blood cells and nerve health. Its deficiency can cause memory loss, difficulty in understanding and reasoning, forgetfulness but you can’t directly connect dementia with B12 deficiency.

Myth 3: B12 deficiency is hard to find.

Fact: There are no early signs of deficiency as it is a gradual process, you may feel weak and exhausted. Get a regular test done to find the levels and take necessary steps as early as possible.

Myth 4: External B12 shots are harmful.

Fact: People who strictly follow vegan or vegetarian food can quickly replenish the number of B12 in a body. B12 shots are safe and maintain the level of vitamin in your body.

Myth 5: It reduces your immunity.

Fact: Vitamin B12 levels directly link with immunity levels, the red blood cells and nerve cell health can be affected by deficiency of B12 in the body. Similarly, few immunity disorders can lower down the B12 levels in your body. The gap also elevates homocysteine levels, which negatively impacts neurological and cardiovascular health and posing a higher risk to pregnancy. B12 shots or oral supplements can help you in maintaining its threshold levels in your body.

Slimming studios’ non-invasive procedures work wonders for people with a B12 deficiency. It has following advantages:-

  • Boosts Energy
  • Improves Mood
  • Prevents Cognitive Waning
  • Produces Digestive Enzymes in the body
  • Overcomes Sluggish Metabolism
  • Aids Weight Loss
  • Enhances Texture of Skin, Hair, and Nails
Benefits of Vitamin B2

Talk to our experts to book a free consultation at Slimming Studios.

Avocado Whip

#WeightLossRecipe: Avocado Whip

Avocado or stone fruit comes packed with the goodness of health. It takes care of your heart, eye, blood sugar levels, skin, weight and more. Indulge in its creamy texture and delicious taste with the benefits of fiber and potassium. It helps in weight loss by speeding up the metabolism thus almost every recipe with Avocado is healthy and apt for weight loss.

This Avocado Whip looks scrumptious on the party platter. It adds nutritional benefits as well as taste to the party snacks. A recent study has revealed that avocados prohibit the growth of prostate cancer so what are you waiting for, let’s create something new.

Here we are with the recipe of super light and healthy Avocado Whip to bring more excitement to the party.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Serving: Makes 2 cups (serving size: 1/4th cup)

Nutritional value:

Calories per serving 110, Fat per serving 9.7, Saturated fat per serving 1.4g, Monounsaturated fat per serving 5.9g, Polyunsaturated fat per serving 1.5g, Protein per serving 2g, Carbohydrate per serving 6g, Fiber per serving 4g, cholesterol per serving 0.0mg, Iron per serving 0.0mg, Sodium per serving 66mg, Calcium per serving 13mg


• Avocados, pitted and peeled, two pcs
• Fresh lime juice (2-3 limes), 1/4th cup
• Tahini, one tablespoon
• Onion, Chopped,1/4th cup
• Kosher salt, 1/4th teaspoon
• Fresh pepper, 1/4th teaspoon


Mix all ingredients in a blender and grind till smooth for about 30 seconds. Pour it into a serving dish. Add lime juice to the surface, cover it with plastic wrap and refrigerate it to taste fresh and intact for 6-7 hours. Add some fresh pepper garnish and serve.
Recipe Credit: Health.com
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#WeightLossRecipe: Avocado Chocolate Truffles Recipe

People across the world loves chocolate truffles as a snack or dessert. Dive into the world of chocolate without gaining calories, taste the delicious chocolate truffles known for their aroma and flavors.

This National Truffles Day, we have reinvented chocolate truffles to be healthy, tasty and non-fattening. We are here with a recipe to tempt your taste buds without gaining a lot of calories. Presenting Avocado Chocolate Truffles, a simple recipe to boost your health and keep you fit.

Also called Fat bombs, these avocado truffles offer a plethora of benefits like store a high amount of healthy fat, protects against cancer, liver damage enhances metabolism and aids weight loss.

Avocados, the powerhouse of nutrients combined with raw and organic chocolates can reduce the guilt of eating chocolate truffles. This recipe uses coconut oil, another healthy ingredient that promotes brain health and functionality, boosts immunity, help weight loss, improve oral health.

How to prepare this lip-smacking chocolate truffle that adds the perfect finish to meals. Take notes!

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Serving: Makes 12 truffles

Nutritional value: 

Calories 50 per serving, total carbohydrates 7g, total fat 3g, saturated fat 1g, sugar 5g


  • Vanilla extract, 1 tablespoon
  • Organic avocados, ripe, two small pcs
  • Cacao powder, raw, 1 cup plus two tablespoons for dusting
  • Coconut oil, melted, three tablespoons
  • Raw Honey or monk fruits sweetener, 2 tablespoons of honey, one tablespoon sweetener
  • Stevia, optional, 1-2 drops


  1. Take a mixing bowl, add avocado pulp, melted coconut oil, honey or stevia and blend until smooth using the hand blender at a medium speed.
  2. Add one cup of cacao powder and combine with the other ingredients to make it a dough like consistency. Freeze it for 10 minutes.
  3. Scoop out the mix using a tablespoon and roll it into balls. You can place it a large plate and dust with the reserved cacao powder.
  4. Refrigerate and serve once chilled.

Chocolate is derived from the plant called cacao, which is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Cacao powder is completely safe and healthy to consume.

Experience the unforgettable combination of Cacao chocolate and avocado in truffles to be served with love.

Recipe Credit: mercola.com

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International Hummus Day

How Healthy Is Hummus For You?

Hummus is a thick, creamy spread made primarily from chickpeas, is widely used to dip with starters and other snacks. It has gained popularity over last few decades due to the numerous health benefits it has to offer. Initially originated in the Middle East, it is now widely eaten across North America and Europe.

It is rightly said “Abs are made in Kitchen,” your body shows what you eat and directly impacts you look.

Hummus is all-time-partner for soft and fluffy pita bread or crispy falafel and makes a lip-smacking dip for chips or other party starters.

There is always a lot of confusion about hummus and its consumption; some people considered it to be fattening. But unlike others, we don’t beat around the bush; our nutritionist has revealed the truth behind hummus and how healthy it is for you.

It is used in ancient time due to its anti-inflammatory properties which helps in preventing chronic diseases. Vegetarians can binge in hummus to replenish the lack of nutrients as it is nutritious and healthy to replenish your daily vitamins and protein need.

The significant component of Hummus is chick-peas as it stays fresh for long five days.

Hummus offers a series of advantages like

  • It provides ample amount of protein
  • Rich source of iron, folate, phosphorus, and B vitamins.
  • It boosts immunity to fight illness and Disease
  • Decreases Inflammation
  • Aids digestion and health of intestines
  • Supports Bone Health
  • Improves Energy

Hummus is healthy, but only when it is made in your kitchen, Markets are flooded with numerous hummus varieties, but they all are rich in fat and high on salt. Moreover, a standard size of hummus tub when consumed with a snack which usually happens while partying or watching movies yield 150 calories.

Excluding tahini sauce from hummus preparation can increase its nutritional value and makes it perfect to go with your party snacks.

Next time, whenever you plan to eat hummus and pita bread, always try to fetch few minutes and just prep it in your kitchen to lose weight as chickpeas are known for reducing cholesterol, cancer-causing agents. It boosts metabolism as well.

Prepare a variety of hummus and enjoy the aromatic effect that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

At Slimming studios, we always focus on healthy habits, not restrictions to lead you towards the better life with our remarkable weight loss products and services.

Say Hello and save with inaugural offers at our new location Fort Worth.

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Calorie Deficit for Weight Loss That Stays Lost

Calorie deficit is the hottest word in the Health Industry. It is directly related to food, our source of energy and the reason for being overweight. When you set a goal to lose excess weight, it starts with the Fad word “Diet” to decrease the intake of food to create a calorie deficit.


If you don’t know what exactly it is? Then we’ve got this calorie deficit explained for you, and it is a calorie deficit created by consuming fewer calories by restricting diet concerning the number of calories required to maintain current body weight.

But, are you creating a calorie deficit in a healthy way?

A healthy calorie deficit will be created when you trim down the intake of junk and quick food, moreover, you focus on eating nutritious meals to ensure it doesn’t create a nutrient deficit in your body.

Picture credit: Ironaradisefitness

Why do you need to create a calorie deficit?

The excess of calories that you consume gets stored in the form of fat. This fat later gets deposit under the muscles leading to fat bulges and muffin top.

Once you start to decrease the calorie intake while increasing the level of physical activity, you are creating a calorific deficit. You control cravings and the eat clean to stimulate metabolism and detoxify your body.

When you eat less, your body uses the fat deposit as fuel to execute the body’s necessary functions. The fat deposits are found generally on your hips or belly or thighs or maybe at other parts of your body. On receiving less calorie from food, the body burns fat for energy which helps in losing weight. The fat starts melting in a natural process and gets used a fuel to carry out various body functions.

How much calorie deficit is required?

You need 2500 calories per day to maintain your weight and to lose one pound of weight, and you must create a deficit of 3500 calories in one week.

The first method asks you to reduce the number of calories through dieting and following a nutritional Counseling from experts.

The second way comes out to be reducing calorie intake by few calories where you are not being

strict and level up by burning 300 calories.

Calorie deficit over one dayPicture Credit:fitfolk

How can calorie deficit help in weight loss?

Initially, when you start any weight loss program, your body shows results, and you are easily motivated looking at those results whereas soon the progress of weight loss goes down which is known as weight loss plateau. At this the point where people give up their weight loss efforts.

The weight loss regime is not for a week, it must be followed for at least months to get the results you want, depending upon the goals. (this need religiously following schedule)

Instead of counting calories for every week, you could plan it for the entire week by distributing the deficit for every day. It could help you break the barrier of restricting diet, and you could follow it easily. If you create a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day, you’ll reach a total deficit of 3500 calories per week.

How can you create a calorie deficit?

There are countless ways to create a calorie deficit, but we have few top-picked ideas to make sure it works for you.

Let food be thy medicine

What you eat directly impact your body, and you can change the way you look by changing your eating habits and lifestyle. You can choose to eat the right portion for less calorie consumption leading to weight loss.

Exercise Routine

I know it is easier said than done but leveling up your workout leads to the significant effect on your body as it increases the calorie burn, boost metabolism, increase your activity levels, build muscles and more.

Nutritional counseling

Eating what is right for you as guided by a nutritional expert is thought-provoking, it can give you faster results and could ease off your struggle of finding the best for you. It could also be helpful as you can burn 250 calories from a brisk walk or cycling by eating 250 calories less in your diet to yield a deficit of 500 calories in a day. If you do it on a regular basis, nothing can stop you from gaining the sleek body with perfect silhouette.

Slimming Studios brings the most sought-after methods of losing weight. Get into a perfect shape and achieve your weight loss goals with result-oriented weight management programs.

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Apple cider vinegar recipe

Do you believe in magic? You will start believing after trying this magic weight loss drink.

Yes, we have it for you, the secret drink for weight loss.
It includes none other than Apple Cider Vinegar. You have been listening or might be drinking this for a while since it is all over the internet. However, are you making a weight loss drink out of it?

Don’t worry. We have everything stored in for you. This apple cider vinegar or ACV is a powerful fermented liquid that is highly used and considered to be a superfood for weight loss. It is used for various cooking and household purposes. It is an excellent remedy to cure various health ailments as well. Celebrities like Katy Perry has used ACV to prepare weight loss drink which made this apple vinegar more popular than ever before.
Here, we have everything that you need to know about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.
Video link

If you feel, your metabolism is sluggish and needs a detox? Apple cider vinegar makes a healthy detox drink to give the required boost. There are many natural and quick ways to drink apple cider vinegar. We are disclosing proven recipes from our collection to melt your fat like anything.

Tea Time with Apple Cider Vinegar Tea

Preparation time: 5m

• Hot water, 12 fluid ounces or more as desired
• Lemon juice, 2 tbsp
• Apple cider vinegar, 2 tbsp
• Raw honey,1 tbsp
• Ground cinnamon,1 Tsp


Take hot water, add honey and cinnamon powder to hot boiling water then put it off the flame and add rest of the ingredients. Your tea is ready! You can make them all in a cinch, and they’re packed with ingredients that’ll boost your health.

Cranberry-Orange Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Drink

Get ready to detox with this drink. The taste of Apple Cider Vinegar can tempt your taste buds when you add two delicious juices to give the nutritious boost as well. Oranges are rich in antioxidants, and vitamin c and cranberry juice are known for its health benefits.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes


  • Cranberry Juice,1/4 cup
  • Fresh Orange Juice,1/4 cup
  • Water, ¾ cup
  • Apple Cider Vinegar,2 tbsp


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, serve it in tall glasses and enjoy.

Tangy Lemon Water ACV Detox Drink



Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Feel fresh and level up your energy with quick apple cider vinegar detox drink. It has an excellent mix of fat cutting ingredients like cinnamon and lemon. Both are beneficial for health and stimulates digestion by making you feel fuller for longer. Cayenne pepper act as furnace by increase body temperature which is cooled down by melting deposited fat.


  • Water,1 cup
  • Apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp
  • Fresh lemon juice, 1 tbsp
  • Ground cinnamon, 1/2 Tsp
  • Cayenne pepper (optional), 1 pinch
  • Honey

Take a tall glass, add all the ingredients and add honey if needed to balance out the taste.

Next in the list is Detox Smoothie.

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Smoothie


Apple Cider Vinegar smoothie is a new twist where it contains some healthy with avocado and apple. It will build your faith about ACV that it can taste good. Apple is known for its health benefits like it reduces the risk of cancer, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. Whereas Avocado is known for improving the levels of good cholesterol and cardiovascular system.

Preparation Time: 8 minutes


  • Apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp
  • Water, ¼ cup
  • Apple, peeled, sliced, 1 cup
  • Avocado, 2 tbsp
  • Ice, ¼ cup


Take a blender and add all ingredients then blend well

Now, you know all the recipes which can help you in shed those extra pounds and look slim.

Prepare these easy and fat burning super-healthy detox drinks using ACV to lose weight quickly. Keep you energized all day long. A healthy morning breakfast prevents many diseases like diabetes, bad cholesterol, hormonal problems and more.

Slimming Studios brings the most sought-after methods of losing weight. Get into a perfect shape and achieve your weight loss goals with result-oriented weight management programs.

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How to get rid of your sugar addiction for good_1200x628

How To Get Rid Of Your Sugar Addiction For Good?

You could have a list of reasons for choosing a dessert in your favorite place. Your sweet tooth or want to elevate your energy levels? Sugar comes in our plate to rescue us from feeling low and dull. Often, you resort to sugary delights in the middle of the day to keep going and feel good. However, do you know these sugar cravings is the primary reason for weight gain and a list of health issues?.

Why is sugar not so good for health?

Your dietary factors are a significant contributor to various health conditions like it increases the risk of hypertension more than what sodium does to your body. Research based on the results of A 2014 BMJ Open Heart study says sugar is more dangerous than saturated fat for your cardiovascular health. Moreover, in a recent study by JAMA internal medicine revealed the intake of sugar in your daily life directly impacts the risk of dying of heart disease irrespective of your physical activity level and weight.

Consuming natural sugar which is present in fruits, veggies, milk is not harmful as these foods contain nutrients and are high in fiber. The presence of fiber slows the absorption of sugar into the blood thus reducing the side effects. You can include grapefruit in your diet, it is an excellent fat cutter and elevates the routine dishes with its natural tangy flavor. Sugar absorbed in the blood causes inflammation over time and thus leads to a chronic disease says David Ludwig, Professor of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Why is it so hard to quit?

If you eat sugar because it tastes good? No, you are mistaken. You eat it because it changes your appetite and makes you crave for it more. What causes sugar cravings?

The Studies have revealed that sugary foods activate a region of the brain which is called nucleus is known for reward and addiction. The moment you eat sugar, it enables and produces more insulin and hormone which is involved in blood sugar regulation. When the hunger level rises in the body, the brain sends signals and increases sugar cravings to maintain the energy levels in the body. The intake of sugar increases the fat deposit in the cells leading to obesity.

Craving sugar is the biggest roadblock in the weight loss journey. You can read our latest blog on a calorie deficit to learn more ways to create it.

What can you do control the sugar cravings?

It is easier said than done when it comes to controlling the sugar cravings. We’ve some simple tricks to fool your mind and which can save you from gaining those extra calories.

  • Create a right mindset before you start with it, and you must keep reinforcing the thought of staying away from sugar and those alluring eat treats.
  • Start for a week, first you must eliminate adding additional sugar to your drinks and refuse your taste buds from delights. Also, if you are able to control it to a level, you can grab a fruit.Once you are done in a week, you can forget it for days. It is essential to make a habit of new activities that are beneficial for health.
  • Now, you can reintroduce sugar at fun events, and you can eat your favorite dessert when you go with your friends to strike the right balance in your diet.
  • You can opt for the less processed form of sugar like honey or organic maple syrup, agave nectar, coconut sugar, dates.
  • You can use fresh fruits instead of using sweetened processed desserts.
  • If you are craving for some chocolate, try some sugar-free hot chocolate drink.
  • Binge on dried fruits instead of candies
  • Add flavors like vanilla, spics, and citrus to add zing in your everyday staples like tea, coffee or even oatmeal.

Stay tuned for more updates! We are soon coming up with scrumptious recipes to try and tempt your taste buds. If you want to get into the perfect shape, then Slimming Studios can help you with our proven weight loss and contouring programs.

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John Goodman‘s Secret To Maintaining His 100 lbs. Weight Loss: Knowing When To Say No

Who doesn’t know America’s favorite dad in the Reboot, John Goodman who is breaking the news with his more than 100-pound transformation these days?

John Goodman weight loss surprised everyone in the industry, and he is looking fitter, healthier now after going through a never-easy weight loss journey.

What made John Goodman lose weight?

In a recent interview with POPSUGAR, He disclosed the deteriorating health conditions made him take the stern action towards his health and life. He knew his health is going in the wrong direction. When I left Roseanne, my life was upside down, and there was much resentment in me, he says. He also revealed his weight loss secret. His long-time fitness trainer cum friend, Mackie Shilstone has helped his in losing weight and kicking it off. He motivated John Goodman for losing weight for a better and healthier lifestyle. Now John is featuring into upcoming series of The Conners and John will be highlighted in his new fit avatar. If he has inspired you to lose weight and you are looking for something fantastic and proven for morbidly obese people, you can choose medical weight loss. With medical weight loss, you can lose up to 5 lbs. in a week.

Do you want to know how he lost weight?

The secret to his weight loss lies in portion control where he stopped eating junk food and could creating a calorie deficit and, in this case, it is done by portion control. So next is would how to control the portion of your meal?

Here is a list of things you could do for portion control:

  • The portion is not about going for the smaller plate. It is about adding the right thing in the adequate quantity in your dish. Your plate should contain 25% starch, 50% Greens,25% proteins.
  • As per a recent by Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, people don’t know the optimal portion size, and they are eating more than our past generations.
  • Dish your meal in a smaller bowl or plates to get a feeling of plateful. When dining out, always get served with the more modest portion of the meal.
  • Refrain eating the most exciting food who claim to be fat-free, low cal and gluten-free. These foods are super-easy to binge as revealed by a recent study by Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, in a research conducted to check the how people react to fat-free food, people ate 28.4 percent more calories considering eating low-fat diet than those who knew they were dining on the full-fat version. You have to understand the difference between a portion and serving size. Always check the nutritional value of eatables to ensure you eat counted calories. Portion size depends on your weight, consumption, calorific value and weight loss goals.
  • Keep an eye on condiments that spice up your meal, eating extra ketchup, or some salsa dressing can ruin your weight loss effort.

Moreover, if you have tried a lot of other diets and portion control but lacking somewhere then fret not. Slimming Studio is known to provide best-in-class weight loss services in Texas. We have breakthrough weight loss, weight management through medical weight loss and nutritional counseling and body contouring through non-invasive to transform your problem areas into best ones. We help you in losing weight and keeping it off for good.

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Yogurt Fruit Ice Cream/Parfait

#WeightLossRecipe: Greek Yogurt Fruit Parfait

Trying to avoid desserts that increase your counts on the weighing scale? But can’t resist your cravings? This parfait, frozen dessert – having multiple layers of nectarines, plums, nuts, low-fat yogurt, puffed rice – is the perfect choice to go with. It provides a healthy dose of slimming fiber and protein, quieting down your dessert cravings!

Greek Yogurt Fruit Parfait – Recipe

Prep Time: 5 Mins
Yield: Makes 1 serving (serving size: about 3 1/2 cups)


  • 3/4 cup fat-free plain Greek yogurt
  • 2 cups sliced mixed plums, peaches, and nectarines
  • 3/4 cup puffed rice cereal
  • 2 tablespoons walnuts and almonds, toasted and chopped
  • 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup, agave nectar, or honey


  1. Arrange the layers of yogurt, fruits, cereal, nuts, flaxseed and syrup in a tall jar.
  2. Repeat
  3. Put in refrigerator for five to 6 hours
  4. Done

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Week 4 Weight Loss Plan

Week4: A 5-Week Plan To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Week 4: Fine Tuning Your New Life

By this point in your weight loss efforts, you are likely feeling and looking better. So in this episode, we’re going to talk about what you should, and shouldn’t, put into your body as we move into the home stretch.

Black Coffee

Say hello to some dark goodness every morning with a cup or two of black coffee without sugar or creme. While coffee has many virtues, such as helping get you going in the morning, and helping you deal with people who are naturally way too perky in the first parts of the day, it can also help with weight loss.

Along with accelerating your metabolism, coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which slows down the rate at which your body absorbs carbohydrates, a type of food often converted to fat. It also contains adrenaline hormones, which your body uses to break down fatty tissue into the blood.

So one good bit of news about your new lifestyle is that it contains plenty of coffee.


For many, one bad bit of news is that your new lifestyle shouldn’t include alcohol.  Alcohol supplies double the empty calories as carbohydrates or protein, and also increases hunger and food cravings.

And that’s not the end of the bad news of alcohol. It can also

  • Damage, liver, kidney, digestion and stomach function.
  • Lower testosterone levels
  • Raise blood pressure, heart rate and risks of cardiac arrest.

Junk Food

Most snack foods are also on your no-go list. They are full of fat, sugar and fast-burning carbs that your body will convert to fat. So the slimmer, healthier you needs to give them a pass.

Green Tea

Say yes to green tea. Some nutritionists claim it is the healthiest beverage on earth, save maybe water. Green tea has been known to

  • Improve health
  • Stimulate the brain
  • Promote fat burning
  • Lower the risks of certain cancers
  • Prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases in old age
  • Improve dental health
  • Lower the risk of Type II diabetes.

With all these benefits, say yes to green tea.


Curb the carbs but promote the protein. Eating protein—rich foods can help your body burn fat by giving it the required fuel and nutrients to do so. Protein also makes you feel full while shrinking your food cravings and appetite. In short, you can feel more fulfilled while still eating less when you consume protein.

Water before Meals

Water is life. And to improve your life, drink more water. Water before meals helps you feel more full, so you eat less. Drinking lots of water also speeds up your metabolism and promotes general overall health.

Water will help to

  • Boost your immune system
  • Increase energy
  • Flush toxins from your system
  • Regulate skin complexion
  • Prevent headaches and body aches
  • Strengthen muscles.

Part of your new, healthy lifestyle should include keeping a water bottle with you whenever possible and refilling it several times during the day.

One Last tidbit to Chew On

One last bit of advice, whatever food you take in, chew it well. Well chewed food will digest easier. This will save resources your body can use to burn fat and build muscle. It will also help you feel full that much faster.

Be sure to check out some of our previous blogs for healthy recipes, including an array of desserts. And stay tuned to our social media channels for more treats and tips to come.

Next time, we will leave you on a high note, and tell you where to go after the five weeks has ended.

Healthy Smoothies

5-Morning Kick-Starter Smoothies For Working Women

I am looking for something to eat now, couldn’t eat my breakfast before getting out of the house as I was running late for work. This is a common instance that takes place every other day. To be on-time for office and to reach home in the evenings. There is a list of things that we leave behind. Breakfast is one of them. Eating junk or fast food on the go becomes your breakfast or lunch which not only increases your weight but also increases the risk of heart diseases with increasing levels of cholesterol in the body.

Let’s find a way to manage your morning time with a no-brainer and quick breakfast smoothies to offer goodness and health every morning.

Recipe 1: Bring back the stamina and energy

Beetroot Berry Omega Smoothie is packed with health benefits, it reduces blood pressure and improves blood flow, enhances endurance and stamina, detoxify the liver and reduces the chances of heart disease.


  • Milk (almond, hazelnut or cashew) as per taste, 200ml
  • Beetroot, cooked,40 g
  • Strawberries, frozen, 70 g
  • Blueberries, frozen 70g
  • Protein Powder (pea, soya bean, whey and more)
  • Flax Or chia seeds grounded, ½ tablespoon
  • Omega 3, super powder, 2 teaspoons
  • Coconut water, 40 ml
  • Banana, frozen, half


Add all ingredients into blender or food processor until smooth, pour in a well-decorated glass of blueberries. Serve chilled.

Recipe 2: Say bye to Bloating

Lemon tea smoothie is a perfect recipe for a bloated belly, often you feel bloated even without eating anything. Ginger and spinach reduces the bloating and boosts the metabolism thus aids weight loss.


  • Chia seeds, 2 teaspoons
  • Pear, 1
  • Spinach, 1 cup
  • Ice cubes, 3
  • Lemon Tea, brewed and cooled, 1 cup
  • Ginger Grated, ½ teaspoon


Add all ingredients in the jar and blend it until smooth and serve chilled.

Recipe 3:  Healthy gets beautiful

Indulge in the goodness of dragon fruit and the sweetness of beet with Dragon Berry Smoothie to get a perfect blend of nutrition and taste.


  • Banana
  • Raspberries frozen, 1/2 cup
  • Raw beet, peeled, 1 small
  • Dates, pitted, 2
  • Hemp seeds, 1 tablespoon
  • Coconut oil, 1 tablespoon
  • Cashews, soaked overnight, 3 tablespoons
  • Kefir, 2 tablespoons
  • Almond milk, 1¼ cup
  • Bee pollen, 1 tablespoon
  • Dragon fruit, 1 pack


Place all the ingredients in the blender and puree until smooth, serve chilled.

Recipe 4: Control your craving with this filling smoothie

Get a healthy alternative to your evening cravings or healthy morning breakfast with this Chocolate Mint Cookie Shake.


  • Chocolate mint isalean shake, 2 scoops
  • Chocolate graham cracker, 1
  • Water, 8 oz
  • Ice, as per choice


Blend until smooth and serve chilled.

Recipe 5: Inspired by Hawaii, Smoothie to provide you instant energy

Find an incredibly satisfying smoothie recipe to find flavor all the way from Hawaii, try this honey Cream smoothie, a pick-me-up morning starter when you are rushing to work & stay healthy and fit.


  • Pineapple, peeled, chopped 1 ½ Cups
  • Mint leaves, handful
  • Cilantro, 1 small handful
  • Turmeric, 1-inch knob
  • Ginger, 1-inch knob
  • Coconut milk, ½ cup
  • Chia seeds, 1 teaspoon
  • Black pepper, grounded, 1 pinch


Add pineapple, mint leaves, cilantro, coconut milk to the blender and puree until smoothen.

Add ginger and turmeric and blend again with a dash of seeds and pepper. Pour in a cup and enjoy.

I hope all these recipes will keep you energized for whole day and aids weight loss as well. They are nutritious and tasty beyond words, so this time prepare a smoothie and sip it on the go as a healthy breakfast every morning.

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Week 3 Weight Loss Plan

Week3: A 5-Week Plan To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Week 3: Keep it going

Anytime you make lifestyle changes, consistency is critical. Keep your workout routine. Stay the course on your healthy eating plan. Don’t give up.

But after a few weeks, it starts getting easy to procrastinate. And we plan to do something about our procrastination tomorrow. In this week’s episode, we are going to look at some of the most common excuses and offer you some tips to get around them.

“I’m too tired to work out.”

This is a classic gym dodge. The answer is simple. Find the part of the day when you have the most energy and move your workout time to then. Morning, lunch break and evening workouts are all options on the table. The key is consistency, but you can consistently do something different if you find it works.

“I don’t have any equipment”

You don’t have to have a home gym to workout. You can join a gym or health club. Many people find that having a destination to go to helps them work out longer and provides more options to keep the workout interesting.

You can also just run. Pick a direction and go. Change directions to keep your workout from getting boring.

“It’s all so boring and repetitive.”

So, change things up a bit. Run in a new direction and explore the world around you that you often miss while riding in a car. Try a new machine at the gym. Or sign up for a group fitness class or club.

You can change how you get your exercise. What’s important is that you ARE regularly getting exercise.

Take up a new sport. Take dance or martial arts classes. Buy a bike. Variety helps improve your mind, body and spirit.

“I’m Shy”

Some people don’t like to join a gym because they feel like they are on display, being judged or rejected. Some people just prefer to be alone. Get around this by hiring a physical trainer, joining a single-sex gym, or buying your own equipment. You can create months and months of workout routines just with a simple set of free weights.

But also consider this: When remaking your body, why not remake your mind as well? Face your fears of people and get out more. Socialize. Interact. Make new friends. More social interaction will help your confidence and increase your enjoyment of the slimmer and healthier you.

“I don’t want to spend the time/money.”

One of the best things you can invest in is yourself. Losing weight is investing in your own health and happiness. Sometimes spending money on yourself is a great way to help motivate yourself. You don’t want to waste that money you invested, do you?

So, join that gym. Hire that physical trainer. Book those body contouring sessions. You are an investment that pays off for a lifetime. You are absolutely worth it.

And don’t forget to stick with your diet and active routine. Remember, consistency is the secret to success.

Next time we’ll talk more about how choosing what you put, and don’t put, into your body can help you succeed.

Blog Cover

The secret is out: Being short on sleep can cause you weight gain, unbelievable. In the next few minutes, you’ll surely do.

Not sleeping doesn’t directly affect your weight, the other things you do to keep yourself up all night, like living on a large latte, add to your weight. The cascade of activities that happens due to not sleeping for enough time has led to weight gain in more than one-third of Americans.

Sleep is as important as air, water, sunshine, and food are for us. Lack of sleep yields no benefits; in turn, it can bring severe consequences to your health conditions.

It can drain your energy levels and can dull your brain and you lose control over the basic decisions like craving for binge eating and other stuff.

How much sleep you get plays a critical role in your overall health. Deficiency in your sleeping routine can become a root cause of a variety of diseases, for example – heart, kidney, and blood pressure problems. On the other hand, getting enough sleep restores your physical and mental energy and prepares you for the following day.

That isn’t the only function of sleep. It also helps you stay you fit, healthy and in shape. However, due to sleep deprivation, you may be at risk of many chronic disorders such as increased risk of hallucinations; weakened immunity, and unbalanced respiratory, digestive, and cardiovascular systems.

Sleep and Weight Loss

Sleeping is related to weight loss due to its positive impact, mind one thing, Excessive sleeping or staying at home like a couch potato will make you fat.Being overweight also affects your sleep pattern, read here

Enough sleep for an adult is 6-7 hours which is advised by doctors at Slimming Studios. It is an important aspect while losing weight, taking enough sleep helps in fine tuning your body and weight naturally.

Our genes have an immense influence on our body system and functions. And by sleeping on time, on a regular basis – even if being over-weight is in your family history – you can control your body weight. Also, read https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/sleep-and-weight-loss

Many recent studies have proved the fact that people who are sleep-deprived turns to binge eating due to two hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin is hormone released to send hunger signals to the brain and the amount gets reduced once you eat. Leptin is released from fat cells which suppress the hunger and sends the signal of fullness to the brain. A sleep-deprived body produces more ghrelin than leptin leaving you craving for more food. A research over 1000 people found that people who slept for short durations has 14.9% higher ghrelin levels and lower leptin levels than people who got adequate sleep.

Poor sleep may decrease your Resting Metabolism

Do you know about losing weight when your body burns the calories? This rate is called RMR- resting metabolic rate. Your age, weight, height, sex and muscle mass affect your RMR.

Getting enough sleep, helps your body observes various physical and psychological changes, which one way or another is a great support for your efforts to lose weight.

Going to bed on time is like providing a support to your efforts of shedding weight. If you have been hitting the gym with a firmness to shed some pounds, sleeping will power your exercise and diet plans. But, just sleeping punctually wouldn’t be of much help. You will need to follow a disciplined, healthy routine – that includes a suitable meal plan, workout plan, and a few lifestyle changes.

Before this blog concludes, it offers a few habits to keep in practice in order to multiply the effects of sleeping –

Benefits of 9 hour sleep

Sleep in a dark, noise-free environment

And with no night lamps on! When there are distractions there are chances of broken sleep. When you are in a dark room, that is set at an adequate room temperature, you fall asleep quickly within a few minutes of getting into bed.

Keep it Cool

Your bedroom should be cool – not hot, as hot rooms tend to be quite uncomfortable. You will be able to sleep comfortably in a cool room. Therefore, it will be a good idea to turn off your thermostat or room heater before your slip into your bed.

Say no to screens

Put your mobile phone, tablet away from your bed. It will be great if you shut down those devices – they are a great distraction.

So, you now know why sleeping is important and how to ensure you are getting a good bedtime.

In conclusion, if you want to lose weight effectively and efficiently then taking enough sleep is compulsory, moreover, it reduces the stress on your health and prevents a list of health issues. So, the next time anyone asks you to sleep less, you have your reasons in defense.

Adequate sleep can help you, and for a perfectly contoured body with weight loss, you can choose from our range of body contouring procedures and figure correction methods at Slimming Studios to add more value to your weight loss journey. Lose Weight for Good!

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Broccoli Feta Omelet Toast Recipe

#WeightLossRecipe – Broccoli & Feta Omelet with Toast

This easy breakfast recipe, which takes just 15 minutes start to finish, packs a one-two punch that will leave you feeling satisfied yet energized.

The broccoli provides filling fiber (and just 30 calories per serving), while the protein-loaded eggs curb appetite and will help stave off those late-morning cravings.

Broccoli & Feta Omelet with Toast – Recipe


  • Cooking spray
  • 1 cup chopped broccoli
  • 2 large eggs, beaten
  • 2 tablespoons feta cheese, crumbled
  • 1/4 teaspoon dried dill
  • 2 slices rye bread, toasted


  1. Heat a nonstick skillet over medium heat.
  2. Coat pan with cooking spray.
  3. Add broccoli, and cook 3 minutes.
  4. Combine egg, feta, and dill in a small bowl.
  5. Add egg mixture to pan. Cook 3 to 4 minutes.
  6. Flip omelet and cook 2 minutes or until cooked through.
  7. Serve with toast.

Credit: Health.com

3 Weight Loss Myths Busted

Weight Loss Myths!



We are living in a world where everything comes as a package. We want extra services, extra features, extra payment options and are willing to give extra time searching the best option. All because we want a complete package to make our money worth. And that’s exactly how our weight loss plan should be…a complete package…. Just one option, either diet or exercise is a bigger myth. And people who are obese or extremely overweight need to be extra careful with rigorous exercise regime as it may prove fatal. There are non-invasive and invasive weight loss procedures available but even they do not work in isolation. A perfect body shape is always a combination of healthy diet, healthy mind, exercise and healthy sleep with or without any non-invasive or invasive weight loss procedure that you might need depending on your body’s requirements.

I see many ‘myths and facts’ all over the internet which are all same but confusing. And with different types of diets, exercises, and procedures trending, we all should first remember three basic facts:


Fact: Studies have shown that exercise alone might not be effective. It increases our metabolism but also increases our appetite. We might end up eating more to regain energy. Exercise is not necessary for weight loss but it is beneficial for our overall good health and longevity.

Tip: Mix exercise with a healthy diet.


Fact: They often work if we strictly reduce what we eat or avoid some types of foods. They may not fulfill our body’s nutritional requirements and low-calorie diet (< 800) for a long time may lead to serious heart problems. Choose between Whole (brown rice, whole wheat bread, cereal & pasta) vs Refined grains. Eating whole grain may lower chances of developing some chronic diseases. Many processed low-fat or fat-free foods have just as many calories or even more as the full-fat versions of the same foods. They may contain added flour, salt, starch, or sugar to improve flavor and texture after fat is removed and add calories.

Tip: Follow a healthy eating plan that replaces less healthy options with a mix of fruits, veggies, whole grains, protein foods, and low-fat dairy and combine reduced calorie diet with physical activity.


Fact: While it’s not a replacement for liposuction or exercise or healthy diet, it helps releasing unwanted fat in certain areas and that released fat is then used by our body in performing physical activities.

Tip: Combine non-invasive treatments with diet and exercise to achieve optimal results.
Weight loss isn’t a big deal as sustaining that reduced weight. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to prepare a combo. After all, we all want the best results.
Have any questions about non-invasive Weight Loss Procedures or Medical Weight Loss? Hit me up in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

MixFix - Lemon Detox Drink Recipe

MixFix Recipe!



Mixing few natural ingredients and consuming them every day helps you fixing your body cleansing goals in many ways. New detox and cleansers surface on social media every day. Although they are all different, they share a majority of beneficial factors:

 Dissolves and eliminates toxins and congestion that have formed inside your body

 Cleanses the kidneys and the digestive system

 Purifies the glands and cells throughout the entire body

 Eliminates all unusable waste and hardened material in the joints and muscles

 Relieves pressure and irritation in the nerves, arteries, and blood vessels

 Builds a healthy blood stream

 Keeps skin elasticity

Because detox remedies can get quite costly, here is a simple, effective solution to a detox drink with ingredients that you most likely already have in your kitchen


 1 tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar (raw & unfiltered)

 Juice from 1 lemon

 1/8 tsp Cayenne Pepper

 1-2 tbsp. Honey (raw and local is preferred)

 Water – You can dilute this as strong or as weak as you prefer

 Mix well and drink

Keep checking this blog for new recipes!

This blog is brought to you by Slimming Studios , a chain of weight loss service providers.
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Blog Cover for Lipotropic Shots

Lipotropic Shot in nutshell!

It seems so many people are confused when it comes to weight loss injections. Weight loss injections are NOT simply B-12 injections, thus the “Lipotropic” after the B-12. B-12 is only 1 component of the injection. The other amino acids are supposed to aid in the conversion of fat to energy and help the liver. I don’t feel this is a magic weight loss injection, but rather an aid to help your body metabolize and transport the fat stores into energy. Diet and Exercise are still paramount.

Lipotropic B12 injections contain minerals and vitamins, known as fat burning agents, that make the journey toward successful weight loss quite astounding. One of the agents contained in the B12 lipotropic shots is choline.

Choline is responsible for reducing fat in the liver and the gall bladder. It metabolizes the fats and sends them to the blood stream where they are used up by the body. This means that fat deposits in your body will decrease and their metabolism will be sped up.

Inositol is another agent found in the injections and it helps to regulate serotonin and insulin levels. This means that your mood will become more stable and feelings of hunger will be less noticeable. Insulin regulation is very important especially when it comes to growth hormones.

Better mood is stimulated by vitamin B12 and B6, so you will be in a good mood most of the time and you will have more energy. These vitamins are also responsible for aiding in lipid metabolism.

You will also be glad to know that lipotropic injections not only help you to lose weight, but they also help to minimize excess water gain, control estrogen levels, and maintain healthy nails and skin. And it doesn t stop there. They could be used for even more things, such as treating thyroid disorders, relieving adrenal fatigue and controlling hormonal imbalances.

Overall, getting the injections will not make the pounds just melt away. They only help your body to lose weight faster and easier than if you didn’t take the shots. You still have to eat right, and preferably do some regular exercise.

This blog is brought to you by Slimming Studios , a chain of weight loss service providers.
Have any questions about Weight Loss Non Invasive Weight Loss Procedures or Medical Weight Loss?Write to us at info@slimmingsudios.com or call us at 972-702-SLIM (7546).

#WeightLossRecipe: Peanut Chicken Cabbage Wrap

Cabbage is one of the healthiest options you can have on your plate. It is a rich source of vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B6 choline, vitamin B2, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, selenium, iron, pantothenic acid, protein and niacin. Cabbage stands as the healthiest and lightest ingredient in this weight loss recipe – Peanut Chicken Cabbage Wrap.


• Cabbage leaves (cut in half crosswise)
• Boneless chicken breast (cut into small sizes)
• Peanut sauce
• Canola oil
• Rice vinegar
• Salt
• Lime zest
• Asian pear (julienned)
• English cucumber (julienned)
• Cilantro (fine chopped)


1. Wash cabbage leaves in running water and allow the water to dry out. Now, cut the leaves in half crosswise.
2. Take a non-stick pan, drop in a tablespoon of canola oil. Bring it to medium heat and place chicken pieces
into the pan.
3. Sprinkle salt. Stir occasionally and cook for 5 to 6 minutes. Remove.
4. Beat peanut sauce, vinegar, and lime zest in a separate bowl.
5. Add the sauce mixture into the pan and stir well.
6. Lay the leaves of cabbage in a serving tray. Place the chicken into the leaves and garnish with cilantro
and juliennes of pear and cucumber.

Credit: EatingWell.Com

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The influence of your genes on weight loss

Why Some People Lose Weight Easily

Setting out on a weight loss journey looks easy. Getting results from it, however, isn’t that easy. I have seen a lot of people nagging, because of getting no benefit out of their efforts. Very soon, their diet and workout plans turn into a never-ending complaint: “Weight loss diets and plans don’t really work for me.”

Most individuals complain about their look; some don’t even like seeing their picture or themselves in the mirror. Reason being is that they couldn’t meet their expected goal and there is no or negligible change in their shape and weight.

As evidenced by behavioral studies in medical science, your lifestyle has an unswerving linkage with your shape, size, and weight.

If losing weight isn’t easy, then how do some people lose it very easily?

Basically, there are two types of obese people – first, those who lose weight and burn fat pretty easily. Second, those who get disheartened and disappointed easily and put an end to their get-fit journey seeing that their efforts aren’t redeeming.

The first type can lose weight without putting in much effort. They would just control their portion size and do a few minutes’ exercise every day for a few weeks, and boom. They will get slimmer and sexier simply by doing nothing.

On the other hand, the second type even after giving enormous tries can’t find a way to get in shape. In the beginning, they do see some weight loss. But the diet, supplement, and exercise they follow aren’t practical and helpful in the long run. Most of the efforts deem to be going in the wrong direction and prove insufficient.

It’s all in your genetics!

Pieces of evidence and studies also certify that the success in getting rid of excess body fat and weight is significantly influenced by your genes.

If you belong to the type two category, the most important thing you need to understand here is that you are genetically unique. You should realize how your body reacts to certain foods, drugs, supplements, nutrients, and exercises is unique in its own way. So, if a diet and workout plan has made an individual achieve his or her weight loss goals, then it makes perfect sense that those food and workout options may not work for you.

The study of genetics allows us to find out the right food, nutrients, and practices that have the potential to support our fitness goals. Real Lab, one of the brands owned by Infinity Health Group, of which Slimming Studios is also a part, offers genetic testing to help your physician or nutritionist plan out the most suitable fitness and wellness plan for you.

The genetic testing may unearth some serious genetic mutations, which could be a reason why your weight loss efforts did not work.

Therefore, I always advise people to go for nutrigenetic testing before following a weight loss diet. This will help ensure that the diet/supplement your doctor is considering suggesting will assuredly bring you some positive results.

If you are about to get set on your weight loss journey, it would be ideal to identify and treat any genetic disorders that could be keeping you away from reaching your fitness goals. Most people who are in the type two category suffer from autoimmune disorders, knowingly or unknowingly. These conditions will not let you lose weight easily. Rather, it will translate into many other complications. You first need to fix the root of the problem, then proceed with weight loss efforts.

Special Tips for Type-2 Obese/Overweight Individuals

If you belong to the “it’s difficult to lose weight” group, and if intense dieting and working out have never worked for you, then apart from considering genetic testing you can try these tips–

  • Grain-free, crab-free (low-carb), sugar-free, and low-calorie diet can be great for weight loss.Two best examples of such natural diets are: Paleo Diet and Mediterranean Diet. Following any of these diets alongside a suitable exercise plan can show up extraordinary weight loss results.
  • Increase your nutrients’ intake, if you are trying to lower your food intakes. Nutrition that we get from our food has a big part to play in our body’s fat burning process. It’s because of the low supply of nutrients that you feel down and dizzy.
  • Also, proper nutrition keeps you active and most importantly, motivated in your weight loss journey.
  • Get enough sleep; if possible, 8 to 9 hours in a 24-hour cycle.
  • Walk at least 10000 steps every day; it would be better to walk even more.
  • Pick foods grown naturally.
  • Include raw, half-cooked, unprocessed food items in your meals.

Why is it Important to Lose Excess Body Fat?

Obesity and overweight conditions are the foundation for many complications. And, when these conditions are caused by inheritance or family history, it becomes highly crucial to treat each problem stepwise.

The conditions should be treated under an expert physician’s supervision. How about getting a convenient appointment and consultation with our weight loss physician?

Call Slimming Studios expert at 1-972-702-7546 to book a consultation for further evaluation.

Chocolate-Dipped Banana Recipe

#WeightLossRecipe – Chocolate-Covered Banana Bites

Dessert doesn’t always have to be unhealthy or difficult to prepare!

Here is an easy to make dessert, made from banana and semisweet chocolate, that is rich in resistant starch and healthy carbohydrate that help burn calories. The semisweet chocolate in this dessert contains healthy fats that rev up your metabolism. Chocolate is a rich source of metabolism-boosting MUFAs, and bananas are the richest source of Resistant Starch, making this dessert a weight-loss winner.

Preparing this dessert is easier than making a pie is. You just need two things – a knife and a microwave.

Recipe – Chocolate-Dipped Banana Bites


  • 2 tablespoons semisweet chocolate chips
  • 1 small banana, peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks


  1. Place chocolate chips in a heavy-duty zip-top plastic bag or small microwave-safe bowl.
  2. Microwave at HIGH 1 minute or until chocolate melts.
  3. Dip banana pieces in chocolate.
  4. Let cool.
  5. Enjoy.

Nutritional Information

  • Calories per serving: 190
  • Fat per serving: 7g
  • Saturated fat per serving: 4g
  • Monounsaturated fat per serving: 2g
  • Polyunsaturated fat per serving: .5g
  • Protein per serving: 2g
  • Carbohydrate per serving: 36g
  • Fiber per serving: 4g
  • Cholesterol per serving: 0mg
  • Sodium per serving: 0mg
  • Rs per serving: 4g

Recipe Credit – Health.com

Dark Chocolate & Oat Clusters Recipe

#WeightLossRecipe – Dark Chocolate & Oat Clusters

YES, desserts, too, can help burn fat!

These tasty clusters have two appetite-suppressing ingredients; the oatmeal that contains 1.7 grams of resistant starch, and the dark chocolate that is full of healthy fats that help curb cravings. Peanut butter—the glue that holds the clusters together—also provides satiating protein. The result? One satisfying and guilt-free treat.

Dark Chocolate & Oat Clusters – Recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Yield: 4 servings

Nutritional Information

  • Calories per serving: 160
  • Fat per serving: 8g
  • Saturated fat per serving: 3g
  • Monounsaturated fat per serving: 3.5g
  • Polyunsaturated fat per serving: 1.5g
  • Protein per serving: 5g
  • Carbohydrate per serving: 19g
  • Fiber per serving: 3g
  • Cholesterol per serving: 0mg
  • Sodium per serving: 40mg
  • Rs per serving: 1.7g


  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter
  • 2 tablespoons 1% low-fat milk
  • 1/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips
  • 3/4 cup old-fashioned rolled oats


  1. Heat peanut butter, milk, and chocolate chips in a saucepan over low heat 3 minutes or until chips melt.
  2. Stir in oats. Remove from heat.
  3. With a spoon, small ice cream scoop, or melon baller, drop 8 ball-shaped portions on a wax paper−lined baking sheet.
  4. Let set in fridge 10 minutes.

Recipe Credit: Health.com

Recipe of Banana & Almond Butter Toast

#WeightLossRecipe – Banana & Almond Butter Toast

This simple yet tasty morning pick-me-up features no fewer than three of the best foods to eat for breakfast. The bananas and whole-grain rye bread are high in resistant starch, to help boost metabolism, while the almond butter adds hunger-curbing protein and healthy monounsaturated fats.

One slice contains just 280 calories, but it’s guaranteed to keep you full until lunchtime.

1 Serve



  • 1 tablespoon almond butter
  • 1 slice rye bread, toasted
  • 1 banana, sliced


  1. Spread almond butter on toast.
  2. Top with banana slices.

Nutritional Information

  • Calories per serving: 280
  • Fat per serving: 11g
  • Saturated fat per serving: 1g
  • Monounsaturated fat per serving: 7g
  • Polyunsaturated fat per serving: 2.5g
  • Protein per serving: 6g
  • Carbohydrate per serving: 44g
  • Fiber per serving: 5g
  • Cholesterol per serving: 0.0mg
  • Sodium per serving: 260mg
  • Resistant Starch: 5.6g

Recipe Credit: Health.com

Baked Strawberry Custard Recipe

#WeightLossRecipe: Baked Strawberry Custard

Spring is in the Air, indulge in the sweetness of in-season strawberries with a delicious yet healthy recipe this season. The blossoming splendor of spring will tempt your taste buds with its fresh flavor.

Strawberries are seasonal and are rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, nutrients like vitamin c, folates, potassium, manganese and are immunity boosters to health. Moreover, it also aids weight loss due to the presence of various nutrients that stimulate nutrients and reduce appetite. Prepare it for breakfast or serve it with dinner, this is so quick and easy to make like a spring breeze of air.

We have a fantastic healthy recipe to lose weight, Baked Strawberry Custards for this beautiful season, enriched with the benefits of berries and sour cream, it gives you a perfect mix of richness and tang.

Serving: 1 Custard each
Preparation Time: 25 minutes
Ready In: 1 hour
Nutritional Value: 251 calories; 15 g fat (8 g sat); 2 g fiber; 26 g carbohydrates; 5 g protein; 54 mcg folate; 104 mg cholesterol; 18 g sugars; 13 g added sugars; 498 IU vitamin A; 50 mg vitamin C; 67 mg calcium; 1 mg iron; 263 mg sodium; 215 mg potassium


  • Strawberries, 4 Cups, Trimmed (Small to medium)
  • Eggs, 3 Large Sized
  • Sour Cream, 1 ½ Cups
  • Sugar, 8 Tablespoons
  • All-purpose Flour, ½ a Cup
  • Unsalted Butter, 4 Tablespoon, Melted
  • Orange Zest, 1 ½ Teaspoons
  • Salt, ¾ Teaspoon

Equipment: Eight 8- to 10-ounce baking dishes
Set the oven to 400°F to preheat. Place a large baking sheet to keep eight (1-to 2-inch deep) individual baking dishes and coat them with cooking spray.

  • Take a bowl, add strawberries and toss them with 1 tablespoon sugar
  • Add flour, salt, sugar, eggs into another bowl and give it a nice whisk, Add sour cream, butter, orange zest until combined and smoothened.
  • Divide the berries for the dishes, Top it over with the equal portion of custard.
  • Baked until light brown and puffed, takes 20 to 25 minutes. Let it cool for 10 minutes.
  • Serve warm
  • Enjoy this light and healthy recipe

Recipe Credits: Eating Well

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Week 2 Weight Loss Plan

Week2: A 5-Week Plan To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Week 2: Adding More to the Effort to Have Less

Welcome back to your 5 week weight loss program. Hopefully, at this point you are getting into a rhythm with your new routine and habits. Keep going. Those new habits will help remove weight from your belly and back, and are a solid foundation for lifestyle change.

This week, we’re going to add a little more to the routine and lay some more ground work.

Measuring Up

You won’t know if you’re making progress unless you know how to measure it. So let’s talk about the right and wrong ways to weigh the situation. Your weight shouldn’t be your only measure of progress. Everybody is different. For example, let’s look at body fat content. A male can feel healthy and agreeable with around 2 to 24 percent body fat. A woman can feel the same with 10 to 30 percent body fat. Machines are readily available at your doctor, your gym, or even at your pharmacy to determine your body fat content.

Another useful tool is to calculate your body mass index, or BMI. You can calculate your BMI by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared. BMI=Kg/M2. If you don’t want to do the math, you can just follow this link to one of many handy calculators available online.
BMI Calculator

A BMI of 25 or higher is considered overweight, while a BMI of 30 or more is considered morbidly obese.

Remember, your weight may actually increase when you first start getting healthy, as muscle weighs more than fat.

Good exercises

Did you know not all exercise is good exercise? For example, routines that require an insane amount of crunches won’t help trim your tummy. In fact, they can actually hurt your body in the long run.

If you are getting comfortable with your cardio workouts, try adding in a little resistance training. Start lifting light weights, such as free weights, and gradually increase the weight and resistance. Machines are a great way to get your range of motion down right. Just remember to not go so overboard that you hurt yourself. While the old proverb about “No pain, no gain” is true, it also depends on the kind of pain. Dull pain after a workout is usually a sign you worked your muscles well. Sharp pain likely means you are hurting yourself and you should stop immediately.


Now that you are getting into the habit of eating healthier, it’s time to take it to the next level. You want your body to begin burning some of your fat reserves for fuel instead of storing additional fat. Try to limit your calories to around 1,500 per day. You should also try to make about 15% of your calories lean protein. One effective way to reduce your calories and still maintain a good energy level is to eat small portions every two to three hours.

There are also several nutritional supplements you can add to your diet to help jump start the fat burning process. Garcinia Cambogia is the top seller in the country right now, but there are several others. You can see the list of weight loss supplements we offer.

You can also boost your results through various fat destroying technologies, like cryolipolysis (fat freezing), laser, and ultrasound & radio frequency cavitation. You can book your free consult at Slimming Studios, or book your next session at one of our convenient studios.

Next week, we’ll talk about how to stay motivated as you move into the half way mark.

Banana Bread Recipe

#WeightLossRecipe: Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Banana Bread

The right morning regime is crucial to stay fit and healthy. Healthy breakfast is all you need to kickstart your day. Pumpkin Banana Bread is a nutritious recipe filled with the goodness of Banana and Pumpkin to boost your energy.

Who doesn’t want a delicious breakfast without eating a lot of calories? Banana bread is the most sought-after option for those with a sweet tooth, but banana bread from the bakery contains a lot of calories, fat, and sugar in it. On the other hand, Homemade Bread is the perfect mix of whole-grains and bananas.

Your hunt for perfect recipe for breakfast is over, try this super-healthy and nutritious recipe of Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Banana Bread to satisfy your taste buds.It replenishes the carbohydrates and nutrients required for mental and physical process, reduces the risk of cancers, lowers the blood pressure and improves metabolism, Get benefitted by bundle of benefits provided by this Yellow Fruit.

Getting a soft, tender and fluffy bread right out of the oven is a feast for eyes. This recipe is a win-win story with health benefits of pumpkin and banana. Take a glance at everything you need to prepare this Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Banana Bread.

Serving: 1 loaf, 12 Slices
Preparation Time: 1 hour 10 Minutes
Nutritional Value: 119 calories, 1.2 g fat, 146 mg sodium, 23.6 g carbs, 1.1 g fiber, 9.1 g sugar, 3.7 g protein


  • All-Purpose Flour (150Grms), approx. one & half cups
  • Baking Powder, 1 Teaspoon
  • Baking Soda, ½ a Teaspoon
  • Ginger, minced 1 Teaspoon
  • Nutmeg, Grounded ¼ a Teaspoon
  • Sea Salt, ½ a Teaspoon
  • Beaten Eggs, 2 large size
  • Mashed Banana, Medium Sized
  • Pumpkin Puree, ½ a Cup
  • Greek Yogurt, ½ a Cup
  • Maple Syrup, ¼ a Cup
  • Brown Sugar, ¼ a cup
  • Vanilla extract, 1 Teaspoon
  • Choco-chips/ Raisins/Nuts as per your taste.


  • Set the oven to 350ºF (176ºC) to pre-heat, take a bread pan and grease it with oil.
  • Take a bowl, add flour, baking powder, baking soda, spices and salt, and combine them together and keep it aside.
  • Add beaten eggs in another mixing bowl and add mashed bananas, pumpkin, yogurt, syrups, sugar and give it a nice whisk.
  • Mix both the bowl’s ingredients (wet and dry) and stir gently, garnish the add-ins if you wish to add more crunch to it.
  • Place the batter to the loaf pan and gently tap it to remove air bubbles and bake it for 60 minutes, check by inserting a toothpick into the center and if it comes out clean then the loaf is ready.
  • You can also cover it with the sheet to prevent it from getting brown.
  • Remove it from oven and Let it cool for about 10 minutes and cut it into slices later.
  • Relish it with various spreads.

Recipe Credit: Running with Spoons

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Week 2 Weight Loss Plan

Week1: A 5-Week Plan To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Week 1: Getting Started with Small Changes

We all know the pain of not being able to fit in a certain outfit or feeling uncomfortable in a swimsuit. Even worse, that layer of fat around the stomach and back can also cause heart disease, high blood pressure and even diabetes.

While changing your lifestyle and losing weight may seem like an undertaking of Olympic proportions, it doesn’t have to be. We’re going to show you over the next five weeks how small changes can quickly add up into a big change. You’ll feel better and look better if you stick to these tips on diet and exercise.

Nutrition & Diet

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Your first step in diet and nutrition is this: Don’t starve yourself. You may think that eating nothing will let you lose weight quickly. But in fact, you are just making yourself weaker and even more unhealthy.

If you eat enough of the right foods, you’ll get healthier, lose weight, and not be hungry all the time. Your weight loss diet plan starts with leafy vegetables to supply some of the key nutrients you need. Try adding these foods to your diet this week:

  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Kale
  • Cabbage
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots (Baby carrots make a great snack.)
  • Cucumbers

When it comes to protein, fish and chicken are great choices. You can also enjoy some low-fat milk.

When it comes to foods to avoid, cut these out of your diet this week.

  • Foods with high sugar concentrations.
  • Carbonated Water
  • Soft Drinks
  • Candy
  • Snack Food

And when you eat, eat in moderate proportions as recommended by your doctor, fitness coach or nutritionist.

WHEN you eat is also very important. A healthy lifestyle involves disciplined eating habits. Eat the right amount of food at the same time every day to help eliminate snacks and unhealthy food cravings.


The other side to a healthy lifestyle starts with regular exercise. And no, we are not going to tell you to just jump into a heavy workout routine suddenly. That’s a good way to hurt yourself.

Much like food, exercise is best in sensible amounts at regular times. Try raising your heart rate for 30 minutes, three to five days a week. It helps if this elevated heart rate can be combined with something you enjoy. You can work out on a treadmill, exercise bike or elyptical machine while listening to your favorite podcast or music.

Other fun ways to exercise include walks with friends, dancing lessons, or participating in amateur sports leagues.

Just remember, food AND exercise in moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

So, let’s quickly review. For your first week on a path to a healthier, happier and slimmer you, be sure to:

  • Eat balanced meals at regular times
  • Add more vegetables and lean protein to your diet.
  • Cut out harmful foods.
  • Elevate your heart rate for at least 30 minutes three to five times during the week.

If you are looking for something to help sharpen your edge in your toning and slimming efforts, talk to one of our Slimming Studios counselors. They can help you with injections and weight loss supplements that will boost your energy and your body’s natural fat-burning processes. They can also advise you on how our treatments can enhance your toning and slimming efforts. Some can even make your skin feel tighter and look younger.

To schedule your free consultation, click on the below button, or call 972-702-7456.

Orange Almond Salad Recipe

#WeightLossRecipe: Orange Almond Salad

An exceptional blend of flavors that leaves you full and happy. The garishness of the oranges and the crunchiness from the almond complement each other perfectly.

Serving – Makes 4 portions
Preparation Time – 12 minutes

Chopped greens-3 cups
2 oranges, peeled and sectioned
½ cup celery, sliced thin
Green onion, finely chopped-2 tbsp.
Cider vinegar -¼ cup
Artificial sweetener-¼ cup
Toasted almond, cut into slivers-¼ cup
Vegetable oil- 2 tsp.

Combine greens, orange, celery and onions in a bowl and keep apart. In a separate bowl combine cider vinegar, artificial sweetener and oil and whisk briskly. Drizzle the mixture over the greens and orange coat evenly. Sprinkle almonds on top and serve.

Nutrition (per serving) – 175 calories, 28.5 g carbs, 22.4 g sugars, 5.4 g fat, 0.6 g saturates, 2.9 g protein, 29 mg sodium, 4.5 g fiber, 0 trans fat

Recipe credit: All Vegan Recipes

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Almond Milk Hot Chocolate Recipe

#WeightLossRecipe: Almond Milk Hot Chocolate

With just 4 ingredients, this quick dairy-free hot cocoa is the healthy way to get your chocolate fix. A pinch of instant coffee deepens the cocoa flavor, while almond milk makes it creamy. It only tastes decadent!

Recipe type: Drinks
Prep time: 2 min
Serves: 1 cup

1 Tbsp cocoa powder
3-4 packets Truvia, or other sweetener to taste
pinch of instant coffee (optional)
¼ tsp vanilla extract
1 cup unsweetened almond milk


Fork method
In the bottom of your mug, use a fork to whisk together the first 4 ingredients plus 1 Tbsp of the almond milk for 20-30 seconds. It takes a little effort to get the almond milk to incorporate, but you’ll end up with a smooth paste.
Add ¼ of the remaining almond milk and mix again until smooth. (Should look like chocolate syrup.)
Add the rest of the almond milk and stir until smooth, being sure to scrape the sides.
Microwave for 1-1½ minutes. Give it a final stir and enjoy!

Blender method
Whiz all ingredients in a blender, transfer to a mug, and microwave 1-1½ minutes until hot.

Serving size: 1 cup Calories: 42 Fat: 3g Saturated fat: 0g Carbohydrates: 16g Sugar: 0 Sodium: 150mg Fiber: 3g Protein: 1g Cholesterol: 0mg

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Recipe credit: Veggie Quest

Energy Movement initiative

Slimming Studios launches Energy Movement initiative

DALLAS – Slimming Studios is launching a new service that provides energy-boosting injections and supplements to employees on-site at area companies called the Energy Movement, the company announced today.

“Research and practical experience shows that most of us experience a drop in energy and productivity as the day and the week nears an end,” said Mildred Bennett, project manager for The Energy Movement. “We’ve been providing medically proven ways to boost energy and productivity to clients at our five locations. We’re now going to bring that same benefit to where people work.”

While B-12 injections, which can boost energy in individuals for up to five days, is the best-known product offered by The Energy Movement, the initiative offers a host of other products that can be even more effective, Bennett said.

Such products include supplement capsules, energy and lipotropic injections, and massage therapy techniques, she said. Many of these services have the added benefit of boosting metabolisms, which improves health and enhances weight loss efforts. All injections are given by certified medical assistants.

“Many people can’t come to us during working hours, but that is when they most need the benefit of these kinds of products,” Bennett said. “So, we are hoping to partner with employers to provide this as a benefit during the work day.”

Human resource directors can arrange for visits to be partially or wholly paid for by the company as an added employee benefit.

“In our test cases, we’ve found this to be a wonderful addition to corporate wellness and retention programs,” Bennett said.

Along with energy-boosting injections and supplements, The Energy Movement can also provide any of Slimming Studios current enhanced weight loss and body contouring services.

“We can create a custom package to meet whatever needs or goals a company has,” Bennett said.
“We’d love to be a part of any corporate retreat.”

The Energy Movement can also come to area gyms, health clubs, yoga facilities and other wellness locations to provide services and products to customers, she said.

The Energy Movement visits can be scheduled to occur as far apart as every few months to as often as twice a week. To book an Energy Movement session, employers can contact Bennett at 214-396-7816. For more information, visit SlimmingStudios.com/EnergyMovement.


About Slimming Studios: Slimming Studios offers an array of enhanced weight loss products and services at centers across North Texas, and through trusted medical partners. Slimming Studios provides medical & noninvasive weight loss procedures, dietary supplements, weight control snacks, diet & workout plans, and weight loss counseling. Its purpose is to offer clients the very best in enhanced weight loss so they don’t have to wait to lose weight.

Benefits of breakfast

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast seems to be the norm in our fast-paced world. Since we are busier than ever, most of us don’t hesitate to skip the morning meal.

But breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Mom proves right again (Have you noticed that that keeps happening?). Breakfast is the combination of two words, break and fast. When you are sleeping, your body is essentially fasting for six to nine hours. This is the longest period without food in a 24-hour cycle.

Your body needs breakfast to be healthy. Here are a few reasons why skipping it is a bad idea all around.

1. Skipping breakfast can make you gain weight.

When you skip early morning chow, you are actually overriding your natural desire to eat. That hunger can reassert itself with a vengeance in your next meal. You are also more likely to fall to the temptation of snacks and treats throughout the day. Those unplanned calories are usually far less healthy than a good breakfast, and far more likely to pack on the pounds.

2. A day without breakfast is a tired and unproductive day.

Your body runs on fuel, and that fuel is food. When you get hungry, you also feel sluggish and low on energy. When you skip breakfast, your glucose levels drop. You’ll feel tired and lethargic and find it hard to focus on work. Your mind starts to wander and you find you just don’t have the resources you need to do the day right. A good breakfast is key to tackling the daily To-Do list.

3. Saying no to breakfast is saying yes to stress.

Food sets your mood. When you are hungry, your body isn’t functioning properly. And when your body isn’t functioning properly, you can get stressed out and irritable. When your body needs something, it increases your stress level. So, when you say no to breakfast, you are also saying yes to increased stress.

4. You can wreck your health & fitness goals.

Losing weight and getting healthy is the most common New Year’s Resolution in America. But getting healthy requires a combination of good nutrition and regular physical activity. If you are on a meal plan or fitness regime, breakfast is part of that winning healthy combination.

To be healthy, your body needs to refuel every three to four hours. When you push that time, your body begins shifting gears from normal healthy operations to emergency protocols and disaster plans. You can keep going, but it isn’t good for you. The longer you push your body, the worse it will get for you. You won’t feel good. You won’t look good. And your life won’t be good.

5. Your blood glucose levels go haywire without breakfast.

Glucose, or blood sugar, is essential to feeling good and living a great life. It can be thrown out of balance by illness, emotional stress, injuries and other related factors. To recover and feel healthy, you need a steady, stable stream of nutrition. Breakfast is a key part of that nutrition.

If you are thinking “That’s great, but I just don’t have time!” here are a few tips that can help.

Set an alarm 15 to 20 minutes earlier to give yourself enough time to eat breakfast.

Pack your breakfast the night before just like you do your lunch. That way, you can eat it on your way to work or at the office.

Search online for healthy, easy-to-make breakfast recipes. This will also help keep breakfast from becoming boring and monotonous.

Experiment with new breakfast recipes on the weekend. Treat yourself and keep up the daily breakfast habit. Also read: Weight Loss Recipe-Banana Nut Oatmeal

Breakfast is a critical part of building a slimmer, healthier, more vibrant you. That’s why all our meal plans at Slimming Studios include a healthy breakfast. If you want to find out more about how we can help you build that better you, book your free consult today. (Hot Link on Book Your Free Consult pointing to free consult page.)

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dark chocolate sandwich

#WeightLossRecipe: Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Sandwich

Imagine the softness of bread and aroma of dark chocolate!

Bestowing the sweetness and softness of whole wheat bread and the aromatic wonderfulness of dark chocolate, this Dark Chocolate Sandwich makes a great option for those wanting to keep their calories consumed low.


  • Low-fat Evaporated Milk (1/4 cup)
  • Whole Wheat Bread Slices
  • Dark Chocolate (chopped, 3 ounces)
  • Dark Chocolate Chips (3tbsp)
  • Roasted Hazelnuts (chopped, 2tbsp)
  • Low-fat Butter (molten, 1tbsp)


  1. Boil evaporated milk.
  2. Add chocolate, let it be there for a minute.
  3. Beat well, with a fork, until smooth.
  4. Allow it to cool down for a while.
  5. Spread whisked chocolate on one slice. This shall be the inner side of your sandwich.
  6. Press chocolate chips and hazelnuts into the chocolate spread on bread.
  7. Cover it with a plain slice.
  8. Apply butter on the bread, the buttered side should be up.
  9. Place the sandwich on a pan and cook each side until dark brown.
  10. Serve hot.
  11. Enjoy!

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Lose weight with fast food

This Fast Food Diet Plan Can Help You Lose Weight

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to call America’s food culture the “Fast Food Culture”. People here always seem in a hurry. The culture has made us one of the most obese counties in the world.

United States is the 12th country with the highest number of obese people, according to World Atlas. Thank God, we are not #1 this time! About one-third of the US population is either obese or overweight.

But, this certainly is a worrying figure. We live in a society where people are very much fond of foods that can be cooked easily and served quickly.

There is no denying that people nowadays are more concerned about their health. They want to lose weight, get in shape, and lead a healthy lifestyle. They are even ready to follow special diet and workout programs. But, when it comes to cook a special weight loss diet, most individuals give up.

Weight loss foods do not taste good. Cooking them, therefore, becomes an exercise most people are not very keen about. Weight loss diets are not something people enjoy. It is not the ideal or preferred food choice for many. They are on this diet because they want to lose weight. So, distractions are pretty common in this journey. It is very easy for anyone to lose motivation, and pick food that is addictive, looks and tastes good, and gets cooked and served in minutes.

And that’s what we call fast food.

By the way, this fast food is not healthy. On the contrary, it supplies an overdose of calories that goes unburned, which ultimately accentuates the accumulation of fat in your body. Apart from unwanted body fat, this culture is also a premise of many health conditions including inadequate insulin level, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and body and joint pain. There are thousands of articles on the World Wide Web underlining the side effects of fast food.

But, not all fast foods are unhealthy!

Healthy Fast Food

Yes, some fast foods are very much healthy. In fact, you can lose weight by regularizing and following these fast foods.

Well, to understand how it works, we will need to make a little change in our standpoint about fast foods. We are going to keep the original definition of fast food, i.e., the food that gets prepared and served quickly; however, the food choices will change.

This healthy fast food diet program will not exhaust you and weaken your immune system. Rather, it tastes good and keeps you motivated, in addition to offering help in weight loss.

Firstly, we need to sidestep the fast foods served at popular restaurants or sold prepacked.

Now, we have to create a list of items that do not need (much) preparation or can be eaten raw or half-cooked.

Unquestionably, this fast food diet will include a lot of fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, and whole grain bread. Animal products such as dairy, eggs and meat also have a key role in this weight loss plan.

Why I am recommending this plan is because it helped me and my friend get rid of excess belly fat. We were not like obese, but that bulk of fat around our waist looked really unattractive.

If it diluted our belly fats, it can help you too. It can do wonders in just a few weeks. We did it in about three weeks of following the diet and a few exercises suggested by Dr. Jain at Slimming Studios. We both ate and worked out together, and noticed results about at the same time.

However, I noticed the change in my belly size sooner than my friend did, due to the fact that I am a vegetarian. I avoided eggs and meats. I replaced them with more juices and dry fruits.

I am listing below all the options you can go with if you are going to follow this diet –

  • Fruits
  • Juices & water
  • Black tea and coffee
  • Vegetables, prefer more of green and leafy vegetables
  • Dry fruits
  • Whole grain bread
  • Lentils & pulses
  • Whipped cream
  • White cheese
  • Chicken egg
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Low-fat sauces, dips, dressing and spreads (you can prepare them at home as well)

Your focus should be on having wholesome and unprocessed foods. Have lots of fruits, vegetables, egg whites, and fish. Go for dry fruits and juices to calm your snacks and beverage cravings. Include different foods for different meals – this would help maintain focus.

Most importantly, do not skip your workouts. Our trainer suggested us to focus on stretching, weight lifting, crunches, and plank.

Even if you do not feel like losing weight, this completely natural diet and workout plan is surely going to help you stay fit and well always.

To learn more about the Healthy Fast Food Diet plan for Weight Loss, reach Slimming Studios on Facebook and Twitter.

#WeightLossRecipe – Watermelon Pizza

#WeightLossRecipe – Watermelon Pizza

Swap your pizza cravings with this healthy, mouth-watering Watermelon Pizza. Topped with yogurt sauce, your favorite blueberries, kiwis, and strawberries, this delightful dessert can easily be doubled for a party or halved for every day.

Animated GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

Recipe of Watermelon Pizza, Video Credit: Delicious Recipes

Small watermelon
Fresh plain whole milk yogurt

Take a watermelon slice on a plate.
Apply a layer of plain whole milk yogurt.
Top with blueberries, kiwi, and strawberries. (You can take small cubes of other fruits as well.)
Throw some honey. Chill for 2 to 3 hours.
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Recipe - Orange & Cinnamon Poached Pears

WeightLossRecipe – Orange & Cinnamon Poached Pears

A healthy and easy to cook summer delight! Either delight yourself or your guests, you will be like “Wow”. This delicacy sets your mood while taking care of your health and fitness goal. Here’s the recipe –

Cal p/serve: 188 | kj p/serve 788 | fat p/serve 0.2g | carbs p/serve 39.3g | Protein p/serve 1.4g |sugar p/serve 39.2g | sodium p/serve 13g | fat %0% | Energy rdi% 9% |

Tip – you can give up the sugar from the recipe


· 2 big pears
· 1 tbsp. caster sugar
· 2 oranges, juiced and zested
· 1 zested lemon
· 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
· 2 cups of boiling water
· Greek yogurt


– Boil the water in a saucepan until it reaches the boiling point.
– Add the cinnamon, sugar, orange juice, the orange and lemon rind.
– Peel the pears and leave the steam – put them in the boiling water on the side and let them boil for 20 minutes.
– Before taking them out you can try them with a toothpick.
– Serve with Greek yogurt and syrup

Bon Appetite!

Independence Day: 4 Low-Fat Sweetness for 4th July

Independence Day is here. It also is a long weekend. Some would have their long weekend getaway planned. And some would be staying home enjoying the feel of freedom – freedom from work and pressure.

Another great way to celebrate the day is to give yourself a treat of Independence Day inspired desserts.
Taking care of your health, Slimming Studios has come up with 4 Independence Day dessert recipes that will add up to your celebrations and fill you up with joy. Not to mention, these are low-fat dessert recipes that you can always try to keep your nationalism active and motivated.

1. Peanut Butter-Banana V’ice Cream

Peanut Butter-Banana V’ice Cream

As mentioned by famous cookbook authorJessica Seinfeld, it’s a “no dairy and no egg dessert”. Plus, it doesn’t take much efforts.


Sliced Banana, Peanut Butter, Grated Nutmeg, Ground Cinnamon, and Kosher Salt


1. Lay sliced bananas separately in a tray. Make sure they do not touch each other. Freeze them for two to three hours.
2. Take the frozen bananas in food processor. Add peanut butter, nutmeg and cinnamon, and kosher salt. And, blend it up till puree.
3. Take the pureed mixture in a bowl and freeze for another two to three hours.
4. Serve.

2. Flag Cake

Flag Cake Recipe


Yellow/Chocolate Cake Mix, 2 Cupsful Whipped Cream, 1/3 Cup Granulated Sugar, Vanilla Essence, and Fresh Blueberries and Strawberries. You will also need a 3×9 inch baking pan.


1. Lay the cake mix in baking pan as per the instructions given on packaging. Allow it to cool down. 2. Take cream, vanilla, and sugar in a large bowl and whip until stiff.
3. Ice the cake with this whipped mixture. And frost the cake.
4. Place blueberries on the upper left side. Lay it in a way that there is enough space for icing on the cake.
5. Now place strawberries to form red stripes of the American Flag. Again, make sure there is room for icing.
6. Once the cake is topped with blueberries and strawberries, it’s time to pipe the rows of icing between the rows of berries.
7. Your cake is ready. Freeze it for a couple of hours, and serve.

3. Pina Colada Nice Cream

Pina Colada Nice Cream RecipeIngredients:

Coconut Cream, Coconut Water, Chopped Pineapples, Malibu Rum, and Toasted and Sweetened Coconut.


1. Chill coconut cream for 5 to 6 hours.
2. Take the cream in a large bowl, beat it to give it cream-like consistency.
3. Blend pineapples, rum and coconut water in a processor.
4. Fold this blended mixture with coconut cream.
5. Garnish with julienned pineapples and toasted coconut.
6. Freeze for five to six hours before serving.

4. Flag Themed Strawberries

US Flag StraberriesIngredients:

Strawberries, White Chocolate, Blue Sprinkles, and Parchment Paper


1. Dip strawberries in melted chocolate. Make sure to leave one-third part undipped.
2. Now, dip the upper part of strawberries in blue sprinkles.
3. Set the berries on the parchment paper. Allow it to cool.
4. Serve and enjoy.

So, there you have it. These are 4 healthy, low-fat desserts you can cook by yourself this Independence Day.

Slimming Studios is offering 15% OFF on Fat Freezing, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency, and Energy and Slimming Shots. If you are looking to get freedom from excess body fat and want to get that perfect body shape, use Promo Code “INDP17” to avail this offer.

Here’s Slimming Studios wishing you a very Happy 4th of July!

Banana_Avocado Ice Cream Recipe

#WeightLossRecipe – Avocado-Banana Soft Serve Ice Cream

How about a sweet, yummy, healthy, no-dairy ice cream that also has countless health benefits of avocado? Made from fresh avocado, pistachio, and coconut flakes, this frozen dessert not only satisfies your cravings but also crushes your hunger and keeps you contented for hours.

Serves: 2


  • 2 frozen bananas
  • ½ avocado
  • ¼ cup pistachios (divided*)
  • 1 tablespoon shredded coconut
  • ½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • ¼ teaspoon almond extract


  1. Be sure that you’ve frozen two bananas the day before. Cut them in half or quarters putting it in the freezer.
    If your pistachios are still in their shells, take them out and measure ¼ cup. Take a small handful of pistachio. Crush it with something flat and set it aside to be used later. Put all the ingredients except the small handful of crushed pistachios in the blender.
  2. Blend until it’s completely smooth and runny. (This will make it feel like soft serve ice cream) Spoon it in a bowl and add the pistachios on top.

Nutrition: 316 calories, 18.8 g fat, 4.4 g sat fat, 36.6 g carbs, 8.6 g fiber, 16.3 g sugar, 5.7 g protein

Recipe Credit: Divine Healthy Food

You may also try Chocolate Covered Banana Bites. It is also a perfect weight loss recipe.

Curried Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe

#WeightLossRecipe – Curried Egg Salad Sandwich

Eggs make a perfect healthy value addition for dieters. They aren’t just tasty, they’re low in calories as well – to be specific, 80 calories per egg. They are packed with protein that fulfills your cravings.

This egg salad recipe is a healthy treat for your lunchtime. The low-fat Greek yogurt replaces mayo cutting down fat and calories and the curry powder adds aroma and a natural dose of antioxidants.

Curried Egg Salad Sandwich – Recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Yield: 1 sandwich



  • 2 hard-cooked eggs, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons plain Greek-style low-fat yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons chopped red bell pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon curry powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon pepper
  • 2 slices rye bread, toasted
  • 1/2 cup fresh spinach
  • 1 orange


  1. Combine eggs, yogurt, bell pepper, curry powder, salt, and pepper, in a small bowl; stir well.
  2. Place spinach on rye bread, top with egg salad, and serve the orange on the side.

Nutritional Information

  • Calories per serving: 410
  • Fat per serving: 14g
  • Saturated fat per serving: 4g
  • Monounsaturated fat per serving: 5g
  • Polyunsaturated fat per serving: 2g
  • Protein per serving: 22g
  • Carbohydrate per serving: 51g
  • Fiber per serving: 8g
  • Cholesterol per serving: 425mg
  • Sodium per serving: 870mg
  • Resistant starch per serving: 1.8g

Recipe Credit: Health.com

Recipe - Weight Loss Dessert – Honey Grapefruit with Banana

#WeightLossRecipe – Honey Grapefruit with Banana

Trying to cut excess body fat? Or are you already on a journey to get slim? With this tangy, tropical fruit salad, you won’t be losing your destination and motivation.

Grapefruit is the main ingredient in this fruit salad, which makes it an effective and pleasant intake. What’s more, Grapefruit is considered one of the best fruits for weight loss due to its resistive impact on insulin.

Perfect for breakfast, and also, as side serves at brunch, this colorful salad is a mouthwatering, nutritive delight that doesn’t supply any kind of fat.

Prep: 5 minutes.
Yield: 3 servings (serving size: 1 cup)



  • 1 (24-ounce) jar refrigerated red grapefruit sections (about 2 cups)
  • 1 cup sliced banana (about 1)
  • 1 tablespoon fresh chopped mint
  • 1 tablespoon honey


  1. Drain grapefruit sections, reserving 1/4 cup juice.
  2. Combine grapefruit sections, juice, and remaining ingredients in a medium bowl.
  3. Toss gently to coat.
  4. Serve immediately, or cover and chill.

Nutritional Information

  • Calories per serving: 122
  • Fat per serving: 0.4g
  • Saturated fat per serving: 0.1g
  • Monounsaturated fat per serving: 0.0g
  • Polyunsaturated fat per serving: 0.0g
  • Protein per serving: 1.5g
  • Carbohydrate per serving: 31.3g
  • Fiber per serving: 3.4g
  • Cholesterol per serving: 0.0mg
  • Iron per serving: 0.6mg
  • Sodium per serving: 2mg
  • Calcium per serving: 26mg

Recipe Credit : Health.com

Weight Loss Recipe: Frozen Banana Parfait

#WeightLossRecipe: Frozen Banana Dessert

Banana is one of the healthiest fruits on earth. It is a rich source of Potassium and Vitamin B6. Many studies highlight that it is a happy food that can make you happy even in an hour of stress. Plus, it doesn’t increase your counts on the weighing scale.

Frozen Banana Dessert supplies a heavy dose of those nutrients along with many other health benefits. The most pleasant thing about this banana dessert is, it is cool and heavenly flavory.

This Frozen Banana Split is a yummy parfait that you can take either in your breakfast or as dessert after dinner. It gets ready in minutes!


  • Vanilla Greek Yogurt (1 cup)
  • Diced Banana (1pc)
  • Diced Strawberry & Pineapple (1/2 cups)
  • Granola (1/4 cup)
  • Sprinkles and dark chocolate crunches (for garnishing)


  1. Spread a layer of yogurt in the bottom of the dessert bowl.
  2. Next, put down a layer of diced banana, strawberry, and pineapple.
  3. Add the second layer of yogurt.
  4. Garnish with dark chocolate crunches and other low-sugar sprinkles.
  5. Send it to Instagram.
  6. Enjoy!

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